Tuesday, 30 April 2013

sure maximum protection deodorant

Now I know this isn't the most exciting or most glamorous post but I really wanted to share with you all a great product! And it's a product that everyone needs, every single day. Deodorant is a major necessity in every woman's life, especially those that are constantly on the go. I personally used to suffer badly from sweating and sweat patches were a real big pain in my life. Luckily it's all got a lot better as I've got older but I do like to be careful with a strong layer of protection. Plus, there are some days when I can overheat or am rushing about and do need a good deodorant. Anyway, the point of this post is that this may actually be the holy grail of all deodorants!

At first when I saw how you applied the deodorant I was a little weary because I'm so used to using spray on deodorants. I was sort of like 'what on earth do i do with this?!' but it's grown on me and I do actually really like it now! It's not quite a roll on but I can't really describe what it is!

I'd been meaning to do this post for so long but then I lost all my pictures for it and had to retake them. I know taking pictures doesn't exactly take that long so I can't really tell you why it's taken me this long to posting about this product but anyway, here it is! I've also had chance to actually give this 3 goes (!!!). The bottle in the pictures in my fourth and so as a result, I've given it a pretty extensive testing!

Now I did mention that the packaging and actual application is very strange and unlike any deodorant I've tried before but it is very cool! It was a little hard to get used to because you have to twist the bottom for quite a while before you get any product out and I definitely thought I'd broken it/got a dodgy one! But just stick with it and you'll get used to it! And trust me, when it gets working, it's really good.

At first it looks sort of solid and powdery but once you start applying it, it melts and makes the whole application process smoother. The scent is just a normal and clean deodorant smell, there is no other way to describe it. It's not overpowering but it's nothing special.

Now the first time I used this, I'm pretty sure I used it wrong because I really wasn't impressed. I felt 'slightly damp' under my arms (how attractive...) which it says it prevents but luckily I was wearing black so there were no sweat patches but I'm sure there would have been, had I been wearing a different coloured top. So as I said, I'm pretty sure I used it wrong as the instructions say that to get optimum use you should apply it before you go to sleep and it will last you all night (probably definitely should have read the instructions when i first bought it to be honest). And as I'm willing to try all things out, I decided to give it a go, the second time I used it instead of giving up all hope. I felt that this was a completely unique and interesting concept. This is when I really started to love the way the deodorant was used and the way it came out. Plenty came out and you just feel like you have a wonderful layer on. It did feel a little weird waking up and not putting more on but I stuck with it and kept my fingers firmly crossed! And it wasn't as successful. Personally I was gutted. I just couldn't understand why it wouldn't work for me as I still felt 'sweaty' when I was around school although I didn't actually suffer from any sweat patches which I felt very happy about! Now when i think about it, my body was probably just getting used to another deodorant and/or I may have just been 'over working' the deodorant as I was testing it out in summer and on some very hot days.

Anyway, let's get past the negative and to the positive! I'm so happy I stuck with this deodorant as it's worked wonders for me! I no longer have to worry about horrific sweat marks as I just don't get them anymore (unless i'm working really hard, such as at the gym). I do still 'perspire' but I don't feel I need to be concerned as my deodorant will protect me from anything noticeable  It really does give you all day coverage and this is just if you apply it in the morning (regardless of the instructions...). Obviously it's not that easy to carry around in your bag and re-apply during the day anyway, but at least you don't really have to. each bottle usually lasts me a couple of months which I think is great. Another great positive is that it doesn't irritate my underarms and keeps them smooth. Even after I've just shaved I can instantly apply this and it moisturses perfectly.

So yes, I completely recommend this and urge all those that have ever suffered from the same problems I have to go out and purchase a bottle of this! It is a little expensive at over £5 but I personally think it's worth it (and i have bought 4 bottles of the stuff!)!

Now, again, I apologise that this isn't the most wonderful beauty post but I thought it was relevant to everyone out there and that maybe I could help introduce those that suffer from sweat patches and over 'perspiring' to a wonderful project that I'm sure they'll love! I do know there are two other versions (a pink one and another colour) but I only have the regular one as it's what I've always bought  but I may give the other ones a go in the future!

That's all for now but just a few updates first!

  1. Firstly, apologies for no blog posts over the past few days. This past weekend was extremely busy for me and I literally had no time to stop and right a post! On Friday night I had 3 of my friends birthday parties, then I was at a theme park all day Saturday, out again for 2 other friend's birthdays (we went for a lovely meal) and I was working on Sunday. Then on Sunday night and last night I was unfortunately revising for a few tests I've had a school. But I'm back now! And I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I'm already looking forward to this one as it's a 3 day one - yes please!
  2. I don't really have anything interesting to inform you all on except that I've recently found a wonderful new blog that I think it's worth you all checking out! It's a lovely fashion agency called Alice in La-La and there blog is just as lovely! 
  3. I've just remember that I do actually have to let you all know that I've finally figured out how to stop my pictures from rotating when I don't want them to! I'm so happy that I've finally figure it out because it really was annoying. If anybody else struggles with the same issue (doubtful because it's probably just me being a technical dummy), just tweet me, comment on this post or e-mail me and I shall offer my assistance!
  4. So yes, that's it from me and I'll hopefully talk to you all soon! 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

december (2012!) glossybox

And I'm back! Sorry I haven't posted for the past 3 days but Sunday unfortunately had me revising all day, then Monday's are always tricky to post as my nights are pretty blocked up and then yesterday I was at a charity event so, again, didn't have time. But I have made time today!

