Sunday, 23 September 2012

sunday sum up DOUBLE: weeks 2 & 3

silly cat with seeds in his fur/school photo day.../best dinner ever; bacon butties/whole lotta goodness in the form of a chocolate block/finally acceptable to wear my dinosaur onesie again/snuggles with toby/nap time!/first ever taste of cheesecake; raspberry ripple flavour - delicious!/brilliant mug for my friend/feeding the 5,000 with a loaf of bread/pigeons pecking at my feet/me and my duck friends/not a very nice cheesecake; millionaire's shortbread/toby being a baby because he was wet from the rain/birthday letter from my local mp!/the large amount of books i need for my history coursework.../birthday yogs/gorgeous and yummy cupcakes for my birthday/dinosaur birthday banner/birthday fun with pippa in the minibus/dinner at the alchemist/really cool menu/yummy goodness!/this cake is why my friends are better than yours/the most beautiful necklace i have ever received/a justin bieber snapback/cute dinosaur cupcake/look what's back in the shops; snow bites!

You can all blame too much work for no posts this past week. I know it always seems to be the excuse but it is the true answer. Every night last week I stayed in school after school had finished, apart from Friday (more on that later...), which shows how much I had to do. Then when I got home, I'd carry on. So overall, last week was pretty jam packed with homework, coursework, revision and EPQ - not fun at all! I did try to post many times but I'd end up working until 11 at night and by that point I'd just want to be in bed.

However, on Friday, something else happened! My birthday is on Tuesday and I am going to be 18 (!) and unfortunately my mum wasn't letting me have a party so I just gave up trying, with the plan to do nothing for it. Little did I know, my parents and friends had all clubbed together to organise me a surprise birthday party (therefore the reason i couldn't have a party)! After school two of my friends took me out to our local frozen yoghurt shop as a distraction (not that i knew) so my mum and our other friends could 'set up' to surprise me! We walked home and I was incredibly shocked when I walked into my living room. There were cupcakes, a dinosaur banner and lots of photos taken. I was then told that I needed to dress up, including heels, for the next part of my surprise night. A minibus arrived and we drove into Manchester for a gorgeous girly meal at a place called The Alchemist. The food was amazing and I'm already looking forward to going back! After this I thought we were just going to go home, eat cupcakes and wait for everyone to be picked up. But oh no! I got home and my mum told me to go into the living room again (by now i kind of knew something was happening). The lights were off but suddenly a load of our other friends jumped out! It was utterly crazy and I'm still so overwhelmed by everything. The night was wonderful and I really did celebrate my birthday with the best of friends. The party was mainly dinosaur themed (including my present - dinosaur finger puppets) which was thoughtful of my friends as they know I love dinos and the present I got off my friends was bdolutely beautiful.

Yesterday I was uploading birthday photos on Facebook, looking at ones I was tagged in and sorting out what people had left at my house (silly friends). But after that I was doing some history coursework which was thoroughly enjoyable... My parents and I did get a take away, though, from Pizza Hut and ended up with a whole extra pizza as they got the order wrong so that's in the fridge for later on this week (the amount of pizza i have eaten recently is ridiculous...).

Today was spent at work (fun fun fun) on one of the worst shifts yet but I'm now home and much happier. I'm currently watching The Big Fat Quiz Of The 90s which is hilarious but going to bed soon (i'm shattered!).

Unfortunately posts this week are going to be hit and miss again as I've still got a lot of work to do and it's also my birthday so a few shindigs for that to attend. I'm really hoping to do some more posts but I don't want to promise anything as it's all very uncertain right now.

However, I hope you've all had an amazing weekend and that this week is just as lovely (fingers crossed it won't be too tiring or boring) :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

july 2012 glossybox

These past few days, I have had far too much work to even try and do a post. I've had homework to do, an EPQ to work on and yesterday I was actually at work. Today I've got the day off school which is such a nice feeling and whilst I'm supposed to be doing some work (which i will do later...), I'm going to do a blogpost!

The July Glossybox was supposed to provide subscribers with products to use at festivals and even though I went to two this year, I didn't take any of the items with me. This was partly because I hadn't posted about them yet and so didn't want to open them but I don't actually think I would have taken any of them with me. Maybe the Paul Mitchell product but not really any of the other things...

