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travel supermarket: WORLDWIDE WARDROBE COMPETITION 2013 | part 4

And I'm back! Once again, this is an entry for the wondeful competition that Travel Supermarket is holding. It's called Worldwide Wardrobe and this is the link you need to follow for more details and if you're interested in taking part ( This is my 4th entry and I'm still absolutely loving it!

This entry is an outfit I have created for COCKTAILS IN NEW YORK ...

(just a little blurry this timed!)

So then, this is the most expensive outfit that I've designed so far and the most luxurious I think. I really wanted to go for a look that a sexy and sophisticated woman would wear when meeting her girlfriends or when on a 'hot date'. Plus in New York, everyone is out to dress to impress so I really wanted to go for something special!

I wanted the outfit to be focused around the dress as this is the main part of the outfit. Obviously when going for cocktails you have to wear a cocktail dress or something similar - as long as it's modestly short and 'flowy'. The particular one I've chosen is from New Look and is £12. I chose it because of the sequins. When the sparkle in the light during a night out, it'll be sure to catch someone's attention. I also really liked the fact it was strapless. I just think they look so much more 'flirty' and they're so attractive for anyone! And remember it's an LBD - how could anyone pass up on wearing one of those when out on a night out in New York? ;)
The link for the dress is HERE

But any sensible girl should know that most of the time, you cannot venture out in just a strapless dress and not get cold... It's just impossible. Therefore in comes the role of the coat! I was going to choose a blazer but thought that would be too formal so went for a fur coat instead. They are also very alluring which adds to my whole 'sexy and sophisticated' look. This wonderful white number is from and is £85. I went for this particular colour because it adds another one to the overall outfit and also because it contrasts nicely with the black dress to form a nice bit of monochrome!
The link for the coat is HERE

In terms of accessories I wanted neutral - nude shoes, nude bag. I didn't really want anything drawing attention away from the dress so went for some natural colours for the rest of the outfit. The shoes are from New Look (as well as the dress) and are £25. Heels in general are really good for slimming the leg but nude heels are even better for elongating the legs so overall are extremely flattering. I also think they're a necessity for a night out! In terms the clutch, I just really wanted it to match the shoes. I even got the same textures - suede! I also like the fact it had a small chain that could be used if you needed to but could also be kept inside the bag so it was more of a clutch. This particular one is from Dune (link is to the Debenhams website where you can also purchase it) and is £69.
The link for the shoes is HERE
The link for the bag is HERE

Now for the statement necklace. And I know I said I wanted the focus to be on the dress but that's just too simple. So I wanted a nice big, noticeable necklace that added a bit of edge to the overall girly outfit. This one is from AX|Paris and is £6.99. I was going to chose a dainty little necklace but didn't think it fitted too right so chose this one instead. I really love it as it just adds something more to the outfit.
The link for the necklace is HERE

The last part of the above collection I just included to fit with the whole theme of New York. It's not included in the price as it's not a piece of clothing or an accessory but I just really wanted to put it in here (i've done the same with every other entry too - i.e. adding something to do with the destination if you want to go and check them out!). This particular colour is called 'Big Yellow Taxi' from Ciate and it would be a wonderful colour I think to contrast completely the whole outfit!

So there we go then, another entry down and now only 1 more to go! I'm going to be quite sad actually when I've finished but I'm so excited to find out who wins! The total for this entry is £197.99 so just under the budget! I'm glad I managed to find a really wonderful outfit that wasn't a completely ridiculous outfit (although i did actually struggle to find a fur coat for under £100 - i did well i think!). 

Nomination time now though. It's the same 7 as I did yesterday but as usual, I'm going to do an extra one! The previous ones I've done include BeckyZoeRosieKatePhoebeLaura and Louise and the extra one I'm going to do is another Zoe

I'm now off to do a bit of revision and watch some good old Channel 4 Friday night television - my favourite! I hope everyone's had a lovely day and you're all enjoying this weather we're having! It may not yet be completely boiling but at least it's sunny and let's be honest, the sun puts everyone in a better mood! I also hope you all have a lovely weekend! I'm working tomorrow and revising all day Sunday but still hoping it'll be relaxing. Until tomorrow though, my last post for the competition! 

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