Another one of my glossybox posts for today but it's my last one from last year and then I'm back on track! This one was the wonderful Christmas one and I'm so glad I got to 're-find' and explore it a bit more as there really are some beautiful products in here!

I do actually have another product from Rituals that I received in another Glossybox. It's a shower gel that I am yet to try out but I really don't know why I've still not used it. It looks and sounds lovely but I think another Rituals product will give me a kick in the right direction! The description itself of a 'ultra rich, whipped body cream' is enough to entice me in! It sounds luxurious and that it will be really great a restoring/retaining moisture to the body. I think it would be a great addition, too, to a bath/shower routine and wonderful to use after you've washed. The smell itself isn't a personal favourite as it's not that natural and very fresh - I prefer floral or fruity scents but to be honest scents don't really make or break a product for me (unless it's a perfume obviously!). I'm actually really looking forward to using it and I hope it makes my skin super silky smooth!

(sorry it's a little blurred!)
I can't really describe what I think of this colour but I imagine it to be one that I would expect to see on my mum/grandma. It's very elegant (and no i didn't just say this because of it's name, i say it because it really is!).  It's not too 'out there' but it's not too boring. I think it's just right for a mix between a casual daytime nail colour or if you want to wear it on a night out. I like the subtle shimmer in it and that it alters its colour depending in which light you are in. And in terms of the brand, I've heard mixed reviews. I know they do a top coat that has been making its rounds on the blogasphere and a lot of bloggers love it but I have read a review that said it wasn't worth purchasing so I'm excited to test out how the polish works out for me!

I have never used a conditioner like this but I know my mum uses a similar style product after every time she washes her hair. Personally I've never understood why she does or it or what it does but I guess now I'll get my chance to give it a go! It sounds extremely interesting by the description - a 'conditioning whipped cream', how exciting! Apparently it's a no rinse conditioning so I reckon it's an extra step for after you've washed your hair and before you dry it. I've never thought about an extra step but as it says it's a 'protective creamy foam' I reckon it could be a wonderful addition to my hair care routine!

well i really love when this happens but i hope you can still see the colours okay!
I've been wanting to try a Sleek palette for so long now but I've only just got round to having one. And it was in my glossybox, even better! This palette is the 'Oh So Special' one and it has a wonderful mix of both matte (7) and glitter (5) shadows. There's also an equal split between lighter colours and darker colours which means it's perfect for both daytime and night time use! (can you tell i'm excited by this beauty yet? ;)) I also like that a lot of the shadows complement each other so it would be perfect if you were going away as you'd only need this. It's such a brilliant all round product and as urged me even further that I need to get my hands on some more Sleek palettes! 

Now here's another exciting product that is on my list of 'NEED TO TRY AY-SAP'. The packaging itself excited me as soon as I took it out of the box as it's so simple and cutesy that I would just love to put it in my make up bag and pull it out to top up during the day. The scent of this is sickly but sweet and I know that I am very much looking forward to glossing (did you get the pun? ;)) this on my lips! I'm a little wary that the texture will be sticky (i'm not a fan i'm afraid) but I'm obviously still going to give it a chance. I think the colour is lovely too but not that natural. It's a little too 'neon' for my liking but I'm sure this will be a great colour for summer!

And finally, here is a bonus product that the lovely people at Glossybox placed in our boxes. It's a blusher from the brand and the colour looks wonderful! It's a very natural pale pink that I think I'd really like to use as a daily blush. I believe it would add a wonderful natural sheen to my cheeks that would definitely perk up my face when I'm at school (and thus don't wear foundation - i don't actually find it that necessary).

So I think I have to admit that this is one of my favourite boxes. Firstly because it includes some amazing products that I am so excited to check out but also because it has a palette, a lipgloss AND a nail varnish - all my favourites!

Hopefully I'll have another post for you tomorrow on some Liz Earle products that I want to share with you all but I'm not making any promises for you (i'm not very good at those i'm afraid...). But I hope you've all had a wonderful past few days and that today was lovely for you all. And I hope that the wonderful weather is still wherever you are! I can feel summer already! 

Saturday, 20 April 2013

travel supermarket: WORLDWIDE WARDROBE COMPETITION 2013 | part 5

So today's my last post for the competition. I'm sure you're all tired of these posts by now but I hope some of you have enjoyed them! I know I've enjoyed creating these outfits and writing about them! The closing date is the 5th June so if you want to enter, you still have plenty of time so you don't need to worry. The link to the website and competition details are here (http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/worldwide-wardrobe/) and as I've been saying for the past 5 days, please go and enter! It's so worth it! And even if you don't win, at least it's been fun! And it gives us all a chance to check out our creative-ness and our style!

