Wednesday, 24 April 2013

december (2012!) glossybox

And I'm back! Sorry I haven't posted for the past 3 days but Sunday unfortunately had me revising all day, then Monday's are always tricky to post as my nights are pretty blocked up and then yesterday I was at a charity event so, again, didn't have time. But I have made time today!

Another one of my glossybox posts for today but it's my last one from last year and then I'm back on track! This one was the wonderful Christmas one and I'm so glad I got to 're-find' and explore it a bit more as there really are some beautiful products in here!

I do actually have another product from Rituals that I received in another Glossybox. It's a shower gel that I am yet to try out but I really don't know why I've still not used it. It looks and sounds lovely but I think another Rituals product will give me a kick in the right direction! The description itself of a 'ultra rich, whipped body cream' is enough to entice me in! It sounds luxurious and that it will be really great a restoring/retaining moisture to the body. I think it would be a great addition, too, to a bath/shower routine and wonderful to use after you've washed. The smell itself isn't a personal favourite as it's not that natural and very fresh - I prefer floral or fruity scents but to be honest scents don't really make or break a product for me (unless it's a perfume obviously!). I'm actually really looking forward to using it and I hope it makes my skin super silky smooth!

(sorry it's a little blurred!)
I can't really describe what I think of this colour but I imagine it to be one that I would expect to see on my mum/grandma. It's very elegant (and no i didn't just say this because of it's name, i say it because it really is!).  It's not too 'out there' but it's not too boring. I think it's just right for a mix between a casual daytime nail colour or if you want to wear it on a night out. I like the subtle shimmer in it and that it alters its colour depending in which light you are in. And in terms of the brand, I've heard mixed reviews. I know they do a top coat that has been making its rounds on the blogasphere and a lot of bloggers love it but I have read a review that said it wasn't worth purchasing so I'm excited to test out how the polish works out for me!

I have never used a conditioner like this but I know my mum uses a similar style product after every time she washes her hair. Personally I've never understood why she does or it or what it does but I guess now I'll get my chance to give it a go! It sounds extremely interesting by the description - a 'conditioning whipped cream', how exciting! Apparently it's a no rinse conditioning so I reckon it's an extra step for after you've washed your hair and before you dry it. I've never thought about an extra step but as it says it's a 'protective creamy foam' I reckon it could be a wonderful addition to my hair care routine!

well i really love when this happens but i hope you can still see the colours okay!
I've been wanting to try a Sleek palette for so long now but I've only just got round to having one. And it was in my glossybox, even better! This palette is the 'Oh So Special' one and it has a wonderful mix of both matte (7) and glitter (5) shadows. There's also an equal split between lighter colours and darker colours which means it's perfect for both daytime and night time use! (can you tell i'm excited by this beauty yet? ;)) I also like that a lot of the shadows complement each other so it would be perfect if you were going away as you'd only need this. It's such a brilliant all round product and as urged me even further that I need to get my hands on some more Sleek palettes! 

Now here's another exciting product that is on my list of 'NEED TO TRY AY-SAP'. The packaging itself excited me as soon as I took it out of the box as it's so simple and cutesy that I would just love to put it in my make up bag and pull it out to top up during the day. The scent of this is sickly but sweet and I know that I am very much looking forward to glossing (did you get the pun? ;)) this on my lips! I'm a little wary that the texture will be sticky (i'm not a fan i'm afraid) but I'm obviously still going to give it a chance. I think the colour is lovely too but not that natural. It's a little too 'neon' for my liking but I'm sure this will be a great colour for summer!

And finally, here is a bonus product that the lovely people at Glossybox placed in our boxes. It's a blusher from the brand and the colour looks wonderful! It's a very natural pale pink that I think I'd really like to use as a daily blush. I believe it would add a wonderful natural sheen to my cheeks that would definitely perk up my face when I'm at school (and thus don't wear foundation - i don't actually find it that necessary).

So I think I have to admit that this is one of my favourite boxes. Firstly because it includes some amazing products that I am so excited to check out but also because it has a palette, a lipgloss AND a nail varnish - all my favourites!

Hopefully I'll have another post for you tomorrow on some Liz Earle products that I want to share with you all but I'm not making any promises for you (i'm not very good at those i'm afraid...). But I hope you've all had a wonderful past few days and that today was lovely for you all. And I hope that the wonderful weather is still wherever you are! I can feel summer already! 


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