I don't know why I recognise the brand name Bex London but I'm sure I've heard of it before. I think I read about it on a blog or on the Glossybox website or on a TV programme but I really can't remember. I always though it was a clothing line so when I saw the product was a perfume I was a little confused. Having a little Google, I have realised that it is just a perfume line and I have obviously got mixed up along the way. There were four different possibilities that you could have received and I didn't have any preferences. The one I have is N6 and I don't think I'm that keen. I've just sprayed it on my hand and after taking one sniff, my face formed a look of shock. It's a very strong scent that sort of reminds me of my grandma and cleaning products. After a few seconds and after it settled, the other notes of rose and jasmine came through making it very floral. I'm not a very floral person, preferring more girly or citrus-y scents. Therefore, I'm probably going to have to pass on this. I might have another go but give it to my mum.

Haircare was never a priority for me. I've always struggled with my skin so when I've gone into Boots or Tesco or other places, products to help my skin have always been the top of the list. However, ever since I started dying my hair (including a full head of bleach...) it has become dry and dead and frankly, not what it used to be. It's a little upsetting that it's not as soft as it was when it was natural but it's sort of at a good point right now. The ends are slightly terrible so that's where I'm going to focus from now on and so when I saw this in my box, I thought, perfect! It's called a 'Hydrating Spray' and to quote, it says "Give thirsty hair and skin the moisture they crave". I do believe my ends sometimes crave moisture so will definitely be using this quite often. I doubt I'll spray it on my face that often as my face is rather oily anyway so don't think it really needs much more moisture but we'll see and I'll let you know in a full review!

I'm pretty sure I've had a Monu product from a past glossybox so whilst it would be nice to see a completely different product, it's nice that Glossybox stick by the brands the like. This item says that it helps with firming ageing skin which obviously isn't something I'm really concerned about but I think the fact it's a night cream suggests that over night it renews your skin and makes your skin feel overall 'better'. My skin is pretty dull and there's nothing that special about it so I'm interested to give it a go and see if it gives me a sort of 'glow' or something - I'll keep you updated! 

Jelly Pong Pong is a brand that I love but haven't got many products from. I first heard of them at Clothes Show Live in 2010 and bought a goody bag from their stand. My favourite item that I got was the Shadow Taffy and I fell in love. It was the most amazing product but I've not used it that much recently when I think about it. There were other things in it but I haven't really tested them out that much. Anyway, I got even more products in another goody bag at Clothes Show last year but if you read my post about it, you'll know that my bag got stolen so I lost out on them which was extremely disappointing. However, seeing this Lip Frosting in my glossybox has just made me so happy. I think they're quite a small brand and so not many people have heard of them but I do believe they're wonderful. The Lip Frosting is sort of like a lip gloss and it smells divine! I can't wait to try it out and properly review it!

Just as I was about to start writing about this product I didn't have a clue what it was. However, I just had a close look at the bottle and have realised it's a "multi-usage dry oil" for nourishing, repairing and softening. It says you can use it on your face, body and hair but I think I'll avoid using on my face for reasons I mentioned above (my face is already too oily). The main area I'll try the oil on is my hair on the ends to try and get rid of that dryness (like the Paul Mitchell product) but I may have a go with it on the dry parts of my body (e.g. my ankles and heels) as well.

well this picture is useless and upside down...
Glossybox called this a 'BONUS PRODUCT' which was lovely and 6 products in the box is a great surprise. I have just realised, whilst fiddling with the packaging, that there are three sachets with different things in to help your skin. There's a 'Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser', an 'Optimum Skin Serum' and a 'Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15'. This has made me more interested in the overall item as at first I sort of assumed it was just a moisturiser or cream or something (shows me that i need to look at the items from sample boxes in more detail from now on). Elizabeth Arden is very well known, I believe, and I think these products will only do good things for my skin. As I've said with many of the other things in this post, I can't wait to try this out fully - I love new skincare stuff!

So that's the July Glossybox and I think there's a lot of things in it that I'm really excited about which means an overall good box for me!

Only the August box, now, before being up to date. The September one hasn't arrived yet but as soon as it does, I'll be sure to post about it so that I'm on time and on schedule!

No real updates from me apart from I do have school for the rest of this week but I'll try my hardest to post every day. Hopefully my planning and taking the pictures today will make things easier but we'll see!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that this week isn't too hard (already counting down the days until friday...)!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

batiste dry shampoo - fruity & cheeky cherry

When I started my blog I never thought I'd be writing a post on dry shampoo but whilst recently reading a review on Lily's blog about the Batiste Brit (she's also posted about the xxl volume dry one), I thought that it would be okay for me to do the same.