The final activity and destination is PARTYING AT A FULL MOON PARTY IN THAILAND so here's my entry...

I think this is the most 'basic' outfit I've created for the competition and has the least amount of items to it. I really wanted to go for a simplistic and elegant look that was both fancy and laid back. That sounds contradicting but I wanted to go for an outfit that was perfect for a night out but was also quite easygoing because the Full Moon party, to me, sounds like the type of party where you're surrounded by people you love and you're out to just have a good time. It sounds like the type of party where you want to look good but there's no need to impress everyone. So that's why I've chosen this outfit and I hope you agree with my choices!

When I saw the destination, I instantly knew I wanted there to be a maxi dress. They are the most elegant and sophisticated of all the dresses. They're flattering and modest (well most of them). Plus there is no nicer feeling than dancing on the beach in moonlight in a long, floaty maxi dress with the sand swishing at your feet! Now I know it isn't really the norm to wear a maxi dress to a party where music and dancing are the necessity but I thought it would be a nice change plus maxi dresses really are the best when you're on holiday! This one is from Oasis and is £68. In terms of colour, when I imagine Thailand, I think green and blue, trees and water so went for this gorgeous emerald green one!
The link for the dress is HERE

I know the most chosen footwear for a party is heels but with a party on the beach, that idea goes completely out the window! So instead I chose some gorgeous gladiator sandals. These ones are from Charlotte Russe and are £21. I think the look very Grecian (and i know greece isn't the destination but i think it still fits!) and this idea is even more enforced by the maxi dress. I like the detailing as well as the contrast between the black and the gold and I think they look perfect for 'dancing the night away'!
The link for the shoes is HERE

Jewellery wise, I think I've linked this very well to the activity of a Full Moon party. I know the necklace is a crescent moon shape but I thought it looked delicate and fitted in with the whole 'elegant' look I was aiming for. I think it will sit nicely with the quite low cut of the dress. It's also simple which I said I wanted and I think a party definitely isn't the place for lots and lots of exaggerated jewellery. This necklace is from The Iconic and is £50. The ring on the other hand is a completely wonderful full moon within a ring. I think the picture is so realistic and would be so nice to show off on the night. This particular one is from an Etsy seller and is £6.87. I also think it would look really nice if it was to be layered/stacked with any other rings that you fancied. I always think that lots of rings gives off a sort of 'grungy' and laid-back look (another of my aims with this outfit!).
The link for the necklace is HERE
The link for the ring is HERE

Now a final addition that I wanted to add to the outfit is a simple hair accessory. With long wavy locks that have been naturally dried after a day by the sea, a pretty white flower would sit nicely I think. Obviously a real one would be perfect but if they're not quite accessible, then this one from Debenhams for £1.80 will do the job instead! It says it's a corsage but you could easily do a bit of DIY and attach a hair grip to the back. I think this accessory will really add to the beachy vibe of the Full Moon party too.
The link for the flower accessory is HERE

So that's it folks! I'm done for this competition and will now have to wait impatiently for the 5th of June to roll around to find out who wins. Obviously I'd love to win but even if I don't I'll be really glad I took part. If you want to see any of my other entries then please check out the following links (sightseeing in Paris, clubbing in Ibiza, shopping in London and cocktails in New York).

Now though I am going to bed because my eyes are getting heavy and I am shattered. Plus if I want to get any revision/work done tomorrow I'm going to need a good night's sleep! Not sure if there will be a blog post tomorrow or what it would be on but keep a look out for any updates from me! :) 

Friday, 19 April 2013

travel supermarket: WORLDWIDE WARDROBE COMPETITION 2013 | part 4

And I'm back! Once again, this is an entry for the wondeful competition that Travel Supermarket is holding. It's called Worldwide Wardrobe and this is the link you need to follow for more details and if you're interested in taking part (http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/worldwide-wardrobe/). This is my 4th entry and I'm still absolutely loving it!

This entry is an outfit I have created for COCKTAILS IN NEW YORK ...

(just a little blurry this timed!)

So then, this is the most expensive outfit that I've designed so far and the most luxurious I think. I really wanted to go for a look that a sexy and sophisticated woman would wear when meeting her girlfriends or when on a 'hot date'. Plus in New York, everyone is out to dress to impress so I really wanted to go for something special!

I wanted the outfit to be focused around the dress as this is the main part of the outfit. Obviously when going for cocktails you have to wear a cocktail dress or something similar - as long as it's modestly short and 'flowy'. The particular one I've chosen is from New Look and is £12. I chose it because of the sequins. When the sparkle in the light during a night out, it'll be sure to catch someone's attention. I also really liked the fact it was strapless. I just think they look so much more 'flirty' and they're so attractive for anyone! And remember it's an LBD - how could anyone pass up on wearing one of those when out on a night out in New York? ;)
The link for the dress is HERE

But any sensible girl should know that most of the time, you cannot venture out in just a strapless dress and not get cold... It's just impossible. Therefore in comes the role of the coat! I was going to choose a blazer but thought that would be too formal so went for a fur coat instead. They are also very alluring which adds to my whole 'sexy and sophisticated' look. This wonderful white number is from Nelly.com and is £85. I went for this particular colour because it adds another one to the overall outfit and also because it contrasts nicely with the black dress to form a nice bit of monochrome!
The link for the coat is HERE

