Saturday, 20 April 2013

travel supermarket: WORLDWIDE WARDROBE COMPETITION 2013 | part 5

So today's my last post for the competition. I'm sure you're all tired of these posts by now but I hope some of you have enjoyed them! I know I've enjoyed creating these outfits and writing about them! The closing date is the 5th June so if you want to enter, you still have plenty of time so you don't need to worry. The link to the website and competition details are here ( and as I've been saying for the past 5 days, please go and enter! It's so worth it! And even if you don't win, at least it's been fun! And it gives us all a chance to check out our creative-ness and our style!

The final activity and destination is PARTYING AT A FULL MOON PARTY IN THAILAND so here's my entry...

I think this is the most 'basic' outfit I've created for the competition and has the least amount of items to it. I really wanted to go for a simplistic and elegant look that was both fancy and laid back. That sounds contradicting but I wanted to go for an outfit that was perfect for a night out but was also quite easygoing because the Full Moon party, to me, sounds like the type of party where you're surrounded by people you love and you're out to just have a good time. It sounds like the type of party where you want to look good but there's no need to impress everyone. So that's why I've chosen this outfit and I hope you agree with my choices!

When I saw the destination, I instantly knew I wanted there to be a maxi dress. They are the most elegant and sophisticated of all the dresses. They're flattering and modest (well most of them). Plus there is no nicer feeling than dancing on the beach in moonlight in a long, floaty maxi dress with the sand swishing at your feet! Now I know it isn't really the norm to wear a maxi dress to a party where music and dancing are the necessity but I thought it would be a nice change plus maxi dresses really are the best when you're on holiday! This one is from Oasis and is £68. In terms of colour, when I imagine Thailand, I think green and blue, trees and water so went for this gorgeous emerald green one!
The link for the dress is HERE

I know the most chosen footwear for a party is heels but with a party on the beach, that idea goes completely out the window! So instead I chose some gorgeous gladiator sandals. These ones are from Charlotte Russe and are £21. I think the look very Grecian (and i know greece isn't the destination but i think it still fits!) and this idea is even more enforced by the maxi dress. I like the detailing as well as the contrast between the black and the gold and I think they look perfect for 'dancing the night away'!
The link for the shoes is HERE

Jewellery wise, I think I've linked this very well to the activity of a Full Moon party. I know the necklace is a crescent moon shape but I thought it looked delicate and fitted in with the whole 'elegant' look I was aiming for. I think it will sit nicely with the quite low cut of the dress. It's also simple which I said I wanted and I think a party definitely isn't the place for lots and lots of exaggerated jewellery. This necklace is from The Iconic and is £50. The ring on the other hand is a completely wonderful full moon within a ring. I think the picture is so realistic and would be so nice to show off on the night. This particular one is from an Etsy seller and is £6.87. I also think it would look really nice if it was to be layered/stacked with any other rings that you fancied. I always think that lots of rings gives off a sort of 'grungy' and laid-back look (another of my aims with this outfit!).
The link for the necklace is HERE
The link for the ring is HERE

Now a final addition that I wanted to add to the outfit is a simple hair accessory. With long wavy locks that have been naturally dried after a day by the sea, a pretty white flower would sit nicely I think. Obviously a real one would be perfect but if they're not quite accessible, then this one from Debenhams for £1.80 will do the job instead! It says it's a corsage but you could easily do a bit of DIY and attach a hair grip to the back. I think this accessory will really add to the beachy vibe of the Full Moon party too.
The link for the flower accessory is HERE

So that's it folks! I'm done for this competition and will now have to wait impatiently for the 5th of June to roll around to find out who wins. Obviously I'd love to win but even if I don't I'll be really glad I took part. If you want to see any of my other entries then please check out the following links (sightseeing in Paris, clubbing in Ibiza, shopping in London and cocktails in New York).

Now though I am going to bed because my eyes are getting heavy and I am shattered. Plus if I want to get any revision/work done tomorrow I'm going to need a good night's sleep! Not sure if there will be a blog post tomorrow or what it would be on but keep a look out for any updates from me! :) 


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