Sunday, 28 October 2012


So I'm off to New York in about 9 hours (therefore i should be getting to bed) and will be back at about lunchtime on Thursday. I hope you all have a wonderful week and I can't wait to share my New York adventures with you all!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

we are far too young and clever, and things won't ever change

here is a picture of myself for you all so that this post isn't all text. i apologise for the quality but i just took it on my webcam after getting back from the cinema so it'll have to do...

Hello one and all! This week I've been a little distant on the whole blogging front as I've just not felt like doing it. And to be honest, there's no point me sitting down and trying to force out a blogpost as it's just not worth it.

Last Wednesday I was writing a blogpost (on the september glossybox) ready to post that night when I was unfortunately given some really horrible news about a close member of the family passing away. I don't want to go into loads of detail but that's just one of the reasons as to why I've not posted recently. After I was told I just didn't want to blog and so on Thursday and Friday, I just wasn't in the mood.

On Saturday I was doing school work, as per usual, and on Sunday I was working. Then the past 3 days have also been working non-stop with blogging not an option.

However, in the few breaks that I 'treated' myself too in between working, I managed to finish catching up on Lily's blog and have started on Becky's blog. It's all sort of re-inspired me to get back into the flow of blogging and has given me some great new ideas for posts! Therefore, this is why I'm here today! I broke up from school today for the half term holidays (thank the lord!) and had a pretty much full day (1 free out of 5 periods sucks!) so before I go out with my friend Lottie to the cinema, I wanted to type up this post (which will go up after i get back from the cinema *timetravel* so i'll add an 'edit' when i get back!). It's not a proper post, just a little 'update' on where I've been (even though i've not been gone that long).

In terms of posts for the future, I'm going to New York on Sunday (i'm so excited!) and my mum has kindly agreed to take outfit pictures for me so I'll definitely being doing NY topic posts in the near future.

I don't have that much else to say so I'll leave you all be and I hope whoever's on their holidays has a good one and everybody else has a good weekend when it gets here!

Edit: Just got back from the cinema. Obviously it was really nice and I always love going with my friend Lottie (we're like cinema buddies!). We went to see The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and it was amazing. I recommend reading the book first  as 1) it's better (books always are) and 2) the film doesn't completely explain everything. Anyway, I'm off to bed now to do some blog reading and have a good ol' rest as I get a lie in tomorrow, eee!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

charles worthington daily defence shampoo and conditoner

Hello one and all! Here is another shampoo and conditioner post for you! This time it is on some Charles Worthington products and unfortunately, it's not as happy a review as my Tresemme one... As I mentioned in that post, I wasn't really that interested in haircare but finally decided once and for all to get my act together and properly look at hair products. This specific duo were to be my 'everyday' type shampoo and conditioner with the hope that they would make my hair look great in the short term but repair it in the long term. Unfortunately it's pretty 'meh' at the moment but read on for my full views!

the lovely smudge/stain/mess on the top of the left bottle is because it leaked in my bag - fab right?