In terms of accessories I wanted neutral - nude shoes, nude bag. I didn't really want anything drawing attention away from the dress so went for some natural colours for the rest of the outfit. The shoes are from New Look (as well as the dress) and are £25. Heels in general are really good for slimming the leg but nude heels are even better for elongating the legs so overall are extremely flattering. I also think they're a necessity for a night out! In terms the clutch, I just really wanted it to match the shoes. I even got the same textures - suede! I also like the fact it had a small chain that could be used if you needed to but could also be kept inside the bag so it was more of a clutch. This particular one is from Dune (link is to the Debenhams website where you can also purchase it) and is £69.
The link for the shoes is HERE
The link for the bag is HERE

Now for the statement necklace. And I know I said I wanted the focus to be on the dress but that's just too simple. So I wanted a nice big, noticeable necklace that added a bit of edge to the overall girly outfit. This one is from AX|Paris and is £6.99. I was going to chose a dainty little necklace but didn't think it fitted too right so chose this one instead. I really love it as it just adds something more to the outfit.
The link for the necklace is HERE

The last part of the above collection I just included to fit with the whole theme of New York. It's not included in the price as it's not a piece of clothing or an accessory but I just really wanted to put it in here (i've done the same with every other entry too - i.e. adding something to do with the destination if you want to go and check them out!). This particular colour is called 'Big Yellow Taxi' from Ciate and it would be a wonderful colour I think to contrast completely the whole outfit!

So there we go then, another entry down and now only 1 more to go! I'm going to be quite sad actually when I've finished but I'm so excited to find out who wins! The total for this entry is £197.99 so just under the budget! I'm glad I managed to find a really wonderful outfit that wasn't a completely ridiculous outfit (although i did actually struggle to find a fur coat for under £100 - i did well i think!). 

Nomination time now though. It's the same 7 as I did yesterday but as usual, I'm going to do an extra one! The previous ones I've done include BeckyZoeRosieKatePhoebeLaura and Louise and the extra one I'm going to do is another Zoe

I'm now off to do a bit of revision and watch some good old Channel 4 Friday night television - my favourite! I hope everyone's had a lovely day and you're all enjoying this weather we're having! It may not yet be completely boiling but at least it's sunny and let's be honest, the sun puts everyone in a better mood! I also hope you all have a lovely weekend! I'm working tomorrow and revising all day Sunday but still hoping it'll be relaxing. Until tomorrow though, my last post for the competition! 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

travel supermarket: WORLDWIDE WARDROBE COMPETITION 2013 | part 3

3rd entry for the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition coming your way right now! Remember (and I know I keep reminding you but I really do urge everyone to take part!), the details are on the website (http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/worldwide-wardrobe/).

Today I'm going to be creating an outfit for SHOPPING IN LONDON ...

(little less blurry today i think!)

This is going to be the most casual outfit of the competition as when you're shopping I think you need to be laid back. There is nothing worse than wandering around numerous shops when you're in pain (from shoes perhaps) or in really uncomfortable clothes. The theme I've gone for is simple rather than 'stand out' yet still stylish and as I've been doing with the past 2 outfits I created (see this link for my Paris entry and this link for my Ibiza one), I chose pieces that I would personally love to wear myself. Therefore this is the ideal outfit I would wear when I went shopping so I hope you like it too!

T-shirts are the ultimate definition of casual and I think they're perfect for going shopping. They're easy to just slip on and off when you're trying things on and can be great at forming an outfit (for example if you're just trying on a pair of jeans you can test them out as a whole outfit with your t-shirt). I particularly like this one because of the logo (bloggers are foodies remember!) and is just a bit more than a plain colour t-shirt. I think it just adds a bit more to the top and vintage-y logo style tops really are my favourite (i have a whole list of ones i want to buy off ebay!). This particular one is from Topman and is £22.
The link for the top is HERE

A high waisted skirt is such a classic item to pair with a t-shirt. This one is from New Look and is £20. A leather, pleated style one is particularly popular among bloggers as well so I thought I'd add this to the outfit! Together I think they create a really preppy and cute outfit that can honestly look good whatever the weather. I also really like how if necessary, the skirt and top could be styled up a bit more with a blazer and some heels so you can go straight from a day time to a night time look which is always a positive!
The link for the skirt is HERE

I was going to put a coat or a blazer with this outfit but then I wanted something lighter and less dressy so chose a nice thick cardigan instead. This one is made from yarn and adds a really nice bit of extra texture (as well as the pleats on the skirt) to the outfit I think. It's from Rings & Tings and is £42. I just think it looks really cosy and will keep you just as warm as if you were wearing a coat but is on the more casual side (which is the overall look i'm going for!).
The link for the cardigan is HERE

