Sunday, 14 April 2013

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Life lately has been chaotic yet relaxing. That sounds very strange and it's pretty hard to explain. Basically, these past two weeks I've been off school and all of my teachers had advised me to start revision for my summer exams that start in about a month and a half (eeek!) this holiday. And whilst I have, I've also taken the time off to relax and sort of 'restore my energy'. Before I broke up for Easter I was working ridiculously hard to try and finish a huge project for school and I felt all I was doing was working towards deadlines and not really doing things for myself. Therefore I thought 'you know what, I deserve to do what I want to do and have a good time'. So for the past week and a bit that I've not been blogging, I've just sort of been busy spending time with my friends and family and also relaxing around the house, catching up on my favourite blogs and watching all my favourite TV shows/films (make that film, i've watched the second narnia film a ridiculous amount of times this holiday...).

So I apologise for my lack of blogging recently because I know I said I was going to try and blog every day but my 'outside-of-blogging' life sort of took over. However, I now have a new-found inspiration for blogging and I'm determined to really put my heart into this blog!

Anyway, to get back into the routine of blogging, I thought I'd make an Instagram to sum up what I've been up to lately! I know people like these sort of lifestyle-y posts so here you go!

I'm having to get a new passport this year as mine is expiring in June (i think?) and so went to have my photo taken. Nice mugshot don't you think?

After a hard shift at work, how could I not treat myself to 3 of the tastiest and most scrummiest sugary treats?

Also bought this on one of my break's at work. My parents and I have been invited to a wedding that is taking place in Seville, Spain. It's in September and my dad booked the tickets the other week which has made me so excited! Firstly I've never been to that part of Spain before and I've never been to a wedding abroad before (or a wedding that i can remember... i've only been to two and they were both when i was very little!).

I also had a little stationary binge in Waterstones and bought these cute post it notes and the little Moomin set. I'm a huge fan of Moomin and this little pack contains a Notebook, a Shopping List book and an Address book which I think are adorable and can't wait to use!

A little selfie for you! This was after my mum and I had just dropped my dad off at the airport (always sad because i hate when he goes away for/with - luckily he doesn't go away as often as he used to). We were on the way to the tram station to go to the Cake & Bake Show!

The only way of viewing the shows ;)

The lovely (and very attractive...) Tom Herbert from the Fabulous Baker Brothers. He gave a demonstration of how to make bread and how to make a treacle tart. I'd never watched his and his brother's show before the Cake & Bake Show but I'm now very desperate to get my hands on their book!

Yummy, scrummy and slightly (?) healthy lunch!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is a mini red velvet cupcake! Unfortunately at the time I consumed this I was feeling a little ill so cannot comment on how good it was but there was a Sainsbury's stand at the show with all their new cooking range and the red velvet cupcakes were one of the sets I bought so I'l be trying those in the near future!

I also managed to meet the cupcake king that is Eric Lanlard. He showed us how to make some gorgeous toppings for cupcakes and all the various ways he ices his cupcakes in his stores. I have some more pictures of his creations that I'll put in my other, full post on the Cake and Bake show because they really do need sharing!

I'm not sure if anybody has heard of these but they are basically strawberry flavoured chocolate buttons and they are seriously my favourite chocolates in the whole world. They're so scrummy and I wish I had an endless supply of them!

Finally got my hands on this little cutie! I've wanted one for ages and I got one from the show for £8 which I was very happy about! He sits very happily on the top of my draws and I absolutely love him.

These are all the necessities I need for a very long journey on the train: magazines, chocolate/sweets, broken iPod, Kindle and Nintendo DS.

My mum introduced me to this magnificent chocolate the other day and I have fallen in love! Whoever invented this mighty creation, needs an award!

And finally, my dad came back from Washington today and brought me home two HUGE bags of these glorious sweets. They are so hard to get in the UK because none of the shops that sell American sweets, sell these. So annoying!

So that's it for now. I'm going to hit the hay because I'm back at school tomorrow and have a wonderful early start (ew!). I hope everyone's had a great weekend (especially those who managed to experience the gorgeous, sunny weather! unfortunately, where i am, the weather wasn't too brilliant...). Hopefully another post tomorrow but I already know I'll have an increased workload so we'll see how that goes!

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  1. Mmm I love Krispy Kreme donuts!& that bunny light is so cute awww!cx


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