     I can remember hearing about Charles Worthington from a very young age and always thought it was this big, posh brand that would make my hair wonderful. Therefore, when I got into blogging and I got more interested in trying out different products, it was the perfect opportunity to give these a go. I absolutely love the packaging, I don't know why, but it just feels really expensive. The shampoo is a sort of clear/murky colour (not dirty, just a sort of light grey) which isn't something I'd choose for the perfect shampoo colour (clear would have been better) but obviously it's not that big of a deal as it lathers into a white foam. I'm personally not that keen on the smell as it's a bit different to your normal clean scent and as I mentioned in a caption on one of the photo's, it did leak in my bag so I did get a big whiff of it. However, saying this, my hair does smell really nice after it's been washed with this (like the 'freshly washed' hair smell which i love) and remains like that the day after too. Unfortunately during my first use of the shampoo, it didn't lather that well at all (much worse than the Tresemee stuff) and my hair formed sort of dreadlocks - it basically became ratty strings of knots (lovely thought, yes?). Rinsing it out didn't really do anything either and it just felt more tangled (making me dread the brushing afterwards...). Conditioner was overall okay but didn't help at all with the whole detangling thing which is what I use conditioners for mainly. I followed the instructions which didn't mention leaving it in for a few minutes before rinsing so maybe that was something I should have done (i did give it a go on a later wash though and it didn't really do anything). After I'd got out of the shower, my hair didn't feel particularly soft but it was relatively easy to brush which was a bit of a shock. In conclusion after my first use of these items, they didn't produce the best results and I've definitely had better experiences with other items (especially other conditioners). I was overall not that impressed and these items were more expensive than the Tresemme ones (sorry, i've forgotten the price exactly but i'm sure you can check it on the boots website!) so I did expect them to be better. However, I was disappointed and would pick the cheaper Tresemme items over these any day. In my notebook, after my first use, I wrote 'obviously no instant results yet' but I have seen something! My hair is a lot softer at the ends which is brilliant but I haven't really noticed anything with the colour so far. The second time I used the shampoo, it lathered a bit easier but was still not as luxurious  as others. I think it was mainly because I used more product which is disappointing as instead of the product making it better, it was the amount. I also noticed on my second time that the conditioner bottle doesn't seem to give much out. I don't know whether it's just my bottle as the shampoo one is fine but who knows? Third use, shampoo lathered EVEN better but still not as great as the Tresemme stuff. However, I've managed to conclude that it is when I use more product that I get a better lather (brill...). And another negative point is that I may be having an allergic reaction to it. I'm thinking this as the back of my head is insanely itchy (so much so that my head starts to bleed i itch that much - reading this i realise it makes me sound like i've got nits, please know that i don't!) after using these items. It may be because I don't wash them out properly but I wash it out the same amount as all my other conditioners so I'll just have to wait and see I guess. Finally, I just washed my hair with this pair before writing this post and it lathered surprisingly well and detangled well too. (hope you enjoyed the numerous thoughts from the different times i used them!)

Final thoughts are that it is an overall on and off product. I'm not that happy with it and will be getting something different after this. There is always a possibility of trying different CW products in the future but not soon I don't think.


  1. I'm about to go for an early night in bed as I have been so shattered recently. I'm so excited about it as I love sleep and wish I could have earlier nights more often but work just takes over all the time!
  2. Nothing interesting happened on Monday or yesterday apart from my school's Jazz night last night which was a really lovely evening actually. It was raising money for a good cause (not going to go into too much detail for privacy reasons) and I'm glad I could be a part of it even though I was dreading it!
  3. Only working for 5 hours this weekend so will have plenty of chance to post which is brilliant! 
  4. And now I have nothing else to say so I am off to bed! Hope you've all had a lovely past few days and the rest of your week is great.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

sunday sum up: week 6

sleepy baby having shnuggles before bed/blast from the past - used to have these all the time as a child/amazing drawings from my friends on draw something/most delicious yoghurt ever, hoping they don't stop them even if they are limited edition/another back to my childhood moment - golden nuggets!/party rings are the best food ever invented/picking up freebies from manchester/cute chocolate animal lollipops from mr simms olde sweet shoppe in manchester (definitely worth a visit if you're around)/leopard print nails for the zoo today/happy face!/map to my enjoyment!/biggest chocolate lolly ever - it was SO good/cuddly toys from the zoo gift shop - a dinosaur and black panther
I guess planning posts never really works out for me. They always fail to happen and it's just frustrating because I want to post, I just never have the time or something happens! My last post was on Tuesday (!!!) and whilst not a lot has happened, I feel like I've just been rushed off my feet.

I don't really remember what happened on Wednesday/Thursday but I know I couldn't post due to some family problems and other things (mainly too much school work, blergh).

