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travel supermarket: WORLDWIDE WARDROBE COMPETITION 2013 | part 3

3rd entry for the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition coming your way right now! Remember (and I know I keep reminding you but I really do urge everyone to take part!), the details are on the website (

Today I'm going to be creating an outfit for SHOPPING IN LONDON ...

(little less blurry today i think!)

This is going to be the most casual outfit of the competition as when you're shopping I think you need to be laid back. There is nothing worse than wandering around numerous shops when you're in pain (from shoes perhaps) or in really uncomfortable clothes. The theme I've gone for is simple rather than 'stand out' yet still stylish and as I've been doing with the past 2 outfits I created (see this link for my Paris entry and this link for my Ibiza one), I chose pieces that I would personally love to wear myself. Therefore this is the ideal outfit I would wear when I went shopping so I hope you like it too!

T-shirts are the ultimate definition of casual and I think they're perfect for going shopping. They're easy to just slip on and off when you're trying things on and can be great at forming an outfit (for example if you're just trying on a pair of jeans you can test them out as a whole outfit with your t-shirt). I particularly like this one because of the logo (bloggers are foodies remember!) and is just a bit more than a plain colour t-shirt. I think it just adds a bit more to the top and vintage-y logo style tops really are my favourite (i have a whole list of ones i want to buy off ebay!). This particular one is from Topman and is £22.
The link for the top is HERE

A high waisted skirt is such a classic item to pair with a t-shirt. This one is from New Look and is £20. A leather, pleated style one is particularly popular among bloggers as well so I thought I'd add this to the outfit! Together I think they create a really preppy and cute outfit that can honestly look good whatever the weather. I also really like how if necessary, the skirt and top could be styled up a bit more with a blazer and some heels so you can go straight from a day time to a night time look which is always a positive!
The link for the skirt is HERE

I was going to put a coat or a blazer with this outfit but then I wanted something lighter and less dressy so chose a nice thick cardigan instead. This one is made from yarn and adds a really nice bit of extra texture (as well as the pleats on the skirt) to the outfit I think. It's from Rings & Tings and is £42. I just think it looks really cosy and will keep you just as warm as if you were wearing a coat but is on the more casual side (which is the overall look i'm going for!).
The link for the cardigan is HERE

Shoes wise I was going to pick some high top trainers but then I thought they'd probably look better with some jeans or leather print trousers. So I decided to go for some boots instead - I was looking for some flat Chelsea boots but I was drawn to these instead. Heeled shoes are great for slimming the legs, I feel, so will be flattering to wear with anything you try on because we all know how horrible some changing room mirrors can be! These ones are from Fashion Union and are £21 but I know there are plenty of versions around which makes me realise how much of a staple piece they are to any wardrobe!
The link for the boots is HERE

When I go out shopping I always feel the need to take everything. Like everything. And most of the time I don't need it but for my own piece of mind I just like to take out a big bag with all my so called 'necessities'. Therefore I chose this wonderful bag from Zara which is £59. I was going to pick the black one but went for brown instead to add a bit more colour to the outfit instead of all black! It's also got two different straps - two short ones and a long one which is a great practicality when you're out and about and putting down/picking up your bag when shopping!
The link for the bag is HERE

I, personally, don't like to wear too much jewellery as I find it too much of a hassle when you're constantly trying on clothes. But I did think this outfit needed a little bit more to add to it. Therefore I chose these nice and plain band rings in silver, charcoal and gold. They're really simple pieces and are subtle enough to not draw any attention away from the rest of the out but they really do add something to the overall look. These ones are from Dorothy Perkins and are £6.50. I also like how you can wear them on separate fingers or all together on one or any other way you like - brilliant!
The link for the rings is HERE

This last accessory is a jokey sort of one but when I saw it on Polyvore (that's where i create all my entries by the way!) I couldn't miss out on including it in this post! It's from Forever 21 and is £5.12 (converted from an American price by the way)! I thought it was really cute and sweet and is the perfect addition to your iPhone when you're out and about shopping in the big city!
The link for the phone case is HERE

So there we go, that's it for my third entry! I think this one was a really nice one to create because London is obviously so close to home! The total of this outfit is £175.62 which is the most expensive outfit I've created so far but I'm still under the budget which is encouraging! Again, I really hope you like this entry that I've designed and you all give it a go yourself! As much as I'd love to win, I'd much prefer for everyone else to have a go too because it's so enjoyable!

In terms of nomination, it's the same as the ones I have done in my past 2 entries (to see who I did nominate check out these tweets (BeckyZoeRosieKatePhoebe and Laura) or my Twitter page) and the extra one can go to the lovely Louise! Speaking of Twitter, actually, I have created a new Twitter account! It'll be one that's more dedicated to blogging as my other one is much more personal I feel. If you're interested in following my new one, it's @the_englishgirl so go and check it out if you like!

But that's it for now but another post tomorrow! Like yesterday, I'm off to bed because I am shattered! See you tomorrow one and all! :)

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