Tuesday, 30 April 2013

sure maximum protection deodorant

Now I know this isn't the most exciting or most glamorous post but I really wanted to share with you all a great product! And it's a product that everyone needs, every single day. Deodorant is a major necessity in every woman's life, especially those that are constantly on the go. I personally used to suffer badly from sweating and sweat patches were a real big pain in my life. Luckily it's all got a lot better as I've got older but I do like to be careful with a strong layer of protection. Plus, there are some days when I can overheat or am rushing about and do need a good deodorant. Anyway, the point of this post is that this may actually be the holy grail of all deodorants!

At first when I saw how you applied the deodorant I was a little weary because I'm so used to using spray on deodorants. I was sort of like 'what on earth do i do with this?!' but it's grown on me and I do actually really like it now! It's not quite a roll on but I can't really describe what it is!

I'd been meaning to do this post for so long but then I lost all my pictures for it and had to retake them. I know taking pictures doesn't exactly take that long so I can't really tell you why it's taken me this long to posting about this product but anyway, here it is! I've also had chance to actually give this 3 goes (!!!). The bottle in the pictures in my fourth and so as a result, I've given it a pretty extensive testing!

Now I did mention that the packaging and actual application is very strange and unlike any deodorant I've tried before but it is very cool! It was a little hard to get used to because you have to twist the bottom for quite a while before you get any product out and I definitely thought I'd broken it/got a dodgy one! But just stick with it and you'll get used to it! And trust me, when it gets working, it's really good.

At first it looks sort of solid and powdery but once you start applying it, it melts and makes the whole application process smoother. The scent is just a normal and clean deodorant smell, there is no other way to describe it. It's not overpowering but it's nothing special.

Now the first time I used this, I'm pretty sure I used it wrong because I really wasn't impressed. I felt 'slightly damp' under my arms (how attractive...) which it says it prevents but luckily I was wearing black so there were no sweat patches but I'm sure there would have been, had I been wearing a different coloured top. So as I said, I'm pretty sure I used it wrong as the instructions say that to get optimum use you should apply it before you go to sleep and it will last you all night (probably definitely should have read the instructions when i first bought it to be honest). And as I'm willing to try all things out, I decided to give it a go, the second time I used it instead of giving up all hope. I felt that this was a completely unique and interesting concept. This is when I really started to love the way the deodorant was used and the way it came out. Plenty came out and you just feel like you have a wonderful layer on. It did feel a little weird waking up and not putting more on but I stuck with it and kept my fingers firmly crossed! And it wasn't as successful. Personally I was gutted. I just couldn't understand why it wouldn't work for me as I still felt 'sweaty' when I was around school although I didn't actually suffer from any sweat patches which I felt very happy about! Now when i think about it, my body was probably just getting used to another deodorant and/or I may have just been 'over working' the deodorant as I was testing it out in summer and on some very hot days.

Anyway, let's get past the negative and to the positive! I'm so happy I stuck with this deodorant as it's worked wonders for me! I no longer have to worry about horrific sweat marks as I just don't get them anymore (unless i'm working really hard, such as at the gym). I do still 'perspire' but I don't feel I need to be concerned as my deodorant will protect me from anything noticeable  It really does give you all day coverage and this is just if you apply it in the morning (regardless of the instructions...). Obviously it's not that easy to carry around in your bag and re-apply during the day anyway, but at least you don't really have to. each bottle usually lasts me a couple of months which I think is great. Another great positive is that it doesn't irritate my underarms and keeps them smooth. Even after I've just shaved I can instantly apply this and it moisturses perfectly.

So yes, I completely recommend this and urge all those that have ever suffered from the same problems I have to go out and purchase a bottle of this! It is a little expensive at over £5 but I personally think it's worth it (and i have bought 4 bottles of the stuff!)!

Now, again, I apologise that this isn't the most wonderful beauty post but I thought it was relevant to everyone out there and that maybe I could help introduce those that suffer from sweat patches and over 'perspiring' to a wonderful project that I'm sure they'll love! I do know there are two other versions (a pink one and another colour) but I only have the regular one as it's what I've always bought  but I may give the other ones a go in the future!

That's all for now but just a few updates first!

  1. Firstly, apologies for no blog posts over the past few days. This past weekend was extremely busy for me and I literally had no time to stop and right a post! On Friday night I had 3 of my friends birthday parties, then I was at a theme park all day Saturday, out again for 2 other friend's birthdays (we went for a lovely meal) and I was working on Sunday. Then on Sunday night and last night I was unfortunately revising for a few tests I've had a school. But I'm back now! And I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I'm already looking forward to this one as it's a 3 day one - yes please!
  2. I don't really have anything interesting to inform you all on except that I've recently found a wonderful new blog that I think it's worth you all checking out! It's a lovely fashion agency called Alice in La-La and there blog is just as lovely! 
  3. I've just remember that I do actually have to let you all know that I've finally figured out how to stop my pictures from rotating when I don't want them to! I'm so happy that I've finally figure it out because it really was annoying. If anybody else struggles with the same issue (doubtful because it's probably just me being a technical dummy), just tweet me, comment on this post or e-mail me and I shall offer my assistance!
  4. So yes, that's it from me and I'll hopefully talk to you all soon! 

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