On Friday afternoon I had a double free so took the opportunity to go into Manchester with a few friends for some lunch and shopping. We went to Wagamama's which was incredible as always (my order is always chicken katsu curry by the way). Afterwards it was a sort of wander around shops to try and find certain items. I, personally, was looking for things to wear in New York (a pretty successful trip i must add). There was a big splurge in Primark (which has got some amazing things in at the moment and i can't wait to go back and have a look when i've not got a specific agenda) which I was really happy about as I've never had much luck there but it meant I got a lot of things for cheap. We also went to Topshop, Hollister, Jack Wills, M&S (i had a gift card so was worth the look), Urban Outfitters (only quickly as we got too depressed by the prices), H&M, a random little shop which actually sold really nice stuff and other places that I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm really glad I got everything I needed as I'd saved up and so was worth the trekking round Manchester. I'm not going to do a 'haul' type thing as I've got some things coming from River Island as well that I ordered from the sale online so I'll just get my mum to photograph my outfits that I wear in New York instead as I'll be taking all my new clothes with me.

Yesterday I was at work all day - how fun! - so I won't go into too much detail there. I'll just let you know it was very tiring and I was glad to have it over and done with.

And finally, today, I went to Chester Zoo! Two of my oldest friends and their families bought me the trip for my 18th (i'm sure i've mentioned this before but i'll just repeat it again for those who haven't heard), It was mainly just as a nice thing to do but when they saw there was a dinosaur exhibition (freaking love the creatures!), it was an added bonus! Overall it's been a really lovely day and whilst it was a little cold, the rain held off for us. I got to catch up with my friends and get some well needed fresh air (constantly working inside is annoying) whilst having a nice walk. If you've never been to Chester Zoo, I definitely recommend it as it's just lovely and SUCH a good day out. Also, if you get the chance, do pop by and see the dinosaurs as it's a pretty interesting exhibition. Today's made me even more exited for New York as I plan on dragging my mum to the New York Zoo in Central Park! I was going to do a whole post on the zoo trip but thought it wouldn't be that interesting for people.

Anyway, I haven't got much going on this week apart from work work work. I've got to help out at a school function type thing on Tuesday so there won't be any post then but (FINGERS BLOODY CROSSED) there will be every other day (apart from tomorrow as monday's are no gos from now on, as mentioned in last week's sunday sum up).

Not much else to say apart from asking you all about some iPhone apps. I'm currently addicted to 'real time' games (e.g. the sims, although the app for iPhone's is pretty bad). My favourites are Monopoly Hotels, Mall Tower and Dream Pethouse (despite the name, it's actually pretty good). But the reason I mention this is because I want to know if you guys know of any others? I'd love to get into some new ones (probably not the best use of my time) so please give me a heads up if you recommend any!

Bye for now!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Hello everyone! I'm in a really good mood today so I hope that shows in my post! I just love it when you have good days as it just makes everything else better. For example, I had a biology test today and it actually went quite good (well at least i hope it did, we'll have to see when i get my result back) so for the rest of the day, I just felt positive about everything else, including a history essay (which is now actually making me want to cry... but ah well!). I've stopped with my essay for tonight as I plan to finish it tomorrow so I'm watching X Men: First Class (once again) and posting! And in terms of that topic, here is today's post:

I always forget what samples I've ordered from Latest In Beauty until I actually open the box to take photographs for the blog. And I'm always pleasantly surprised, even though I picked the products myself - very strange! But this box is a particular favourite! I really like all of the products I chose and can't wait to get started with them!

The first item in my little pink box is from Tresemme and after having only recently tried out and reviewed some Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, I'm so hoping I fall in love with this item too! Also very proud of myself for having selected this (obviously looked into the future ;) ). I didn't want to open the product to check out the whole package until I reviewed it but I got too excited and just took a look inside. It was quite beefy so I had a feeling it would have a lot in it. There are 3 sachets; a shampoo, a conditioner and a leave in treatment. It's based on helping with split ends - appropriately named 'SPLIT REMEDY' - and considering this is a weak point of my hair, I'm hoping to god it does something good! There are two other products in the 'collection' (a sealing serum and a masque) so if these go well, I'm definitely going to be interested in trying out the whole lot! Honestly, I cannot wait to let you all know how they turn out. Also believe I have been converted to a Tresemme fanatic and will probably repurchase forever.