I'm not a big dry shampoo user, I've only ever used it at festivals (this particular one i'm blogging about today is the one i got for v festival and leeds festival this year) but yesterday I used it for its proper reason, to get rid of greasy hair. On Tuesday night I didn't have time to properly wash my hair but it didn't actually look that greasy so I wasn't that bothered. However, waking up on Wednesday morning, my hair wasn't particularly lovely. I was going to leave it but then I remembered I had some dry shampoo so why not use that? And I don't know why I don't use it more often...

This product is amazing. Obviously there is the problem with it being white/grey so it shows up very clearly if you don't rub it in properly but that's honestly the only flaw that I can think of right now. I tend to put my hair into sections where I lift parts of my hair up and spray it into the roots (if that makes sense...). I then rub it all in by lacing my fingers in my hair and fully rubbing my hair. It messes it up a little but than can be easily sorted. As soon as I rubbed it in yesterday I could see a difference. All shiny parts of my hair were matte and there was no signs of greasiness at all. My hair also had a lot more volume too it. Usually the top of my hair is flatter than the bottom, which is wavy (sometimes frizzy, grrr) and thick. So this added a nice texture to the top and I think made my hair look really good. I can't recall my previous uses of dry shampoo so don't really remember what they smelt like, but I doubt it was as good as this one. It really is fruity as the bottle suggests and at first I wasn't sure what exactly the smell was but, surprise surprise (please notice my sarcasm), it was cherries! The scent of cherries isn't really something I smell that often which is why I couldn't recognise it at first but after a while it finally came to me. The smell lasted all day which was great. Any time I touched my hair and brought my fingers to my nose, the scent was still strong and lovely. I really can't recommend this enough. I don't know why I haven't thought about dry shampoo before and have a feeling I'll be using it a lot more often. Any time my hair needs a bit of a boost or some 'sorting out', I'll  be grabbing this. I'm definitely interested in trying the other types as well so keep a look out for any other reviews in the future!


  1. Too much work and too little time meant no post yesterday so apologies for that. I did want to post about this but by the time I'd finished my homework, it was too late and I was too tired.
  2. Not much has happened these past two days that is of any significance and I doubt you guys really want me to go into the details of my school lessons...
  3. My parents went to a local restaurant last night that's owned by Simon Rimmer and he was actually there so they went along to meet him. They said he was lovely and they had a nice chat. My dad also met the England goalkeeper and got his autograph which he was very chuffed about! It kind of felt like my parents were having more of a social life than me and they got in very late last night so this morning I had a stern word with them ;)
  4. Luckily no work in for tomorrow so having a bit of a break (although i do feel a little guilty about it) but this weekend's going to be pretty jam packed with homework. I am, however, very much looking forward to posting everyday so fingers crossed I can make that happen!
This is the first post in a while that I haven't needed to say 'goodnight' at the end of. Finally an early-ish post! I'm currently watching the 2nd series of An Idiot Abroad and I hope everyone else is having a relaxing evening. Tomorrow is Friday so if you're feeling a bit gloomy, think about that! :)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

june 2012 glossybox

No post again yesterday due to too much work and my first Brownie meeting of the new term (i'm a volunteer by the way, i don't actually attend brownies...) but I've managed to take a little break today to post and watch some of An Idiot Abroad.

I meant to do this post last week but didn't manage to get round to it so I'm doing it today instead. Only this one and 2 more glossybox's before I'm back on track and ready to post about the September box (not that it's arrived yet but i can't wait for it to get here!). This month's box was just a normal box - no theme - and it was quite nice to just have a random selection of products, chosen for no particular reason.

In previous boxes, Glossybox have included items of their own brand (e.g. a balloon or a sweet) but never something to do with make up so I thought this was a really interesting addition. Part of me thinks that it was a bit of a cop out as this brush counts as one of the five products you get in your box, not a nice little addition but another part of me really likes it. The only brushes I have are a Topshop foundation one that I 'stole' off my friend and a set of 5 from Bobbi Brown so any new brushes are a welcome addition to my collection. Personally, I think I'll use this for blusher/bronzer as I don't actually have a brush for that and this feels like very good quality. The bristles aren't as soft as my Bobbi Brown ones but I'm still very happy to use it.

