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november (2012!) glossybox

Now I know I said I was going to try and post everyday but everything has just taken over my life and I haven't really had time! I'm going to explain all a bit later on in the post so look out for my lovely array of reasons for no posts. However, today I have another delayed glossybox post for you from November last year. This one had a theme of stocking fillers ready for Christmas and it included a whole range of products which is always what I prefer in a glossybox (as preferred to just beauty products or just hair products etc). Anyway, on to the goodies inside!

I remember when BB creams first came 'on the scene' and I have to admit that I wasn't really interested as they seemed to be thinner than other foundations with a lighter coverage which is not something I really like. I would much prefer a heavier coverage, just so I can feel 'comfortable' and confident. However, I am very happy to have the opportunity to try out a BB cream - I've now got into the routine of not wearing any foundation during the week whilst I'm at school but there are some days that I would like to give myself something to cover up any blemishes. And I do think this item would be perfect! It also contains SPF 25 and smells a little like sun cream so I reckon it would be great to take with me on holiday this summer. I did just try it out on the back of my hand and I really did like it. It blended in well and has given a nice, flawless and smooth sort of coverage.


I remember reading a review for this perfume on Lily's blog and vowing to try it out but I never actually got round to it and other perfumes had more of my attention. However, I am still very glad to be able to give it a whiff. And my lord, I love it! I feel that it's very 'grown up' and musky and would be absolutely perfect for a sophisticated day out or for a date in the evening. I also get the feeling that it's a very 'light' sort of scent which attracts me to it even more. I can't wait to get using it properly and I think a full bottle will be on the cards! The packaging is also very beautiful and I would be very happy pulling this out in public to give a spritz. 

Now this is the one that most enticed me. I've never heard of the brand 'Alison Claire' before and never seen a body butter in this form before (i.e. a 'squirty' bottle - sorry, i don't even know the proper name for them!) but I'm so excited to give it a proper go! I opened it just before writing this post to try and squirt a bit out and ended up getting it in my hair but I did manage to get a bit on my hands to test it out - it's got a lovely thickness to it but sinks in extremely quickly leaving a lovely satin-y feel to the skin. So I'm very excited to apply this to any dry skin I have on my body (especially elbows, knees and feet!). The smell, however, isn't something I'm very keen on. It's a very strong smell and is quite overpowering. It's extremely sweet but also has an underlying layer which is the bit I'm not a fan of. Ah well, it's not a disgusting smell so I'm still interested in trying it out properly.

Yay! A nail product! My favourite! Now this isn't the most exciting thing as it's just a top coat but I never actually had any before I went to New York. I now have two (this one and the OPI one i picked up from new york) which is great because I really should use a top coat as I do a lot of things during the day that result in chipping (e.g. typing on a lapatop) and a nail varnish like these would really help reduce the 'damage'. 

Now when I took the photo's for this box, I didn't really take a look into what this product was. I've heard of Dermalogica before and know that it's supposed to be a really great skin care company. However, as I've said a lot during this post, I've never really given any of their stuff a go before. Therefore it's really great to get this in the box. But, upon closer inspection, it is really strange. I'm still very intrigued, though, just unsure about it. It's a powder that you use with wet hands so that you can create it into a paste to rub onto your face - very strange... I know scent isn't really the most important thing with products like this, but I really don't like the smell of this. It's just very strong and I'm sort of 'taken aback' when I do smell it. However, these things haven't put me off trying it and I really can't wait to give it a go and let you all know my thoughts on it!

So that was November 2012's glossybox and I know it's 4 months late but I really do like telling you all my thoughts on each of the boxes! I've only got December's from last year and then I'm sort of more on track! I also got the e-mail telling me the payment for the April box was coming out this week so I'm super duper excited for that box to arrive!

  1. Now onto why I haven't posted recently! Well on Saturday I was working all day so by the time I got home I was shattered and I had actually forgotten! Then on Sunday, it was Easter so I really wanted to spend time with my parents and we went to Bridgemere Garden Centre (dad's choice!). It was a really lovely day and I hope everyone else had a great Easter Sunday too (with lots of yummy scrummy chocolate!). Monday was another day with the parents and we visited Gawsworth Hall together. I had actually managed to secure some discounted tickets on Groupon which was great and we've already planned to visit the hall and gardens again in summer for a picnic! And finally, yesterday was spent running errands and properly starting on some revision for my summer exams. Therefore I didn't have any time at all to post. But here I am today!
  2. Today I've not really done much apart from go into Manchester with some friends for lunch at Wagamama (always has to be chicken katsu curry!) before coming back home to revise in my local Costa for a bit (bad idea as i ended up treating myself to not one but two (!) cakes). Anyway, I'm not at home watching this and my mum and I are about to go to the gym to burn off the large amount of calories I have consumed today!
  3. I've not got anything planned for the next two days (apart from hopefully booking my girl's holiday on friday!) so there should be some posts heading your way! 
Ah well, I'm off now but I hope you're all doing okay and enjoying this gorgeous gorgeous weather! Fingers crossed there's some more sunny goodness heading our way! :)

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