The next two items are skincare ones and the first of these is from a brand called Melvita. The item I've got is a 'Moisturising Rose Nectar' which is meant for normal to dehydrated skin. I actually consider myself to have very oily skin but it can get very tight sometimes and there are some dry patches. Therefore I'm very interested in seeing what this does to it. I don't know a lot about Melvita but looking at the information inside the little card the sachet came in, I believe it is a mainly moisturiser focused brand... The back says there are 3 steps to 'a fresh, moisturised complexion' with 3 different products. I, honestly, never thought there could be 3 products necessary to moisturise your face, I've always just stuck with one. But depending on how I find this nectar, I'd like to see the end result of all 3.

I was very lucky with the last item. I never know what the size of the samples are going to be like and/or how many I'm going to get. But with this, I got 5! Very generous! I just hope I like the product so that it makes it worthwhile. Unfortunately, like the Melvita item, it is rose based which is my least favourite scent but I'll give it a go with the possibility that I'll get along with it. All the instructions are in other languages so I'm not entirely sure what it is... Brill! However, Latest In Beauty have stopped putting information sheets in their boxes so by the time that I actually look in my box and check out my samples, it's usually been at least a month since I ordered it and therefore I have usually forgotten the full name of the product. BUT I've just looked on the website and it's an intensive night cream. I have never tried a night cream (i presume they're just like moisturisers?  - or am i being really dumb?) and so, with the belief that I'm always up for trying something new, I'll see if I like it and whether I want to incorporate it into my daily/nightly skincare routine!

And that's it for this box! I am about to go and order my next one though so keep an eye out for that in the near future.


  1. I hadn't actually planned a post for last night as Monday nights are just too crazy and busy for me so I'll probably take Monday's off from blogging from now on (unless i have the day off/the time to post).
  2. Today was a pretty busy day at school as well (only one free, urgh) but like I said at the start of the post, it was a pretty good day overall!
  3. I honestly don't have that much to update you up on about my life apart from stuff about school which, let's be honest, no one wants to hear about...
  4. I do have a post planned for tomorrow and depending on how my history essay goes and the rest of my homework (which i'm planning to do in my frees), it should be up around the same time as tonight's.
  5. Going to the doctor's tomorrow afternoon as I need to go to get the next lot of a regular prescription and to have my sinus' checked out as I honestly think there could be something wrong with them. When my ears become popped on airplanes, it is so unbearably painful and it lasts for hours (much longer than it should). Also, when I have colds, it's like my sinus' go into meltdown which is also unbearable. So fingers crossed, they'll find out the problem!
That's it for now as there is nothing else I can say without droning on about absolutely nothing. I'm going to finish watching X Men before heading to bed for a, slightly, early night. Hope you've all had as lovely a day as I have (probably more fun as well, let's be honest) and a relaxing/fun (whichever you want) night!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

sunday sum up DOUBLE: weeks 4 & 5

funny edits of the queen/cheeky card off my dad/birthday girl!/cute little present off my psychology teacher/really cool and unique stamp off my grandma (she always has the best ones)/toby destroying my cards and being jealous of the attention not on him/tiffany earrings off my mum!/and a matching tiffany ring (they are incredible!)/eeek, a cambridge satchel/birthday dinner at pizza express/yummy dough balls/pizza american (my favourite)/18 years later and i still have caterpillar cakes/the most beautiful bag in the world/my 'hang out' whilst i was feeling ill and felt like i was about to vomit every 5 minutes/cute birthday cards off friends/watching creepy 'make up tutorials' in my free.../sore throats and chesty coughs do have a few positives/'hey i just met you and this is loco but here's four candies you go glen coco' - gimme this vest!/movie night with my dad (we only watched diary of a wimpy kid 1+2.../birthday card off my brownies - i love them!/bracelet making at brownies/sparkly fun/surprisingly beautiful day (shame i was at home, ill)/nap time with bubba/mcdonald's trip in my pyjamas/getting a happy meal for the toys/going out for dinner/more doughballs!/yummy scrummy food/procrastinating on my epq/mac cusp of dawn lipstick (post coming up this week!)

