Friday, 29 March 2013

OPI nail envy natural nail strengthener

So here is today's proper post! I thought I'd introduce you all to my nail miracle worker! I got this in New York when I went last year (if you're interested in what else i got, check out my haul post!) and it was just something I picked up in the supermarket. As OPI is so much easier to pick up over in the states, I couldn't pass up on the opportunity really! 

Now my nails are pretty bad. I think it's because of excessive use of nail polish when I was younger. I would often chop and change the colour of my nail polish which meant my nails were constantly being dried out from both the polish, itself, and the nail varnish remover. As a result, my nails were extremely brittle and used  to break really easily. They also used to crack so I could often sort of 'peel'/pick off parts of the top layer of my nails which left them in a really horrific state. Generally, this made me dislike them a lot and it made me want to cover up the dryness with polishes but this just made it worse and thus got me into a vicious cycle! I have, however, got much better in the past couple of years and my nails have improved. But they still dry out and become brittle whenever I wear nail polish. Therefore, I needed something to keep them looking healthy and to make them stronger! So when I spotted this I thought it would be great. It's named as a 'Natural Nail Strengthener with Maximum Strength Formula' which sounded very promising and perfect for what I was looking for.

It has a creamy, milky sort of colour but as you can see from the pictures, it does apply and dry clearly. It gives your nails a very shiny and glossy colour which I absolutely love! Obviously nails are naturally quite matte but some people can get theirs to look shiny (i think this is to do with how healthy they are overall) so I wanted to get mine looking polished too. I found that this is both good for wearing on its own and under nail polishes so that they don't stain. This means it has a sort of 2-in-1 function which is great!

I tend to put 2 coats on and the next day put another coat over the top. Then, on the day after, I take it all off with polish remover and start the process again with 2 coats and so on. I find this very effective and I am loving the state of my nails at the current moment. Obviously I've not seen real long term effects but over the past month/2 months that I've been using it, I've seen positive results. I still have to be careful when wearing a coloured nail varnish as they do dry my nails out still but not as badly as before!

A final couple of positives are that the brush is of a good width which means that you can literally swipe some of the polish onto your nail once and have it all covered. Obviously I do it a couple of times to ensure maximum coverage but it's great if you're in a rush (which reminds me that the drying time is just a couple of minutes - another brilliant advantage!). And lastly, it's really nice to put on after you've taken off a coloured varnish as it just makes your nails look so good and natural!

So there we go! Just a quick review on one of my favourite products at the moment! Now I'm not sure how easy it is to get around the UK but there are definitely some sellers on Ebay (some unfortunately selling at ridiculous prices!). I also spotted that there is a Maintenance version and Matte version of the Nail Envy polish (i have the original for reference) so I'm definitely interested in checking out some more. And I actually just had a further search and found this link where the seller is selling nail envy's that are actually tailored to different nail types so I'd definitely check those out too!

Not much to update you on apart from what I got up to today - I woke up earlier than yesterday (thank the lord - i don't actually like having huge lie ins because they just make me feel all disorientated and as if i've just wasted the day!) and went to the gym again with my mum which was great. Then this afternoon my parents and I visited Blakemere Craft Centre which is where I used to go a lot as a child so it was really lovely to go there. We checked out some of the shops, grabbed a bit of lunch and then did a spot of shopping (all i got was sweets and cake - very naughty!). I definitely recommend giving it a visit if you like cute little crafty/gift shops!

Tomorrow my parents and I were going to go to Tatton Park for a nice walk and to visit the Craft Fair they're having there (it's on Sunday and Monday too so if you fancy a visit definitely go and check it out!) but unfortunately I've been asked to cover an 8 hour shift for a girl at my work. It sucks a lot because I'm also working Sunday but as my mum always says - 'think of the money!'. But yes, I'll hopefully give you all a post tomorrow after work! See you then! :) 


  1. Great post, i have been needing something to strengthen my nails. New follower :)

  2. Ohhh i really want to try this!!! eeee love this and your bllog please check out mine xxx


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