I really am a nail varnish girl. Ever since I was little I loved nail varnish, in all types of colours, and no matter what brand/quality they were I would pick up any I saw with the hope my mum would buy me some. Therefore any 'free' nail varnish I can get, I jump on it! I've never tried a product from Me Me Me but a while ago lusted after their sets that they did with, I think, a blusher, lipgloss and nail varnish (can't quite remember, sorry!) so I was very happy to see this in my box. One problem is the colour I got. Whilst I love nude nails and how classy they can look, I already have one which is pretty much the exact same colour so I would have appreciated a different colour that I don't have but ah well, I'll still try this out!

I'm pretty sure in past posts I have admitted what beauty products I don't own/have never owned and they were slightly shocking. This is another one for you. I don't have a bronzer, don't think I've ever tried it before and I've only ever owned one. Therefore, when I saw this, I was again, pleased. I signed up for Glossybox in order to be introduced to new beauty brands and products that I've never had before/don't use that often. This is one of them, which is perfect. From what I can remember (and my memory's not that brilliant...), in a past box I got  BM beauty eyeshadow and it looks really nice so I hope both of these items are good. A slight issue I have is that I'm not sure how my brush is going to fit in the pot without the powder going everywhere so I'll have to be careful when I use it.

I've heard of Caudalie before but only about their skincare products (at least i'm pretty sure they do skincare...) so a fragrance was something I was interested in. I'm always on the look out for new perfumes and scents to introduce to my growing collection which meant I was happy with this item. It's a nice big tube which was exciting as usually with fragrance testers in Glossybox it's like a minimal amount of liquid and barely anything to try out so I liked the size of this. Just tested this out on my hand and I love it! At first it's a little shock and it's a very strong, fresh scent but after a few seconds you get a different scent. I recognise the smell so well (reminds me of parmaviolets and lemons quite a lot but more grown up if you get me?) but I can't describe it very well (you should be used to this from me by now). Therefore I'm going to wait until the full review to look on the website to let you guys know what it's notes are (if you can't wait then go check them out on the website yourself!).

Now this item both annoyed me and confused me. In the little card you get with the box letting you know what you're getting this month, the picture shows a lipstick type tube with concealer in it (the same picture as in the photo above ^) but that's not what I got. I got a 'kit' to make my own foundation cream stick. Whilst this is a nice idea as you get to mix colours to try and get as true a shade as possible to your skin tone, I feel slightly misled. I like the idea of a foundation stick as it's a really good item to fully cover your blemishes but this is just a plastic packet with 6 tester shades. I really want to try it out (this most intrigued me in terms of wanting to test it) but I'm not sure how I completely feel about it. I'll let you know in my full review!

I think this was one of the best glossyboxes I received in a while as I liked all of the products (some more than others) and I'm really looking forward to trying them out for a full review for you guys.


  1. The past two days have been pretty manic in terms of school and then homework. It's tiring getting back into the routine and my eyes are slowly closing so as soon as I've finished this post I am off to bed!
  2. Again, sorry for no post yesterday. Homework and Brownies took priority!
  3. Bit more time today to post as I got all my work done quite quickly at home due to a double free this afternoon. I did actually offer to drive my mum to the gym tonight but secretly had a hidden agenda to go to Tesco/Sainsbury's to buy food whilst I waited to pick her up again. But shhh, she doesn't know!
  4. I had my school photo today at school which was not too fun. Beforehand there was a quick trip to the toilets to do my make up before avoiding all teachers so they wouldn't make ask me to take my nose stud out and finally having to sit in an awkward position whilst laughing as my photo was taken. Photo day is my least favourite day of the year as my picture is always (i really mean always) hideous but I'm hoping that this one will be really nice as it's my last year.
  5. I've been watching An Idiot Abroad all evening as I forgot how hilarious it was so if I haven't said it before and if you've never seen it before, go and watch it now! It's honestly brilliant.
Finally going to hit the sack to get some wonderful wonderful sleep. Hope everyone's had a lovely day and you all sleep well. Goodnight!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

sunday sum up: week 1

finally wearing my rose gold kurt geiger shoes/dinner at tampopo/starters; prawn crackers/main; chicken katsu curry/sweetie/new dvds/desert; yummy cookies/first day of my last year at school/new moleskine diary/american sweets from a friend/drink from my childhood/first dinner back at school/treats from thorntons/film with friends/ridiculous alarm/glasgow open day/lunch at subway/gorgeous view in glasgow/another lovely view from the service station/bottle of milk and a cake/cute picture from instagram/another film with another friend