Hello one and all! I was set to do a post yesterday on the MAC lipstick I got when I went on holiday in summer but unfortunately my laptop decided to do whatever the hell it wanted and time just got the better of me. But ah well, here's a lovely picture post and sum up for you all! I don't know why but I just really enjoy looking through people's Instagram posts and LOVE reading lifestyle blogs. I guess I'm just a nosey person but I like to think of it more as me being inspired by bloggers...

I mentioned in my last post that on Friday night I was going out for dinner. It was a really lovely evening and was so nice to catch up with my friend (who i said was ill and hasn't been in school recently). I really don't realise how much I miss certain people until I see them after a long period of time. This certain friend has been one of my closest since I was at nursery and her family is like my second one so having a good old chat with her mum was lovely too. My parents and I went back to their house afterwards and I ended up falling asleep (being constantly exhausted is so hard at the moment) but my friend was so lovely and said she didn't mind (she knows exactly how i feel).

Yesterday was spent working. Like literally all day. I worked on my history coursework, EPQ and did some biology revision. It felt like a really productive day which is always a great feeling. I also tested out some shampoo and conditioner in my shower which I'm going to be reviewing on here this week (fingers crossed!). Last night I watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and whilst it's an oldie (and EXTREMELY cringey), I still love it. I hadn't watched it in ages as my friend had borrowed my DVD but I got it back last week and have watched it so many times since then.

Today I was at work. It was a surprisingly good shift and went pretty quickly which is always a good thing. I don't know why but I always dread going to work and most of the time it's not that bad but I just wish I didn't have to work and money was just readily available for me for nothing (in my dreamz eh?). Just finished watching X Men: First Class, another brilliant movie I must add, and am now probably going to watch Angus, Thongs again (no regrets) whilst I finish this blogpost.

Not much this week, obviously, as I'm at school. But on Friday afternoon I've got a double free so I'm going to go into Manchester for a shop for clothes for New York. My mum keeps saying that I shouldn't buy too much as obviously we'll shop when we're there but I just love having opportunities to go out for a big shop! Going to pop into Primark as I have never, in my 18 years of existence, gone for a good look & browse in there and I just think that there must be some hidden gems for me to find! Also thinking of going to H&M, New Look, River Island and maybe Topshop (but everything's just so expensive in there at the moment!). Hollister and Jack Wills may be on the list too as I have some gift cards from previous birthdays/Christmas' that I've just never spent and need to be used ASAP! On Sunday, as well, I'm going to the zoo! It's Chester Zoo to be specific and I'm going because two of my oldest friends 'bought' me the trip for my 18th so we can go and check out the dinosaur exhibition (i just love them! palaeontologist at heart!). But we'll obviously look at the other animals too (i really want to go to the aquarium and to see the big cats!).

That's all for now and I hope everyone's had a lovely weekend (they go so quickly nowadays...). Also hope you have a much more exciting week than I do! I planned what blogposts I wanted to do this week last night and unfortunately didn't have time to photograph the necessary things this morning when it was light (when i get home from work it's just too dark to even consider taking photographs) as I was trying to get Glastonbury tickets. Didn't manage to get them (bummer) but hoping to try again when more are released in April. That's all for now so I'll leave you all be!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

august 2012 glossybox

I feel that all I seem to do is post about glossyboxes which is annoying as I have other things to post about but these are the easiest to photograph and then write about. This is the August box and I do have the September one which I intend to post about next week, hopefully, but I wanted to get this one done so I'm on track. The payment for the October box was taken out of my mum's account today so I'm nearly in sync with the months and the boxes being released!

