Saturday, 19 January 2013

here to stay

Hello everyone! I have returned! After 2 weeks of gruelling revision and exams, I can return to blogging without feeling guilty for not revising! It's safe to say I am very happy that my exam period is over (until summer at least) and I'm looking forward to getting back into a nice, regular blogging routine. I did actually finish on Thursday but I didn't want to do anything that night but relax and pamper myself and then last night I went into Manchester with my friend Lottie and we didn't get back until very late. So today I thought I would update  you on what I've been up to these past two days :)

I don't really have much to say and the only pictures I have are ones I took on my iPhone but I hope you enjoy! After school on Thursday, I walked down from school to meet my dad at Costa before he treated me to a frozen yoghurt at our local Yogberries. It was so delicious and I forgot how good they were! I got a small natural with honeycomb and white chocolate buttons. I'm already excited about getting my next one!

When my parents got home we then went out for dinner at one of my favourite restaurant's - The American Bar and Grill. It does the most amazing dishes and I always get a burger. Every time. They're honestly so delicious and can't recommend it enough. If you're ever in that area, definitely pop in! On Thursday night, my parents and I shared some nacho's and then I had a Sweet Carolina burger. Please enjoy the next few pictures of food porn ;)

(these are seriously the best curly fries you will ever try!)

(i hope you can see from this picture that i enjoyed my dinner very very much!)
After dinner we just came home as we had school/work the next day and I simply played some Pokemon on my Nintendo.

Last night, as I've already mentioned, I went into Manchester with my friend Lottie for our first 'date night' in a while! To those who visit Manchester often, you will probably know of Affleck's Palace? I don't even know how to describe it but it's full of lots of little shops/stalls with all sorts of clothes, jewellery, food etc. There are literally so many things you can buy there! Anyway, I only go to get my piercings and last night I was going to get a few more but unfortunately we were too late and it had shut :( I was a little disappointed as I've been looking forward to getting some new piercings for ages but I guess I'll just have to go another time! However, after an unsuccessful part of the evening, we went to the cinema to check out times for The Impossible, booked some tickets and popped for a spot of dinner at Wagamama's. It is probably our favourite place to eat ever and we always go there. We both had a Chicken Katsu Curry (let's be honest now, why would you have anything else?) and caught up which was lovely. 

After we were done we headed round the corner to the cinema and settled down to watch The Impossible (trailer here). I have honestly never seen such a moving and emotional film. I was in tears from pretty much the beginning to the end. It was both heart breaking and amazing at the same time. I guess it didn't help that it is based on a true story. When the tsunami hit in 2004, I was only 10 and didn't really take into account the true damage that had been caused. The film opened my eyes to the horrors that happened and how unbelievably horrendous (that doesn't even cover it!) the tragedy was. I definitely recommend to everyone to go and see it. Even if you don't cry at sad films, it will just move you completely. The following picture will show you how much Lottie and I cried...

(maybe mascara wasn't the best idea...)
Safe to say I'll be avoiding emotional films for a while...

But yes. That's all I have to update you on for now! I'm going to spend the rest of the day watching The Hills (seasons 1 - 5) and watching films. I honestly can't explain how nice it is to just relax after working non stop for the past month. But to the rest of you, I hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend and have had a great start to the year!

There may be another post later but we'll have to see :)

Friday, 4 January 2013

new year, new me...

I hope this motto really does apply to me this year. Not just in blogging, but in all aspects of my life. Every year I try to make my life 'perfect' and I know it will never ever be that way but I can at least try to make it as good as I can.

I finally got my laptop back from the computer repair store today. It decided to die (literally) a few days after Christmas and they called yesterday to say my hard drive had completely broke so they had to put in a new one. Unfortunately that meant that I lost everything so I'm having to start again with the all my documents, pictures, music etc which is devastating but I guess it'll teach me to start backing things up now. Luckily I did have a few things saved on various memory sticks so I've recovered some items but I have lost a lot.

Anyway, moving on. I am actually going to be 'leaving' blogspot (again!) for a bit as I have some important exams coming up when I go back to school (which is unfortunately on monday) so I really want to crack down and concentrate. I just know I'll get distracted if I try and keep up with blogspot every day/try to post everyday so I'm going to remove the temptation until I'm finished. My last exam is on the afternoon of the 17th so I will return then! I doubt anyone will miss me too much but it's sweet if you do :)

After I come back to blogging properly though, I really do want to move forward with my blog and hopefully make it more successful. I guess over the past couple of years that I've been blogging, my posting routine has been quite haphazard and I've never really been that regular with my posts. Personally, I hate it this way and it annoys me that I can't get into a routine. It's mainly due to all my other commitments, school and the fact I'm just so busy with other things. Therefore, this year, my blogging resolution is to make my blog more scheduled. This motivation has really come from reading lots of other blogs and seeing how amazing/successful my favourite bloggers are. It's not that I want lots of followers (i mean, it would be nice...), I just want to have a slight impact on my readers :)

So yes, thanks for sticking by me and for reading this little post. I hope everyone's had a great start to the year too. But if it was full of revision like me, I wish you luck with your exams! I'll hopefully see you all soon and I look forward to coming back to posting!

(all pictures were found on google images)