Shoes wise I was going to pick some high top trainers but then I thought they'd probably look better with some jeans or leather print trousers. So I decided to go for some boots instead - I was looking for some flat Chelsea boots but I was drawn to these instead. Heeled shoes are great for slimming the legs, I feel, so will be flattering to wear with anything you try on because we all know how horrible some changing room mirrors can be! These ones are from Fashion Union and are £21 but I know there are plenty of versions around which makes me realise how much of a staple piece they are to any wardrobe!
The link for the boots is HERE

When I go out shopping I always feel the need to take everything. Like everything. And most of the time I don't need it but for my own piece of mind I just like to take out a big bag with all my so called 'necessities'. Therefore I chose this wonderful bag from Zara which is £59. I was going to pick the black one but went for brown instead to add a bit more colour to the outfit instead of all black! It's also got two different straps - two short ones and a long one which is a great practicality when you're out and about and putting down/picking up your bag when shopping!
The link for the bag is HERE

I, personally, don't like to wear too much jewellery as I find it too much of a hassle when you're constantly trying on clothes. But I did think this outfit needed a little bit more to add to it. Therefore I chose these nice and plain band rings in silver, charcoal and gold. They're really simple pieces and are subtle enough to not draw any attention away from the rest of the out but they really do add something to the overall look. These ones are from Dorothy Perkins and are £6.50. I also like how you can wear them on separate fingers or all together on one or any other way you like - brilliant!
The link for the rings is HERE

This last accessory is a jokey sort of one but when I saw it on Polyvore (that's where i create all my entries by the way!) I couldn't miss out on including it in this post! It's from Forever 21 and is £5.12 (converted from an American price by the way)! I thought it was really cute and sweet and is the perfect addition to your iPhone when you're out and about shopping in the big city!
The link for the phone case is HERE

So there we go, that's it for my third entry! I think this one was a really nice one to create because London is obviously so close to home! The total of this outfit is £175.62 which is the most expensive outfit I've created so far but I'm still under the budget which is encouraging! Again, I really hope you like this entry that I've designed and you all give it a go yourself! As much as I'd love to win, I'd much prefer for everyone else to have a go too because it's so enjoyable!

In terms of nomination, it's the same as the ones I have done in my past 2 entries (to see who I did nominate check out these tweets (BeckyZoeRosieKatePhoebe and Laura) or my Twitter page) and the extra one can go to the lovely Louise! Speaking of Twitter, actually, I have created a new Twitter account! It'll be one that's more dedicated to blogging as my other one is much more personal I feel. If you're interested in following my new one, it's @the_englishgirl so go and check it out if you like!

But that's it for now but another post tomorrow! Like yesterday, I'm off to bed because I am shattered! See you tomorrow one and all! :)

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

travel supermarket: WORLDWIDE WARDROBE COMPETITION 2013 | part 2

Hello again! Here's my second entry for the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition! If you want to know all the details of what to do, how to enter and all the other details please check out both their website (http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/worldwide-wardrobe/) and my last post. Hopefully it should provide you with all the information you needed!

Today's post is going to be my outfit for CLUBBING IN IBIZA and I hope you enjoy it...

(again apologies of the blurriness)

When creating this outfit I was going for an easy, laid-back outfit that would show ultimate casual-ness. I chose simple pieces for all parts of the outfit with a few stand out ones that would just make everything 'pop'. I've never been clubbing abroad before but I know if I did, I would want to wear clothes that were light and would keep me from overheating. I'd also want to look cool and not over dressed. So I hope this outfit gives off that effect.

Obviously a bikini is a necessity and I thought I would either pick a neon one or a animal print one. Now I decided to go for a leopard print one because animal print is so sexy and great for day to night time wear. This particular one is from Fashion Union and is £16. I think a bikini is a necessity when you go out clubbing in a hot country. It's perfect for getting the ultimate tan and great for if you want to suddenly jump in the pool or sea to cool yourself down.
The link for the bikini is HERE

Now we all don't want to be walking around in just a bikini because even the best of girls has a few confidence issues. Plus in reality, unless you're by the pool or sea, it's not all that practical. So I thought a simple white crop top (so you can see the design of the bikini through it) and some high waisted shorts would be perfect! I chose a white top because it's such a brilliant colour when you have tan - it really enhances it and makes you look like you have the perfect sun kissed glow. This top is from Topshop and is £22. Then with the top I wanted the shorts to be just as plain, because I wanted the accessories to 'do the talking' in this outfit, but I like the little addition of the studs in the right pocket. High waisted shorts are such a classic item for summer and I think they look really great on a night out. These ones are £19.99 from H&M and are perfect for being casual during the day or a bit more dressy for the night which is great when clubbing abroad (because that's a 24 hour activity ;)).
The link for the top is HERE
The link for the shorts is HERE

On to the shoes! I always wear gladiator sandals when abroad because they keep your feet cool. Anything else and my feet become a sweltering mess - very attractive. Now these gladiators are perfect because whilst they're simple, they also have some great detailing on the straps. I also like how they're a bit more than just plain ones to wear during the day because let's face it, when you're on holiday, you always want to 'dress to impress'! These ones are from Dorothy Perkins and are £29.00. Another positive I think these sandals have are the fact that they look sturdy. The structure of them looks like they'll last you a while which is great when you're out and about as shoes that are going to break when you're dancing is probably one of the worst things!
The link for the shoes is HERE