I really liked this box as it gave a taste of lots of different products from all over the world. I'm not the type of person who has lots of money to splash out on expensive beauty/skincare products and if they come from broad, they tend to be pretty pricey so I usually steer clear of them. However, this box let me have a look at those products that I'm missing out in.

GERMANYWhen I first saw this in the box I thought it was one of those magnetic nail varnishes from the shape of the lid but turns out it's not. Instead I have no clue what the hell it is... I know it is a nail varnish and I know it's clear but I'm not sure what exactly it does. From the picture on the front, I believe it's a sort of 'repair' nail varnish and having a quick look at the card now (shows you should always read the instructions/information first!) it says it's a 'brightening' and 'anti-yellowing' formula which actually sounds pretty perfect for me. My nails are unbelievably dry and not very nice looking at the moment (they go through phases unfortunately) so hopefully by putting this on regularly and underneath my other nail varnishes, I'll see a difference!

JAPAN: Now I don't like over the top packaging but how plain do you wanna get?! When I picked it up, I immediately thought it was either the usual bathroom type product you get at hotels or one just taken out of a pack of multiple products. Either way, I wasn't particularly impressed... Still now, looking at it, I'm not that overwhelmed... The instructions inform me to put onto my 'dry hands' and then 'massage onto dry face to dissolve makeup, dirt and other impurities'. Personally, I don't really want to use this as I don't need any more oil on my face and for some reason, I just don't want to use it. It's not that I don't think it's a good product, it just doesn't appeal to me. I will give it a go though for reviewing purposes but I'm not completely sure about it...

AMERICA: As soon as the packaging came undone, I pounced on this item. It just looks dead cool and I'm so excited to use it! Obviously I've seen fake nails before but not with such amazing packaging! Luckily I got a pretty nice design as well. Unfortunately the thumbnail nails (mouthful...) don't fit mine as my nails are wider and shorter than the normal fake nail (which is usually thinner and longer, urgh) but I may just have a go anyway for fun and see how they go. However, if they're pretty bad on my nails, I'll get someone else to model them for me! I think I have currently broken the nail varnish bottle shaped box the nails come in which is pants and so the post may be delayed until I can open it again but in my defece it is pretty difficult to use anyway (one slight negative of this item...).

SPAIN: Now I'm not happy with this product. I mean, I love eyeshadows and always want more but it's the overall item that I'm not content with. When I got it out of the box, the mirror had come out of it's slot (suggesting that it's quite a cheap product - who doesn't remember those old make up palettes you'd get in magazines when you were younger that always fell apart after a couple of days?) and it's dirty with scratches on it (i have tried cleaning it but it looks pretty permanent). I've just looked at it again to update myself and I've noticed cracks all round the edge. I'm not sure if you guys will be able to notice in the picture but the little applicator 'buds' (i just mean the end bits but don't know the right word...) are green, as if they've already been used on the bottom right eyeshadow? I'm sure they haven't but it is a little dodgy. Now I'm sure all these things aren't Glossybox's fault and it probably happened in the post but it is a little annoying and I just find it quite a tacky product. I have to say that this is probably the worst product I've got in Glossybox so far.

UK: Wooo, a British product! I've heard of Lipcote before and it was when a lot of the bigger bloggers were trying it out and kind of all did a post about it on the same night (i think they were all sponsored by Lipcote) so there was a lot of blogger hype around it. Therefore, I was obviously going to be interested in trying it out, I just never got round to it (nor did i know where to buy it from). From what I know, this is something to 'seal your lipstick in' and to stop it from smudging or fading. THIS IS SO PERFECT FOR ME! Unless I'm wearing nude lipstick, my lipstick always smudges which is so aggravating when it's a bright red or neon pink as it ends up going all round my mouth (lurveleh). Therefore, I am so so so excited to give this a go and see if it really lives up to its claims (for some reason, i think when it was first reviewed  it didn't get the most amazing reviews but i'm really interested to make my own opinions on it).

