Thursday, 19 September 2013

soap & glory no clogs allowed super self heating deep pore detox mask

So I mentioned in my last Soap & Glory post that I picked up 3 skincare products after a rubbish day of exams as a way to cheer myself up and as I've already done the review for the exfoliator I thought it was about time to try out the masks. The two masks I chose both work on clearing your pores but in different ways and with my pores being my biggest trouble spot, I'm looking forward to seeing how each of them works. Now I've only tried one so far and I absolutely love it so please read on for possibly one of the most positive reviews you will ever witness!

So as I mentioned, my pores are the worst part of my skin - they're absolutely huge and very easily get clogged. But to be honest, I don't always give my skin the deep clean it always needs. Blackheads are also another huge problem for me and these are probably a result, again, of not deep cleansing my skin that often. Therefore, anything that claims to get rid of them in one easy step is great for me.

As soon as you squeeze some of this mask out it has a slight gritty feel to it which I, at first, assumed was for exfoliation as they are tiny tiny beads. However, as I applied more to my face, I realised that there were some bigger beads in there too and as you rub the mask onto your face, these beads sort of melt away and create the heating sensation of the mask. The mask really starts to heat up as soon as it is put onto the face and it does become pretty hot (never had one as hot as this before) which may not be to everyone's tastes. I personally love it because it means my pores are really being opened and cleaned.

I think this would be really great for when your skin is feeling particularly clogged. Mine usually gets quite bad once a fortnight or if I've been wearing make up particularly often so I would use this mask instead of my other, regular masks as it's much more thorough and for the specific use of unclogging pores. Therefore in the future, I'm going to mix it into my normal routine to give my face a regular deep clean.

Another thing that I really love about the whole product is the little scrub you get with it as it means further exfoliation as you remove the mask from your face and it's a really handy way of taking the mask off. I've never actually used a sponge to take a mask off before but I like it as it's not too rough at all.

But onto the results! My face felt and (!!!) looked unclogged! My blackheads were significantly reduced in size and sight instantly and my pores looked so much smaller. I absolutely love it! I've never had a mask like it before or one that produces such an instant result. It's exactly what I've always looked for in a mask. My face felt super soft after using it which made me very happy! And because of the instant outcomes, I would recommend this to use before a big night out or if you want a quick fix!

So there we go. A super positive review and a product I'm very happy with. I've only used this a couple of times but I already know it's going to become my holy grail face mask! I really urge all of you who have problems with pores and blackheads to give this a go because it really does work!

Sorry for such a late post but I've been super busy today! This morning was actually quite laid back but then my dad and I went to the Trafford Centre to pick up my very lovely MacBook Air. Now this is actually for my birthday next week but I needed it early so I could set it all up before I headed off to university. It's my first ever MacBook and I absolutely love it! I feel so lucky and I'm so grateful to my parents for it!

After we got that we did a bit of other shopping that we needed to do before heading home so I could start playing around with my new toy!

Tonight I've just been out with a few friends as we're the last of our group to head off to university so we thought we'd go for a final final meet up. It was super nice to see them but definitely didn't feel like the last time before we all head off in our separate directions. To be honest though, I know it won't be long before I see most of them again because we're all already planning on when we're going to visit each other!

I hope this week has treated you well and remember it's Friday tomorrow! 

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  1. I absolutely adore soap and glory! Love it. Xx


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