Sorry for no posts these past two days. On Friday, although I had a double free in the afternoon and came home, I actually had to go back to school to pick up some forms (that could've waited to be picked up tomorrow but stress = me cycling back to school). I then just sat about watching Gossip Girl and reading blog posts. Later in the evening I did go to the cinema with my friend to see Anna Karenina (amazing film by the way! gorgeous dresses and lots of romance. little depressing at the end, though, but still think everyone should go and see it!) but afterwards I couldn't post due to some issues. Yesterday I was working all day but had an earlier shift so would have posted but the issues popped up again. Today was a little less busy. I've been doing homework all day except to go and meet my friend for a chat in Costa then a little trip to a local farm shop with my mum. I've just had the most relaxing bath and now watching X Men: First Class (AMAZING film) whilst writing this post.

Not much else to say so I'll finish here. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the good weather. Until tomorrow (hopefully!) :)

Thursday, 6 September 2012


I haven't done a Latest In Beauty post in a very long time but I have had a box to post about - I've just never got round to doing it as other posts have taken priority. However, here is the fourth one of these very simple samples boxes that I receive! Two of the products I am really excited about trying as they are ones that I need (praying that they work...) and the other is something I've never used before but liked the sound of it.

My first sample in this box was the Super+ By Dr Nicholas Perricone Bright Eyed Flawless Eye Cream. Eye cream is a product that I've constantly seen adverts for but never thought I'd need. I still don't think I need it that much but occasionally my eyes can become really puffy and look quite tired. Therefore, why not try out this eye cream to try and brighten them a little bit? Bigger and brighter eyes are something I wish I had and I know I'll never have them permanently but why not try and give the illusion that my eyes are what I want them to be? I'm actually pretty excited to try them now that I'm writing about them and the little description on the back of the packets is really cute; I'll be sure to include it in my full review!

The second sample I chose was the Ginvera Blackhead Remover (at least i think that's it's name...). I'm not entirely sure what it is as it's been so long since I ordered it that I've forgotten it's proper name! The front of the packet claims that it 'removes blackheads in 1 step' and personally, I think this is an over ambitious aim. Having suffered from spots and blackheads most of my teenage life, I've tried many many products over the years and none of them (i really do mean none of them) have gotten rid of blackheads in one step. This means that I'm very sceptical about whether this is really going to live up to what it says it'll do but I've got my fingers crossed as I'm still looking for that dream product that does get rid of spots in 1 step (i highly doubt we'll ever have one but here's hoping!).

Final product(s) are from the brand Elemental Herbology. I received 3 items - the Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser, the Facial Glow Radiance Peel and the Soothing Oil Free Facial Hydrator SPF 12. All of them sound amazing and I honestly, genuinely cannot wait to try them out. These have got to be the only samples from a sample box (glossybox included) that I have actually looked forward to trying. I'm not sure what order I'm supposed to use them in but I reckon it's the cleanser, then the peel and then the hydrator (which i assume is like a moisturiser). I can't wait to review them and if things go well I'll hopefully be buying the full sizes.

Finally, I thought I'd include some pictures of my kitty, Toby. Whilst I was taking pictures he decided to come and join me so I couldn't pass up on the opportunity (silly thing never sits still) to get some cute photos!

  1. First full day back at school today and boy was it tiring... Luckily had two frees but it was still hard work! I do believe, though, that it was a very productive day, overall, which makes me feel very good. I just hope everyone else had a lovely, productive day (they really are the best aren't they?).
  2. My hayfever has made a very unwelcome visit to my body today. It suddenly started at lunch and whilst walking to my fourth lesson my eyes were streaming and my friend couldn't stop laughing at me. My nose has been running all afternoon/evening but I'm just hoping it ends soon! The most annoying thing is, is that I didn't have any hayfever all summer (only a few hours cold now and then) and now it's just come when I start school, urgh!
  3. Had a lovely walk home in the sun this afternoon and pretty much as soon as I got in I went and took the photo's for today's post. After that I had a catch up of Lily's posts before doing some homework (fun fun fun!). I was going to go for a walk (or maybe a cycle...) to pick up some frozen yoghurt from my local shop but it got too dark so I watched some Gossip Girl instead.
Now watching Celebrity Juice before off to sleep. If I'd have finished this post earlier I would have gone to bed to do some reading (haven't read a book in so long that it upsets me) but that would be in an ideal life...