I have a feeling that this is supposed to act as a sort of  'bonus' product which is always a nice gesture (even if it is a product of their own...). The picture doesn't show the colour very well due to the lighting being a little sucky but ah well. It's more pinky, but not 'Glossybox pink' (even though the colour is titled 'Glossy Pink'...), just a very warm pink. The formula looks really creamy and I don't have a colour like it in my collection so I'm looking forward to giving it a go. 


  1. A proper updates section in this post! I'm sorry my last post was pretty rushed but I'd not left myself enough time to blog and I had to get to bed (full time education is pretty sucky sometimes).
  2. I'm not going to go over last week in detail like I usually do as there's too much and I can't completely remember what happened (my memory sukz). Also, to be honest, it's probably not that interesting.
  3. Yesterday I was planning on posting about this but I managed to make myself ill (again!). I was still recovering from my cold/illness from last week which included blocked ears and so last night I tried to un pop them by holding my nose and blowing (the type of thing you do when your ears pop on a plane). Anyway, I ended up blowing too hard, making my self dizzy and almost fainting (it sounds over the top but it genuinely happened and i've never felt more stupid in my life...). I then started to feel sick and had to go to bed. Managed to get today off school though which was nice. I haven't felt like I've relaxed in a long time so took a few hours today to catch up on blog posts, watch television and films and just generally lounge about which was actually really nice.
  4. Went for a McDonald's trip in my pyjamas tonight and I've never felt more classy. Pictures will be coming in my Instagram (my username is @bethsutton_ by the way) post on Sunday (another double as i didn't have time last sunday :( ).
  5. I'm back at school tomorrow but going out for dinner with a friend, who's really ill at the moment and is off school so I don't actually get to see her all that often, and her family which I'm really looking forward to. I always love going out for dinner and we're going to a local pub which serves seriously yummy stuff. 
  6. Not much happening at the weekend apart from work work work. I can't wait for this year to be over so I can have a 3 month holiday with nothing to worry about (until i go to university - that is if i get in...). My school just seems to be constantly piling on the stress and I have other things to worry about in my life as well! Sorry for the rant...
  7. Managed to plan my mum and I's trip to New York tonight as well. We're going at the end of this month/start of November and I honestly cannot wait. I've wanted to go for years and now my dreams are finally coming true! I've packed a lot into our 'itinerary' so hopefully we'll get to do everything! Probably won't take my laptop with me so it'll be a round up post at the end but I'll decide nearer the time.
Just finished watching Celebrity Juice (a really hilarious episode tonight!) so I'm going to go to bed as I'm shattered! Hopefully another post tomorrow - might even try an outfit post... but we'll see. Night night everyone and remember, it's nearly the weekend!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

tresemme salon silk shampoo and conditioner

Wow, long time no post but today I thought I would give you my views on a new shampoo and conditioner duo I have been trying out recently.

I've never really been interested in haircare until recently whilst I've been catching up on Lily's blog and I've realised how much I should be looking after my hair. I started dying my hair a few years ago when I did it semi-permanently. I then did a bit of a dip dying business with bleached ends and bright pink dye over the top. After that I went for the permanent dark/reddish brown and kept going over that with various dies before finally deciding I wanted to be lighter for summer. This meant a full head of bleach with blonde highlights. Therefore it is safe to say my hair is a little 'tired' at the moment. My roots are currently coming through so I think I'll go back to my natural colour for a while but I do like the colour it is at the moment. Anyway, my ends are the most dry and I do get a lot more split ends than I did before I started dying, understandably. But I never really looked at shampoos and conditioners to combat dry hair, I mainly focused on ones that combated frizz (which i suffer from really badly, urgh). However, about two weeks ago, my current shampoo and conditioner ran out so I went into Boots and decided to go on a little haircare 'binge'. I figured that whilst I was going to go all out, I would pick a duo for my more regular showers (a sort of 'everyday' shampoo and conditioner) and one that focused more on my 'problems' (i use this twice a week when i have baths). My regular duo are Charles Worthington items which I haven't tried yet (been using my dad's shampoo and conditioner whilst i find time to take a picture of the CW products, blogger probz) but I will review them soon! The ones I'm talking about today are my 'special' ones and I just can't wait to share them with you!