Accessories wise I decided to go for some plain sunglasses (you NEED these - not only for style but also to protect your eyes, plus constantly squinting in photos isn't all that attractive...) but some wonderful neon bracelets! Ibiza is linked very strongly to neon - neon part paint, neon clothes, neon nail varnish (model's own hed kandi collection anybody?). I don't think the sunglasses need to be all that fancy in this outfit because I think it's better to focus on other pieces in the outfit which is why I chose some simple, yet still stylish, black wayfarers. These particular ones are from Charlotte Russe and are £3.26 (amazing price!). Now when I mentioned that I wanted some neon pieces to add a 'pop' of something into the outfit  this is where the bracelets come in. Jewellery really is great when you want to make a subtle statement - where you want to make a statement that isn't too 'in your face'. I was going to put in a necklace but figured that was the more obvious option for some statement jewellery so I picked these bracelets instead to offer a different option! These ones are from Boohoo.com and are £6.53 (sorry for these strange prices - they're converted from American dollars!).
The link for the sunglasses is HERE
The link for the bracelets is HERE

And the final item in this set I thought I would include to add to the theme of the outfit. Sun cream is a necessity and when you're out all day in the sun, it is extremely important. Nobody likes the lobster effect and sun cream is so important for health as well. I don't mean to get all serious on everyone but I thought I'd just include it in my set! :)

They we are then! This is my second entry for the competition and the total comes to only £93.78 which means I would have plenty of money left over, I could therefore spend it on some more jewellery, perhaps, or maybe it would go towards my alcohol supply whilst on holiday! ;) But anyway, this just goes to show how when you have a budget, it's really easy to find some really great priced items! I hope you guys liked this outfit (and my last) and that it's tempted/convinced you all to give the competition a go! The prizes really are the most amazing and it's definitely worth it!

For who I nominate - I think I'll do the same as the one's I nominated yesterday (to see who I did nominate check out these tweets (BeckyZoeRosieKate and Phoebe) or my Twitter page) and an extra one - Laura.

Another entry coming tomorrow but I just thought I'd update you all on my change of e-mail address. Instead of using my more personal one, I've created another one - theenglishgirl@outlook.com. This means you guys can contact me more easily as it's just for this blog. So if you have any questions or queries, please contact me via that or my Twitter (bethsutton_). I'm off to bed now because I am shattered but I'll have a post for you tomorrow!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

travel supermarket: WORLDWIDE WARDROBE COMPETITION 2013 | part 1

So there is a new competition going around the blogging world. It is being run by Travel Supermarket and the prizes are amazing! There are 5 holidays up for grabs along with 5 lots of £200! When I first read about it on Lily and Emma's blogs, I thought that there was no chance I could win such incredible prizes but what you have to do to enter is honestly not that hard. It's more of an enjoyable task really!

All you have to do is design an outfit for a specific activity in a certain location with a budget of £200. There are 5 different destinations you can enter for and you can enter for one or you can enter for all five. The activities and locations they are challenging you to design outfits for are: sightseeing in Paris, clubbing in Ibiza, shopping in London, cocktails in New York and partying in a Full Moon party in Thailand. There are different judges for each one and you can check out who's judging what on the Travel Supermarket competition page (link here!) and if you are to win the category you enter, you get tickets to go to the destination you entered for and you also get £200 to buy the outfit you designed! How good does that sound?!

Personally, I'm going to be entering for all 5 and I'll be doing a post for it every day for the next 5 days so I hope you enjoy! The first one I have designed an outfit for is SIGHTSEEING IN PARIS ...

(sorry the picture's a little blurred!)

So this is the outfit I have created for the competition. When I set about picking the pieces I was going for a sophisticated but casual look and I think I've managed to create that. Whenever I imagine going to Paris and/or sightseeing I think jeans and smart boots and I tried to incorporate all the things that I would like to wear into my entry.

The jeans are from A|Wear and are £20. I think skinny style jeans are very flattering on everyone - they're slimming and have the ability to make anyone feel good (i speak from experience; i used to hate wearing jeans until i found a pair of ankle grazer ones and i do actually feel quite nice in them). Jeans are also very useful for long days and/or travelling because it's guaranteed they won't let you down. I also think they are sleek and can be totally converted from a day time outfit to some drinks out in the evening.
The link for the jeans is HERE

Now when I think of Paris and the land of the French, I think of baguettes, berets and stripy nautical tops. Therefore, how could I not include a top like this in my outfit! The top is from a website called La Garconne (ooo, very french!) and is £65. As I mentioned before, I chose this for it's style but also because it was long sleeved. This may seem strange but I know that when I'm visiting a new city I don't want to be carrying around lots of layers as it just makes the process that lot harder. So I chose one with long sleeves so it was practical and I think together with the jeans it would look very practical!
The link for the top is HERE