Again, I really hope everyone's had a lovely day and it's Friday tomorrow! Anyone doing anything interesting for the start of the weekend? :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WISHLIST: fashionology

Wow, I haven't done a wishlist in a long time! I've sort of missed trailing through different websites and saving pictures of everything I could buy if I had endless money (slightly depressing thinking about it...).

Fashionology is one of those websites that sells really unique but totally wearable items and I believe I first looked at the website when I was starting out in the whole blogging world. I'm pretty sure the prices used to be cheaper and there were fewer items (if i remember correctly they actually had items they were known by). I am the proud owner of the silver small earcuff and whilst I don't wear it all that often, when I do I really love it. Unfortunately, because it's such fine metal, it can bend in weird shapes but it's easily fixable! Anyway, here are the things that I love and want at the moment!

silver rainbow aura bangle

rope bangle

thunderbird bangle

silver golden aura bangle

smooth bangle

lower armlet

upper armlet

triangle earrings

silver rainbow aura earrings

silver medium earcuff

silver rainbow druzy ring

silver thunderbird ring

silver rhodonite ring

silver golden druzy ring

silver black obsidian ring

silver lapis lazuli ring

silver opalite ring

silver above knuckle ring (small)

silver small ring

silver ammonite fossil ring

silver rough quartz ring

silver band ring

thunderbird necklace

amazonite casing necklace

lapis casing necklace

silver pyrite casing necklace

triangle necklace

blue sandstone casing necklace

rose quartz necklace

jade casing necklace

black obsidian casing necklace

I mentioned above that the prices have escalated but thinking about it now, I don't actually believe they've gone up that much. And to be honest, they're really reasonable prices for what they are. They seem of great quality (i love my earcuff and know that it will never break) and are absolutely gorgeous pieces. 

My favourites include the stone rings (each of them is really beautiful and i wouldn't mind seeing what they'd all look like put together in different combinations) and all of the thunderbird pieces (the bird emblem is so cute and i really like the blue stone addition).

Here is a quote from the 'ABOUT' page on the website that describes Fashionology and its background much better than I ever could:
"Rachel Duister started FASHIONOLOGY in 2009 while studying art. From when she was young she always had an obsession for art, fashion and jewelry and dreamed of having her own successful business. After always having difficulty finding jewelry that suited her style, the then 24 year old, started designing and crafting her own jewelry, working mainly out of her apartment in Rotterdam. It wasn’t long before her designs caught the attention of stylists and bloggers and eventually her obsession for jewelry expressed itself into starting her own distinctive jewelry line. Starting her jewelry line from scratch Rachel and her team are now working from the Fashionology studio in Rotterdam.

Self-taught, Rachel derives inspiration from nature and different cultures, which results into eclectic, ever-changing handmade jewelry with a bohemian vibe and a dark twist from time to time. She blends precious and semi-precious gemstones, like turquoise, rubies and quartz with organic materials such as wood, rocks and fossils to create her unique pieces. Rachel loves to travel the world in her constant search for new inspiration and new materials to incorporate into her designs. Her personal perfection is reflected in the craftsmanship of each piece. Handcrafted in The Netherlands or in Fashionology's atelier, her jewelry is not only beautiful but also durable and comes with a warranty."   

I don't know what else to say about these stunning pieces of jewellery apart from please go and check the website out! As I write this I have just remembered that with my ear cuff I received a free anklet (one that i still wear today) and it just goes to show how lovely Rachel is. I really think she deserves all the publicity she gets and I only wish to increase the amount of people who check out her stuff.

  1. Glasgow open day was absolutely lovely today! The weather was gorgeous and I've fallen in love with the university. It's definitely going in my top 5 and I only wished that I could have spent more than just one day in Glasgow. The only downside to the day was getting up at 5:30am to get there on time (not that that happened, ended up missing the first talk) but apart from that, the day was really enjoyable.
  2. Whilst planning all my blogposts for the week, I've come up with a possible name for an Instagram/end of the week type post so I think that should be up on my blog on Sunday :)
  3. Hopefully another blogpost coming your way tomorrow! I'm coming straight home after school so granted the lighting is on my side (it should be...) it'll be on my 4th Latest In Beauty box!
Not much else to let you guys know about so after the longest day I've had in a while (actually arrived home at about 7:30pm), I am shattered and cannot wait to climb into bed! Hope everyone else had a lovely day and is having a lovely week (only two more days until the weekend!).