Tresemme is a brand I never thought I'd really venture into as I always thought it was quite gimmicky by claiming it was 'salon professional' in all of their adverts but I have to admit, I was judging the book by its cover and I shouldn't have. Obviously I used the shampoo first and when I squeezed it onto my hand, I understood why they call it 'professional quality'. The colour is a gorgeous silver/metallic colour and it felt so rich and luxurious. It lathered up so amazingly that I just kept rubbing it into my hair (more than usual). I started at the roots (like the instructions on the back of the bottle suggest - i don't usually follow the instructions on shampoos and conditioners but gave it a go with this and i'm really glad i did as i feel that the method suggested really makes the best use of the products, plus they're really easy to follow) and then kind of worked it down the lengths. Although it was just me applying it to my hair, I really did feel like I was getting a salon treatment. After I rinsed out the shampoo, my hair felt instantly softer and smoother which really excited me (more than it probably should but when you rarely have soft hair, it is a really nice feeling!). When I put the conditioner in my hair, instead of rinsing it out straight away, I left it in to soak for about 3 minutes (again, due to the instructions but i really recommend doing it!) and I'm so glad I did. My hair just felt so much better, as if it hadn't been dyed at all, and I'm going to carry on doing this with all my shampoos and conditioners. After I'd got out of the bath and I was brushing my hair, I felt the work of the products again! My hair was suddenly so much easier to brush and there were no knots or difficulties which was an absolute godsend as usually when I brush my hair it takes about 10 minutes (ridiculous, i know!). Even after brushing, my hair remained soft. One slight problem with these items is that they did not get rid of all my frizz. There was still a little bit there which is annoying but it wasn't as much as I would usually have. Therefore I think that maybe these items aren't good as de-frizz products but definitely ones for making your hair soft and of satin feel. I found that they were very lightweight and they didn't drag my hair down which most other products do which can be a pain, as I usually find with other shampoos and conditioners that my hair is so uncomfortably heavy that I just have to tie it up and get it out of the way, so to not have that feeling with these was brilliant! The smell is nothing special - it's a typical hairdresser smell and the scent is very clean. The next day my hair was still soft with a few dry areas at the end but overall much much better (and my hair all together was very smooth to touch). Then by the end of the next day my hair had remained very shiny and silky.

Edit: The price of these beauties are £3.59 each which I think is an amazing price! I didn't actually pay for these as I had enough points on my Boots card to treat myself to them but would definitely spend the pennies for them!

Wow, what a lot of positivity in one post! I think maybe I was hoping for good results so my findings are a little exaggerated but I still think they're great! I'd only used it once when I wrote down all my thoughts and I did in fact find that the second time I used them the results weren't as good but I think that was due to the fact I'd tied my hair up in a bun (which always dries my hair out after i've just washed it) instead of leaving it loose to dry. Either way, I seriously recommend these items and I can't wait to try some more Tresemme products! Although I don't think their claims of getting rid of frizz are all that true (but c'mon when will they ever make a product that completely gets rid of frizz?), I think it's brilliant for everything else!

I'm not going to do my usual 'Updates!' type thing as I don't have the time and should really be in bed as I am shattered now and will be shattered tomorrow. But I just wanted to explain that it was my birthday last week (my 18th, last tuesday to be precise!) which is why I lacked on the posts then. After that, towards the end of the week, I fell really ill (i still am now, blergh) so I wasn't in the mood to do anything which sucked big time. Then on top of that I've had homework, revision, coursework, epq, other work and my actual job (the usual excuses) to cope with so barely any time to myself. But anyway, I'm trying really really hard to make time around my busy schedule to post but time just gets the better of me sometimes. Enough of my complaining and whining though! I hope everyone's been well and is well, goodnight!