Every tourist needs a good pair of shoes to get them through the endless amount of walking and to stay with them through any type of weather. And so, this wonderful pair of boots join the outfit! They are from Bank Fashion and are £25 (an excellent price in my books!). I like the fact their are two colours, brown and black, so that the colour palette of the clothes in this is expanded instead of just black, white and blue. I also chose knee high boots to add to the sophisticated and sleek look I was going for. And the fact that they are classified as 'riding boots' means that they are substantial for any type of activity you may take part in, in your tour of the city.
The link for the boots is HERE

So as I mentioned before, beret's are a huge part of French fashion and I thought that instead of trying to copy the style of the famous hat, I'd use a different one, a more 'British' one, the beanie! This one is from New Look and is only £4.99 (!!!) - brilliant! Whilst we all hope that the sun will be on our side when we venture out into the fresh air, we can never be sure with European weather so I included a hat in case it got a bit chilly and a head needed covering. But I also think that whilst beanie's are extremely laid back, they're also stylish. They can make any outfit look just that little bit better which is why I wanted to put into this one.
The link for the hat is HERE

As soon as I started designing this outfit I knew I wanted to include a watch because you need to keep track of all those closing times for the tourist sights you want to see. So as I was searching I came across this one from ASOS for £22. How brilliant is it for the theme of this outfit! It's cute, funny and so so French! And of course it's currently in style with the whole 'moustache' theme that is going around at the moment!
The link for the watch is HERE

And the final item of my outfit is the bag. I was going to go for a rucksack as it's the most practical option when you're on your feet most of the day but then I realised that a satchel is much more stylish and sophisticated (which again, is my whole aim with this outfit!). I think it also fits in with the 'scholar-ly' feel that Paris gives off and how wordly it is (due to so many travellers visiting the beautiful city). Also, I think it is just as practical as a rucksack as it is smart and roomy enough for all the essentials - especially a camera to take all those wonderful pictures! This specific bag is from Warehouse and is £34.
The link for the bag is HERE

So that's my outfit and it comes to a total of £170.99 so I am in fact under the limit! I hope you all like it and agree with my choices! I think this competition is such a wonderful idea and everyone should participate! Even if you don't win, at least it's enjoyable! If you want to go, make sure you go along to the Travel Supermarket competition page (http://www.travelsupermarket.com/c/holidays/worldwide-wardrobe/) and check out the details! One of the entry requirements is to nominate 5 other bloggers that you think will be up to the challenge so if you want to see who I nominated check out these tweets (Becky, Zoe, Rosie, Kate and Phoebe) or my Twitter page

I will be doing my second entry tomorrow so keep your eye out for that one and for all those that have entered/are entering - good luck! :)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

life lately /// via instagram

Life lately has been chaotic yet relaxing. That sounds very strange and it's pretty hard to explain. Basically, these past two weeks I've been off school and all of my teachers had advised me to start revision for my summer exams that start in about a month and a half (eeek!) this holiday. And whilst I have, I've also taken the time off to relax and sort of 'restore my energy'. Before I broke up for Easter I was working ridiculously hard to try and finish a huge project for school and I felt all I was doing was working towards deadlines and not really doing things for myself. Therefore I thought 'you know what, I deserve to do what I want to do and have a good time'. So for the past week and a bit that I've not been blogging, I've just sort of been busy spending time with my friends and family and also relaxing around the house, catching up on my favourite blogs and watching all my favourite TV shows/films (make that film, i've watched the second narnia film a ridiculous amount of times this holiday...).

So I apologise for my lack of blogging recently because I know I said I was going to try and blog every day but my 'outside-of-blogging' life sort of took over. However, I now have a new-found inspiration for blogging and I'm determined to really put my heart into this blog!

Anyway, to get back into the routine of blogging, I thought I'd make an Instagram to sum up what I've been up to lately! I know people like these sort of lifestyle-y posts so here you go!

I'm having to get a new passport this year as mine is expiring in June (i think?) and so went to have my photo taken. Nice mugshot don't you think?

After a hard shift at work, how could I not treat myself to 3 of the tastiest and most scrummiest sugary treats?

Also bought this on one of my break's at work. My parents and I have been invited to a wedding that is taking place in Seville, Spain. It's in September and my dad booked the tickets the other week which has made me so excited! Firstly I've never been to that part of Spain before and I've never been to a wedding abroad before (or a wedding that i can remember... i've only been to two and they were both when i was very little!).

I also had a little stationary binge in Waterstones and bought these cute post it notes and the little Moomin set. I'm a huge fan of Moomin and this little pack contains a Notebook, a Shopping List book and an Address book which I think are adorable and can't wait to use!

A little selfie for you! This was after my mum and I had just dropped my dad off at the airport (always sad because i hate when he goes away for/with - luckily he doesn't go away as often as he used to). We were on the way to the tram station to go to the Cake & Bake Show!

The only way of viewing the shows ;)

The lovely (and very attractive...) Tom Herbert from the Fabulous Baker Brothers. He gave a demonstration of how to make bread and how to make a treacle tart. I'd never watched his and his brother's show before the Cake & Bake Show but I'm now very desperate to get my hands on their book!

