Saturday, 30 July 2011

CRETE 2011

So I have arrived in Crete! Wooo! The flight went well and I managed to buy lots of goodies from the airport. I'm currently on my 5th day and I'm here until the 9th of August so I'll be back blogging then. This is the first time I've managed to get proper internet access  (it's been so annoying)! When I get home I'm going to do a post on all the things I've bought at the airport and whilst on holiday (lots of goodies for you!) but for now I will apologise for the lack of posts but it's only momentarily whilst I'm away! Hope everyone is okay XXX

Friday, 22 July 2011

cath kidston washbag

A while ago I got an e-mail from Cath Kidston about a random vintage fair and I wasn't really taking any notice but something caught my eye and it was some items that had recently been put into the sale. This washbag was one of them. I've had the same Natural Collection washbag from The Body Shop for the past 5 years and whilst I love it, I do kind of need a new, bigger one. Luckily my mum agreed to buy me this one for my holiday next Tuesday as I haven't asked for many new things for my holiday, just a few bits and bobs here and there that I do need. So my mum ordered it about a week ago and it finally came today. I was so happy! I've been receiving so much in the mail recently, it's great!

But on to some pictures:

It's made of the typical Cath Kidston oilcloth material, and is a gorgeous mint green colour with a lovely floral pattern. I don't know why but as soon as I opened the packet, I smelt it and it smells of lilo's. You know those floaty things you get on holiday for in the pool? Anyway, I personally love that smell so that's a great advantage. I'm planning to try it out on holiday so I'm hoping it performs really well. But I really do recommend you go and check out the Cath Kidston sale. It's got some really great stuff and fab prices!

Here's a link to the website:

And a link to the actual product:
It's actually been reduced further to £8.00 which is great if you're interested in it!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

july 2011 glossybox

So today I got my first ever Glossybox, the July one. I was so unbelievably excited to get it and couldn't wait to rip it open, but I waited! I waited so I could take lots of pictures for you guys! Anyway, instead of rambling, I'll get on with the pictures:

So my first product was some Ciate Nail Enamel and I got the colour Mojito. It's a really nice colour but it's more of a neon-y green than what the picture shows. I don't actually have a colour like this in my own collection so it was nice to get this one. I'm also planning to use the offer that Glossybox have given us to buy some more nail paints and a speed coat.

The second product was some Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether. I think this is my favourite thing out of the whole box. I've heard so many people rave about Illamasqua products before and I never actually thought I would be able to own any because it's not something I can usually afford but now I've got a powder! I'm looking forward to trying it out but then again I don't want to use it all up too quickly! I'm thinking of taking it on holiday with me as a loose powder to wear at night.

The third product was some Orla Kiely Eau De Parfum. Apparently this is her debut fragrance and let me tell you, it smells amazing! I can only smell floral scents but apparently it includes bergamot, fresh fig and chocolate. Hopefully I'll be able to get a bigger bottle soon because I really love it! I may look out for it in duty free when I'm at the airport next week.

This was probably the thing I was least excited about. Mainly because I wasn't really sure what it was. However upon reading my card it says it's a special liposome formula to protect the skin from UV induced ageing. I don't think this could have come at a better time! I'm going on holiday next week so I'm planning to take it with me and use it every day for my face as extra protection.

The last product was a full bottle product and I was so shocked to receive this! It's Weleda's Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil and it's probably the only body oil I own. I'm not sure when I'll use it because my skin is very oily naturally and I wouldn't want to add more oil to my body. Anyway, we'll see.

So that's what I got in my first Glossybox this month. When I use the products I'll be sure to do a review on them! Hope everybody else who got a Glossybox enjoyed there's as much as I enjoyed mine!

To finish off, here's a little picture of my cat Toby getting a bit excited by the ribbon on my Glossybox. He decided to start playing with it and chewed it which shows that Glossybox really is for everyone!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

outfit of the night

Tonight I went to my friend's mum's school performance. I'd already seen parts of it as I'd been helping out at the school a bit last week and this week but it was so nice to see the whole thing!

Anyway, this is what I wore:

cardigan - topshop
top - topshop
ring on left hand - mum's
ring on right hand - topshop
Love how most of my outfit is from Topshop. I didn't even realise until labeling this picture. I also forgot about this top until tonight when I was trying to find a t-shirt type top with a high neckline. So glad I did find this because I've re-fallen in love with it.

leggings - tesco
The point of this outfit was to be comfy and casual but a bit more dressed up than normal every day wear that I just throw on for around the house.

shoes - converse
anklet bracelet - (got it free with 
an ear cuff so i don't think you can buy them on their own)
Nice battered converse there... But I really really love these shoes. I pretty much wear them whenever I go out because they're so comfy and casual.

bag - primark
Last picture of the post, my bag. I've had this bag for just over a year now and I love it. It's lasted me through a lot and people in my school have the same bag and theirs have completely fallen apart so I'm glad mine's lasted because it's my favourite bag at the moment.

Anyway, hope you've liked this post. It's my first outfit one so please be nice!

P.S. Sorry that my kaftan has snook into 3 of these pictures. I just couldn't be bothered to put it away yesterday...

Friday, 15 July 2011

i guess a welcome is in order...

So this is my first actual account and blog on blogger and it's quite scary. I have a blog on Tumblr but it's very different to this (from what I've gathered from the day I've spent trying to navigate my way around it anyway!) and I'm already struggling!
I think that I should probably introduce myself or something and what I'm planning to put on this blog. My name's Beth and I'm a 16 year old 'student' from Manchester. In September I'm going to be going into Year 12 but for now I'm enjoying my 3 month Summer.

 (thought you might appreciate a picture so you know who's behind the blogging)

I'm hoping to make this blog quite personal and as some sort of journal. I was doing that on my Tumblr account but I've just kinda grown bored of that now and I feel that the posts I want to post would be more suited for here. I think I'll include some fashion posts, things I'm interested in, what I've recently bought, what I'm up to etc. Anyway, I hope you like this blog and hopefully it'll become something that was worth creating.