Tuesday, 3 December 2013

LUSH christmas goodies

So today I thought I'd share with you all the christmas themed offerings I picked up from LUSH this year. I honestly could have taken all of it but I narrowed it down to 5 bath products and a soap from the christmas collection. I've also asked my mum for one of the LUSH box sets for christmas so hopefully I'll be able to try out some more products then! But for now, here's what I picked up!

Just a little extra note: Unfortunately, as I am at university and have no access to a bath, full reviews on what these goodies are like will have to wait until I am home later this month. I will give you some thoughts on their scent and appearance though!

So the first thing I picked up was this LUSH christmas classic, the Magic Wand Bubble Bar! The idea with this is to swirl it about in your bath in order to produce an endless stream of beautiful bubbles. I remember seeing this last year and being gutted about not getting my hands on one so I'm super happy to be able to try one out this year! Now this is very sweet smelling and has the same scent as the Snow Fairy shower gel (which i'm gutted i forgot to get on my little LUSH trip!). It's super girly and just adds that little bit extra to your bath time!

Now if this isn't just the most adorable thing you have ever seen in your life then I don't know what is! The lady in the store (who was possibly the nicest, most informative person i have ever met!) actually told me that this little bubble bar is based on the blue penguins that live all the way in Australia which not only enticed me even more to buy one but also showed me how LUSH really do think about all their products. This little guy has a much more fresh scent to it than the Magic Wand bubble bar which is slightly citrus-y and also a little bit floral. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to put him in the bath as he's just too cute to see melt away!

I was actually a little bit sceptic about purchasing this bath melt due to all the glitter. I remember Zoella in her LUSH christmas haul how much glitter it shed (see above picture for proof!) and I personally don't want to be coating myself in a layer of glitter when I go to moisturise. However, I was very much drawn to the scent which is super uplifting and has a really strong scent of lime (honestly, every time i can come into my room i can smell it even though it's still in it's packet, in the carrier bag!). The lady I was speaking too also said that there's only really one thin layer of glitter so it's not actually too bad. Plus it does look really pretty... I guess I can make do with a little sparkle in my life this christmas!

I wasn't actually drawn to this when I walked into the shop, purely for it's appearance. It sort of looked like two different coloured play doughs moulded together. However, the slight iridescent shimmer and scent convinced me to go for it. The Candy Mountain bubble bar smells deliciously of bubble gum and I just know it's going to be a luxurious bath when I use it. There's a slight hint of vanilla to it as well so it doesn't get too sickly although I would advise not to use the whole bar at once! I actually can't wait to use this and turn my bath water a lovely shade of pink!

Now this is another LUSH classic, the Cinders bath ballistic, but as I'm not really keen on bath ballistics (they don't really add much apart from some colour to a bath) I wasn't going to bother getting it. However, as I'm a sucker for the hype I gave in and added it to my basket! I think I chose this one over the other bath ballistics because it has popping candy on the top and I really can't wait to see what they're like in the bath! I think they'll just be a little more exciting than your average bath product. 'm not too keen on the scent as it's cinnamon but I think there will be nothing more perfect than this in a nice bubbly bath on Christmas Eve so I think I'm just going to deal with it!

So after I'd put Cinders into my basket, I was heading to the till to pay when my flatmate actually pointed this soap out to me. I gave it a big sniff and I was actually pleasantly surprised. It's the Snow Globe soap and it's super fresh. Again, quite citrus-y (are you seeing a theme here...) but this time, lemon. I think I'm going to save this for when I have a bath but I'm really interested to see if the scent transfers to the skin and lingers for a while afterwards. I also think it would be nice to use in the morning to perk you up a bit and give you a really fresh start to the day.

So there are my picks from this years LUSH christmas collection. There were so many other things I wanted to pick up but I think I did a pretty good job at limiting myself to only a few. I'm super excited to try everything out and as I've said, I'll give full and proper reviews once I've had chance to try them out later this month. But I really recommend going and checking out the offerings in shops and talking to the employees who are always so nice and informative! I never walk away with anything I don't like!

Have you picked anything up from the LUSH christmas collection? If so let me know in the comments!