Yummy, scrummy and slightly (?) healthy lunch!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a mini red velvet cupcake! Unfortunately at the time I consumed this I was feeling a little ill so cannot comment on how good it was but there was a Sainsbury's stand at the show with all their new cooking range and the red velvet cupcakes were one of the sets I bought so I'l be trying those in the near future!

I also managed to meet the cupcake king that is Eric Lanlard. He showed us how to make some gorgeous toppings for cupcakes and all the various ways he ices his cupcakes in his stores. I have some more pictures of his creations that I'll put in my other, full post on the Cake and Bake show because they really do need sharing!

I'm not sure if anybody has heard of these but they are basically strawberry flavoured chocolate buttons and they are seriously my favourite chocolates in the whole world. They're so scrummy and I wish I had an endless supply of them!

Finally got my hands on this little cutie! I've wanted one for ages and I got one from the show for £8 which I was very happy about! He sits very happily on the top of my draws and I absolutely love him.

These are all the necessities I need for a very long journey on the train: magazines, chocolate/sweets, broken iPod, Kindle and Nintendo DS.

My mum introduced me to this magnificent chocolate the other day and I have fallen in love! Whoever invented this mighty creation, needs an award!

And finally, my dad came back from Washington today and brought me home two HUGE bags of these glorious sweets. They are so hard to get in the UK because none of the shops that sell American sweets, sell these. So annoying!

So that's it for now. I'm going to hit the hay because I'm back at school tomorrow and have a wonderful early start (ew!). I hope everyone's had a great weekend (especially those who managed to experience the gorgeous, sunny weather! unfortunately, where i am, the weather wasn't too brilliant...). Hopefully another post tomorrow but I already know I'll have an increased workload so we'll see how that goes!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

MAC cusp of dawn lipstick

Hello all! Sorry this post is a little late today but I've been revising all day and any break I did take I used to just relax and catch up on the blogs that I have unfortunately had to neglect recently. I've been really bad with reading blogs recently and it's so annoying to have a backlog of posts because it makes me feel so 'behind the times' but it's so nice to have lots to read though!

Anyway, today's post is on a MAC lipstick that I picked up from the airport last year I think when I went to Egypt (my memory is appalling with these things!). I've been meaning to review this product for a very long time but I actually lost the first set of pictures when my laptop went bust and then I've just posted about other things instead. However, here it finally is - my thoughts on the MAC Cusp Of Dawn lipstick!

Now this is only my second MAC make up so I'm not going to pretend to be a pro on the beauties that they are but I'll just give you my honest opinion. I also own the Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick (the neon pink one) and I feel that it is very matte but not actually that drying. On the other hand, this one, the second I got my hands on, appears quite glossy and shimmery when I apply it (the box and actual bullet say it is a lustre lipstick - not that i actually know what this means. i am so useless with the different types of mac lipsticks!) but I also find that it is really drying on the lips. After a few hours of wear, it seems really drying on the lips and I have a really big urge to apply some Vaseline. Unfortunately, as a sufferer from very dry lips (as seen in the above swatch pictures), this is a huge problem and the colour (well, what colour there actually is... more on this later!) clings to the dryness on my lips.

This lipstick is from the Heavenly Creatures collection (sorry but it was released last year! i'm sure you can still get your hands on a few products though) and I was attracted to it because it seemed just 'a bit more' than a nude as it contains a whole lot of shimmer. However, it's safe to say it's a bit underwhelming. It really isn't that much of a nude and it's just more of a metallic 'sheen'. When it's first applied it's very sheer and you do have to add a few layers to it to at least get some colour. It is nude when you first put it on but it wears down pretty quickly and the more you look at it, the more you realise it's just a sheen really. As a result I'm pretty disappointed as I always expect high end lipsticks to be pigmented but this one isn't. When I swatch it on my hand it does release a clear colour but I think it's because the skin on my hand is pretty pale compared to my quite pigmented lips. However, I must point out that the colour has grown on me and I'm thinking of just keeping it in my bag so that I can use it when I'm out and about during the day and don't really want to apply a full colour.

Unlike the sickly scent of Viva Glam Nicki, the smell of this one is very pleasant. It's sweet and sort of vanilla-ry which means I'm very happy when applying it. It also has a pretty long staying power and still, at the end of a day of use, there are hints of it on my lip. Also, after I'd taken the photos I took a shower and I could still see where the swatch was/had been on the back of my hand. On the other hand, it does smudge easily after application. When I swatch a product on the back of my hand I tend to rub a finger over it to see how it fares out. Unfortunately this one doesn't do so well but I haven't actually found this problem on my lips.

Overall I would say that I do recommend this as it is a MAC product and so is high end and thus does produce a nice look but there are other, better colours that would probably do well on the whole pigmentation front. You also need to do some prepping when you use it as it does cling to the dry areas but it does work as an every day colour.

Anyway, that's all I really have to say on it and I know I'm not the best at giving reviews as I'm not a huge make up expert but it's just my honest and basic opinions that I hope some people appreciate!

Now I'm going to head to bed because I'm shattered and have watched too much pointless television. Hopefully another post tomorrow so keep your eyes out for that one! :)