Tuesday, 25 October 2011

kate moss for rimmel london lipsticks

I first saw the advert for this make up a few months back and instantly wanted to check it out in store. Now, when I say check it out, what I really mean was go into 3 different make up shops on 3 different occassions, put swatches on my hand everytime and walk away wanting to buy it but never really having the 'courage' to. So, on Saturday, whilst in my local Boots, I was with my mum looking at hair dye (thinking of going brown for Winter, yey or nay?) and I saw the stand yet again. Obviously I went over to have a look. Anyway I picked up my favourite 3, showed them to my mum and walked away. However, my mum suggested I look at my rewards card and see how much I had on it and see if I could buy the lipsticks with that as I wasn't willing to part with cash as I needed the money for other things. I checked and it turned out I had £17. Then I looked back at the lipstick stand's 3 for 2 offer. A quick calculation in my head told me that 3 lipsticks would cost me £11 so I ran to the counter (not literally...) and now I have 3 lovely lipsticks sat on my desk that I keep playing with because they're just so pretty.

I would just like to point out that the picture quality isn't too brill because I had to use my digital camera, which is on its last legs, because my dad's 'proper' camera is out of battery. I hope you enjoy the post anyway!

03, 08, 12




03, 08, 12

So the three colours I got were 03, 08 and 12. I don't think they have proper names so I'll just have to refer to them by number. 03 is a very nude, creamy colour. 08 a purple-y, berry type colour. And 12 is a red, coral-y colour. But I like all of them!

The first thing I noticed whilst trying them on was the smell. It's very fruity and not very synthetic at all (like you get with most lipsticks). Each of them is very pigmented too (12 being the most pigmented) and you only need about 2 'coats' to get a full cover. They also 'taste' nice too. Not that I've gone out and eaten some, just when I've licked my lips I've not recoiled in horror and wanted to wash them off immediately. Each of them is very creamy and moisturising too. They don't really dry out your lips yet they still give a matte effect. At this current moment, I can't actually think of many flaws. Another great thing was the price. £5.49 isn't much for a lipstick (compared to places like MAC, for example) and these would be things I could easily 'top up on' again. If I didn't have the 3 for 2 offer, all of them would have cost me £15 which isn't much more but I'm very grateful for the offer and I do know the Boots often have these type of deals on which is great! 

I don't really have much else to say apart from I think you should go and have a look in your nearest Boots/Superdrug etc. I'm pretty sure there's a colour for everyone (they even have a dark purple which is quite interesting!).

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

model's own sparkle set of 3

Last Saturday I received a late birthday present off two of my oldest friends that included a bracelet and these three nail varnishes. I was so excited to try these nail varnishes out because I've only ever heard good things about Model's Own polishes. I would just like to apologise before hand for the colouring of the photo's. I was losing light pretty quickly whilst taking them so the pictures darken slightly as the post goes on. I hope you enjoy it though!

pink fizz

juicy jules

thunder & lightning (can't find a link, sorry!)

Now for the review!

To start with all three colours are gorgeous! Absolutely lovely!

But Pink Fizz and Juicy Jules were definitely the most pigmented nail varnishes from the pack and only needed a couple of coats to get a thick, opaque colour whereas usually with sparkly nail varnishes, you either need a bottom coat of a different colour or many layers but not with these ones. Thunder & Lightning, however, didn't produce a very strong colour and I think if I wanted a colour similar to that in the bottle I'd have to do more layers.

On the other hand, Thunder & Lightning did prove to be easier to remove. I found that Pink Fizz and Juicy Jules involved 'scratching' the nail varnish off which is annoying when most nail varnishes just involve a scrub and it's done. Also, when removing the first two, glitter went everywhere! And when I say everywhere I mean it! It was all over my fingers and on my lap which is a bit of a downer on such lovely nail varnishes.

Overall though, I do really recommend these polishes and I think when Pink Fizz and Juicy Jules run out I'll buy them again. I think they'd look great as a thin layer over other colours too. I'm not sure about Thunder & Lighting but I think I'll give it a few more chances before I completely disregard it.

Also, just thought I would share with you, a few colours from the Models Own website that I would really love to add to my collection:
Strangely all pastels! I would also love the black nail art pen! Anyway, I hope you've found this review useful and also find some colours you like from the Models Own's HUGE collection!

Monday, 3 October 2011

porefessional review

The 6th picture is my hand without the product and the 7th is my hand with the product. I'm hoping you can see a difference! I think that the main change is that my hand is more matte in the last picture and my vein is not as visible.

So I thought I would do a little review for you all on a produce I received for my birthday last week. I would have done this post sooner (as I have such high praises for it!) but I thought I should give it at least a week to really test it out.

The product is called The POREfessional and it's by Benefit. It's a liquid concealer and it's main purpose is to cover up/reduce the appearance of pores. 

To put it simply, this is exactly what it does. I have quite big pores around my T-Zone (mainly the middle of my forehead between my eyebrows, the tip of my nose and the sides of my nose) and this "PRO balm" does exactly what it says and minimizes the look of them. It has a double use, meaning it can be used under your make up or over your make up. I usually put it on in the mornings just over my pores under my make up and then top it up whenever I need it during the day. 

The box describes it as "oil-free, lightweight, translucent and silky". I definitely agree with these claims. As soon as I put a bit on my hand to transfer to my face it felt very light and silky. Then when I rubbed it in, it sort of 'dried out' which I think is due to the fact it's oil-free. It's very easy to blend and is perfect to just carry round with you for topping up during the day. I also found that the fact it is oil-free was a great factor too. I have really oily skin so this covered up my shiny patches and kept them quite matte throughout the day. Another bonus is the fact that after applying it, my skin was so so smooth. I couldn't stop touching it!

All in all, I definitely recommend this product. I wouldn't give it full marks as I was hoping it would reduce the size of my pores in the long run as well as covering up but I do think it's brilliant at what it does do. I think if you're like me and a little self concious of your pores or you're looking for a light weight concealer then this is the one for you! 

This is the link for the product. I do think that it's an expensive product (aren't all Benefit cosmetics?) but you do only need a teeny tiney bit to get full coverage so it's worth the money. Anyway, if you don't want to buy the whole product without seeing what it's like, go and ask for sample and try it out for yourself!