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travel supermarket: WORLDWIDE WARDROBE COMPETITION 2013 | part 2

Hello again! Here's my second entry for the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition! If you want to know all the details of what to do, how to enter and all the other details please check out both their website ( and my last post. Hopefully it should provide you with all the information you needed!

Today's post is going to be my outfit for CLUBBING IN IBIZA and I hope you enjoy it...

(again apologies of the blurriness)

When creating this outfit I was going for an easy, laid-back outfit that would show ultimate casual-ness. I chose simple pieces for all parts of the outfit with a few stand out ones that would just make everything 'pop'. I've never been clubbing abroad before but I know if I did, I would want to wear clothes that were light and would keep me from overheating. I'd also want to look cool and not over dressed. So I hope this outfit gives off that effect.

Obviously a bikini is a necessity and I thought I would either pick a neon one or a animal print one. Now I decided to go for a leopard print one because animal print is so sexy and great for day to night time wear. This particular one is from Fashion Union and is £16. I think a bikini is a necessity when you go out clubbing in a hot country. It's perfect for getting the ultimate tan and great for if you want to suddenly jump in the pool or sea to cool yourself down.
The link for the bikini is HERE

Now we all don't want to be walking around in just a bikini because even the best of girls has a few confidence issues. Plus in reality, unless you're by the pool or sea, it's not all that practical. So I thought a simple white crop top (so you can see the design of the bikini through it) and some high waisted shorts would be perfect! I chose a white top because it's such a brilliant colour when you have tan - it really enhances it and makes you look like you have the perfect sun kissed glow. This top is from Topshop and is £22. Then with the top I wanted the shorts to be just as plain, because I wanted the accessories to 'do the talking' in this outfit, but I like the little addition of the studs in the right pocket. High waisted shorts are such a classic item for summer and I think they look really great on a night out. These ones are £19.99 from H&M and are perfect for being casual during the day or a bit more dressy for the night which is great when clubbing abroad (because that's a 24 hour activity ;)).
The link for the top is HERE
The link for the shorts is HERE

On to the shoes! I always wear gladiator sandals when abroad because they keep your feet cool. Anything else and my feet become a sweltering mess - very attractive. Now these gladiators are perfect because whilst they're simple, they also have some great detailing on the straps. I also like how they're a bit more than just plain ones to wear during the day because let's face it, when you're on holiday, you always want to 'dress to impress'! These ones are from Dorothy Perkins and are £29.00. Another positive I think these sandals have are the fact that they look sturdy. The structure of them looks like they'll last you a while which is great when you're out and about as shoes that are going to break when you're dancing is probably one of the worst things!
The link for the shoes is HERE

Accessories wise I decided to go for some plain sunglasses (you NEED these - not only for style but also to protect your eyes, plus constantly squinting in photos isn't all that attractive...) but some wonderful neon bracelets! Ibiza is linked very strongly to neon - neon part paint, neon clothes, neon nail varnish (model's own hed kandi collection anybody?). I don't think the sunglasses need to be all that fancy in this outfit because I think it's better to focus on other pieces in the outfit which is why I chose some simple, yet still stylish, black wayfarers. These particular ones are from Charlotte Russe and are £3.26 (amazing price!). Now when I mentioned that I wanted some neon pieces to add a 'pop' of something into the outfit  this is where the bracelets come in. Jewellery really is great when you want to make a subtle statement - where you want to make a statement that isn't too 'in your face'. I was going to put in a necklace but figured that was the more obvious option for some statement jewellery so I picked these bracelets instead to offer a different option! These ones are from and are £6.53 (sorry for these strange prices - they're converted from American dollars!).
The link for the sunglasses is HERE
The link for the bracelets is HERE

And the final item in this set I thought I would include to add to the theme of the outfit. Sun cream is a necessity and when you're out all day in the sun, it is extremely important. Nobody likes the lobster effect and sun cream is so important for health as well. I don't mean to get all serious on everyone but I thought I'd just include it in my set! :)

They we are then! This is my second entry for the competition and the total comes to only £93.78 which means I would have plenty of money left over, I could therefore spend it on some more jewellery, perhaps, or maybe it would go towards my alcohol supply whilst on holiday! ;) But anyway, this just goes to show how when you have a budget, it's really easy to find some really great priced items! I hope you guys liked this outfit (and my last) and that it's tempted/convinced you all to give the competition a go! The prizes really are the most amazing and it's definitely worth it!

For who I nominate - I think I'll do the same as the one's I nominated yesterday (to see who I did nominate check out these tweets (BeckyZoeRosieKate and Phoebe) or my Twitter page) and an extra one - Laura.

Another entry coming tomorrow but I just thought I'd update you all on my change of e-mail address. Instead of using my more personal one, I've created another one - This means you guys can contact me more easily as it's just for this blog. So if you have any questions or queries, please contact me via that or my Twitter (bethsutton_). I'm off to bed now because I am shattered but I'll have a post for you tomorrow!

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