Saturday, 17 November 2012

september 2012 glossybox

I started writing this post a month ago (!!!) but unfortunately it was sent to the bottom of my list of posts to do and I kind of forgot about it. The main reason why I stopped writing it was because I was told some bad news by my mum the night I began the post so obviously I didn't want to carry on. Then everything else sort of happened but here it is anyway!

Now before I get started on the products in this box, I just want to mention how gorgeous the actual box is.  Last month, Glossybox teamed up with Maggie Li to produce the most beautiful design for a beauty box possible. The mint green colour is really lovely and one of my favourite colours actually. There is a mixture of images, as well, from shells to nail varnish bottles to brushes – all of which are in baby pink and white. Argh, I just can’t describe how much I love it!

Now, the first item was a sample of Lady Gaga’s new perfume, Fame. I’m personally not the biggest fan of the lady herself but I have been to a concert of hers (although i did have to leave early due to a friend contracting food poisoning...). When I first saw the advert for the fragrance, I was a little disturbed (her blood in each bottle? no thank you) and just avoided it. I wasn’t planning on buying it for myself and just pushed it out of my mind but a few months later and here it is in my beauty box! I do actually quite like the look of the full sized bottle as it’s very simple which is what I prefer. It’s a very strong scent initially but gradually ‘softens’ down. I actually really like it, even though it wasn’t what I would expect from her. I don’t know what I was expecting but I thought it’d be more quirky and ‘out there’. However, it’s much simpler and a very wearable fragrance. It’s sort of floral (prepare for my awful scent describing skills) and fruity (had to ask my mum for that one). I think I’m going to take it to New York with me to give it a proper go as I really do love it, which I never thought I'd say.

This was a really nice little package to open up to. The products were presented in a simple envelope with the company's name on the front, Rodial, and when I opened it up, inside were 4 (!) lovely items to have a look at. There are 2 actual products but 2 of each included overall. Both are facial products and one is a mask whilst the other's more of a cream (or serum as it says on the packet). I can't wait to use the 5 Minute Facial as I love all face masks really. It's a clay one which are ones I don't really use that often but are supposed to be the one of the best types for you. On the back it says it's a 'triple action resurfacing' mask which sounds a little scary as it makes me think that it's going to bring all my impurities to the surface with a slight chance of a breakout, eek. But hopefully it gives good results! Now the second one is a 'snake serum' (i don't know about you but this is making me think that it's got some type of snake poison in it?!). Reading the back it says that it's 'an active serum helping reduce facial contractions (?!) in 2 minutes' whilst the front puts it more easily, 'helps reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles'. At 18, I don't think I need to be worrying about wrinkles just yet but I can't help but notice that I do have frown lines so I may give this a go. On the other hand, the whole idea kind of puts me off. The way it says it'll reduce facial contractions. Um what? We'll have to see I guess!

I'm sure I've mentioned this in another post but I have never really thought about eye cream. I've never thought it was necessary or known what it could do. But over the past couple of years, with stress increasing and sleep decreasing, my eyes are starting to suffer. I can't help but feel that they are constantly tired and overworked and the skin around my eyes can sometimes get very sore. Therefore, I think it's time for me to 'grow up' and get on the eye cream bandwagon. And here is the perfect opportunity, with this product from my Glossybox. It says it's a 'wonder' eye cream so I'm expecting good things in terms of 'soothing, brightening and lifting' as the product promises. I really can't wait to give this a go!

This item is a 'smoothing and illuminating cream' (as quoted from the packet) and in the information card Glossybox provide, they state that it is a day cream. Personally, during weekdays, in the morning, I am constantly rushing about trying to get ready for school and just about have time to wash my face and put some moisturiser on. Therefore, I don't know how much use I'll get out of this but I'm really willing to give it a go. I find the moisturiser I have now (liz earle's skin repair moisturiser) so so so heavy but I just don't have time to look for another one. But I guess this would be a good alternative so I hope it works for me!

I don't know if I've mentioned on the blog before about wanting to get into hair oil? But either way, I was so happy to see this last item in my box! It says that it's a treatment for all hair types which sounds promising as my hair can get very greasy on top (like at the roots), very quickly but the ends can get awfully dry. Personally, when I finally give this a go, it'll just be on my ends as they are the worst parts. I know hair oil is pretty big in the blogging world, especially with those bloggers who have ombre/dip dye hair, so I'm hoping this works as good for me as it does for them!

Anyway, there are my thoughts on the September Glossybox and it's products. The actual box itself has to be my favourite, ever, so far but the products inside were pretty average. I think I'll be using all of them, though, which is great but I'm really in the mood for some make up or something exciting from my Glossybox's. Ah well, I'm usually happy whatever I get :)

Sorry this post took so long since my last one! I was planning on knuckling down with my blog as I have so much to tell you all but life has kind of taken over recently. School's started getting pretty serious (this is like one of my most important terms of the year!) and I just have so much work! I'm powering through everything, stressfully, so that I can try and post more often but we'll just have to see!

I'm supposed to be going out for dinner tonight but I'm not really sure what's happening. Me and my mum might just order a Domino's instead. This morning I was finishing off some History coursework (bane of my life) and the first section is now done which I'm really happy about as I thought it was going to take much longer than it did. This afternoon I'm going to do some more work (and maybe watch charlie and the chocolate factory, the newer version, i believe it's on itv some time this afternoon?) - it's an interesting life I lead... Tomorrow I am at work but finishing at 4 which gives me a bit of the afternoon so there should be another post then!

