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travel supermarket: WORLDWIDE WARDROBE COMPETITION 2013 | part 1

So there is a new competition going around the blogging world. It is being run by Travel Supermarket and the prizes are amazing! There are 5 holidays up for grabs along with 5 lots of £200! When I first read about it on Lily and Emma's blogs, I thought that there was no chance I could win such incredible prizes but what you have to do to enter is honestly not that hard. It's more of an enjoyable task really!

All you have to do is design an outfit for a specific activity in a certain location with a budget of £200. There are 5 different destinations you can enter for and you can enter for one or you can enter for all five. The activities and locations they are challenging you to design outfits for are: sightseeing in Paris, clubbing in Ibiza, shopping in London, cocktails in New York and partying in a Full Moon party in Thailand. There are different judges for each one and you can check out who's judging what on the Travel Supermarket competition page (link here!) and if you are to win the category you enter, you get tickets to go to the destination you entered for and you also get £200 to buy the outfit you designed! How good does that sound?!

Personally, I'm going to be entering for all 5 and I'll be doing a post for it every day for the next 5 days so I hope you enjoy! The first one I have designed an outfit for is SIGHTSEEING IN PARIS ...

(sorry the picture's a little blurred!)

So this is the outfit I have created for the competition. When I set about picking the pieces I was going for a sophisticated but casual look and I think I've managed to create that. Whenever I imagine going to Paris and/or sightseeing I think jeans and smart boots and I tried to incorporate all the things that I would like to wear into my entry.

The jeans are from A|Wear and are £20. I think skinny style jeans are very flattering on everyone - they're slimming and have the ability to make anyone feel good (i speak from experience; i used to hate wearing jeans until i found a pair of ankle grazer ones and i do actually feel quite nice in them). Jeans are also very useful for long days and/or travelling because it's guaranteed they won't let you down. I also think they are sleek and can be totally converted from a day time outfit to some drinks out in the evening.
The link for the jeans is HERE

Now when I think of Paris and the land of the French, I think of baguettes, berets and stripy nautical tops. Therefore, how could I not include a top like this in my outfit! The top is from a website called La Garconne (ooo, very french!) and is £65. As I mentioned before, I chose this for it's style but also because it was long sleeved. This may seem strange but I know that when I'm visiting a new city I don't want to be carrying around lots of layers as it just makes the process that lot harder. So I chose one with long sleeves so it was practical and I think together with the jeans it would look very practical!
The link for the top is HERE

Every tourist needs a good pair of shoes to get them through the endless amount of walking and to stay with them through any type of weather. And so, this wonderful pair of boots join the outfit! They are from Bank Fashion and are £25 (an excellent price in my books!). I like the fact their are two colours, brown and black, so that the colour palette of the clothes in this is expanded instead of just black, white and blue. I also chose knee high boots to add to the sophisticated and sleek look I was going for. And the fact that they are classified as 'riding boots' means that they are substantial for any type of activity you may take part in, in your tour of the city.
The link for the boots is HERE

So as I mentioned before, beret's are a huge part of French fashion and I thought that instead of trying to copy the style of the famous hat, I'd use a different one, a more 'British' one, the beanie! This one is from New Look and is only £4.99 (!!!) - brilliant! Whilst we all hope that the sun will be on our side when we venture out into the fresh air, we can never be sure with European weather so I included a hat in case it got a bit chilly and a head needed covering. But I also think that whilst beanie's are extremely laid back, they're also stylish. They can make any outfit look just that little bit better which is why I wanted to put into this one.
The link for the hat is HERE

As soon as I started designing this outfit I knew I wanted to include a watch because you need to keep track of all those closing times for the tourist sights you want to see. So as I was searching I came across this one from ASOS for £22. How brilliant is it for the theme of this outfit! It's cute, funny and so so French! And of course it's currently in style with the whole 'moustache' theme that is going around at the moment!
The link for the watch is HERE

And the final item of my outfit is the bag. I was going to go for a rucksack as it's the most practical option when you're on your feet most of the day but then I realised that a satchel is much more stylish and sophisticated (which again, is my whole aim with this outfit!). I think it also fits in with the 'scholar-ly' feel that Paris gives off and how wordly it is (due to so many travellers visiting the beautiful city). Also, I think it is just as practical as a rucksack as it is smart and roomy enough for all the essentials - especially a camera to take all those wonderful pictures! This specific bag is from Warehouse and is £34.
The link for the bag is HERE

So that's my outfit and it comes to a total of £170.99 so I am in fact under the limit! I hope you all like it and agree with my choices! I think this competition is such a wonderful idea and everyone should participate! Even if you don't win, at least it's enjoyable! If you want to go, make sure you go along to the Travel Supermarket competition page (http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/worldwide-wardrobe/) and check out the details! One of the entry requirements is to nominate 5 other bloggers that you think will be up to the challenge so if you want to see who I nominated check out these tweets (Becky, Zoe, Rosie, Kate and Phoebe) or my Twitter page

I will be doing my second entry tomorrow so keep your eye out for that one and for all those that have entered/are entering - good luck! :)

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