I hope everyone's had a nice weekend so far and if I don't have time to post tomorrow, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

well, i'm home...

So I've made it through a hurricane and I'm back! I honestly have to say, though, that this trip to New York has been one of the most chaotic holidays in my entire life.

It started off fine - I was so excited about going and check-in was simple (my bag wasn't overweight!). My mum had booked us into the airport lounge so the time we had at the airport was relaxing. Obviously there was a trip to duty free (and along with all the other things i bought on my trip, i'll put what i got in a haul) and I bought a few nice things on the plane too. Anyway, when we arrived, things were still looking fine but as soon as we got in the taxi, my mum and I started hearing about the hurricane that was on its way. The taxi driver told us that things should be fine and clear up my Tuesday lunchtime. This was unfortunately not the case. We arrived on Sunday evening and I had planned for us to go out to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner but everything (and i mean everything) was closed. This was the same on Monday and Tuesday - all day. Hurricane Sandy hit on Monday night but the aftermath is certainly going to last a long time (i wish all the best for all the families who have suffered from the storm, especially those in new jersey and queens - the results are horrible there). Anyway, on Monday and Tuesday there were a few things open, e.g. a few shops and a few restaurants so we managed to do a few things. On Wednesday, a few more things were open and it was looking hopeful! However, we were supposed to go home on Wednesday evening and until that morning, things were okay and our flight hadn't been cancelled. But on Wednesday morning we found out that our flight had been cancelled and the next available flight for us wouldn't be until Sunday. As much as I loved being in New York, I just didn't want to stay that long. But on Thursday we got another call and the company we'd booked our flight with had managed to get us on one on Saturday. Therefore, for the rest of our time there we did even more shopping and even managed to do some touristy things! Now I'm not going to put in any more text in this post but give you guys some pictures to have a look at what I got up to :)

our hotel room:

first night out:

out and about, exploring:

rockefeller center:

more exploring:

lunch one day @ hard rock cafe:

night time adventures to the empire state building:

(this picture, and a few others below, shows the areas of new york that had no power due to the storm)

even more exploring:

finally going to the top of the rock:

natural history museum:

beautiful day!:

madame tussauds:

bye bye new york! (until next time...)

So that is what I got up to in New York! Sorry for a few blurry pictures but I think they still look quite cool :) My mum and I have decided that we're definitely going to go back again and we'll take my dad too. Hopefully it'll be less stressful and chaotic next time! Even though I haven't given the best account of the city, I really do think everyone should visit New York at least once in their life. Now I'm not going to talk about my trip any more, apart from say that hopefully in the near future there will be a haul of all the wonderful things I purchased whilst I was way (mainly clothes and chocolate/sweets!).

I started writing this post on Tuesday but the pictures took so long to upload that I didn't have time to post that night and then yesterday I was completely snowed over with work. Ever since I went back to school on Tuesday (was supposed to be on monday but i needed to catch up on the work i didn't do over the holidays due to our delay), I've just had so much to do! Tonight has been the only night this week I've actually finished my homework! Okay, I have some revision to do but the test isn't until the 20th. I had two other tests today including a timed essay which I'm unfortunately redoing tomorrow as I felt it just didn't go right but it was my own choice to do it again (keen bean!) so I'll be getting an early night tonight (can't wait!). Anyway, enough about school, how's everyone else been over the past 2 weeks?

Really bummed that I missed posting on Monday when it was Bonfire Night. I'm, honestly, not that big of a fan of fireworks. I hate the loud bangs and whistles but the colours are beautiful. I've never really been to one of the big public shows, apart from one a couple of years a go (i hated it for the record) and much prefer smaller ones at home if I ever do want to do something. So on Monday, my friend invited me to her house with a few of our other friends to have some fish and chips, play with some sparklers and watch a few fireworks. It was really nice and they weren't too loud or big which was great. I took a few pictures for you so I'll put them here (sorry for poor quality but i took them on my phone!):

Now that Halloween (unfortunately i didn't do anything for it this year apart from buy ridiculous amounts of halloween themed chocolate from america...) and Bonfire Night are over, I can finally think about Christmas! I'm not going to go into too much depth about it as it's still early days yet but I am listening to my Christmas playlist and making a list of Christmas films I want to buy/watch this year. However, the reason I mention it is due to the amount of amazing beauty advent calendars out this year. There are 3 that I can think of off the top of my head but if there are any more out there that I don't mention, please let me know! The ones I'm really interested in are:
Anyway, even if I don't manage to get my hands on them, there's always next year but the stuff in them does look so good! I probably shouldn't have mentioned Christmas in this post as it has just got me more excited for it now! I can't wait to get into Christmas jumpers (topshop and primark are offering really good ones this year!) and just snuggle up. Unfortunately it's not all fun and games and relaxing for me as I'll be revising for my exams in January but I still can't wait! 
I'm going to finish this post here as I need to get to bed and I've said everything I need to say. Sorry for not posting in a while but at least I've had another excuse other than 'too much work'! Hope everyone is okay and you all have a great rest of the week (only one more day people!).