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april 2013 glossybox

Today's post is going to be on the special edition glossybox from April. This box was designed by the one and only Pearl Lowe. Now I remember reading an article about Daisy and Pearl Lowe when I was younger and absolutely falling in love with the mother and daughter duo. Since then, however, I've not really heard much about them. So to hear that glossybox had teamed up with Pearl to create a beautiful design for the monthly box, I was very intrigued and excited to receive it! And I must say, when I opened the cardboard packaging, I was not disappointed!

Unfortunately, when I looked at this product, I was very judgmental and instantly thought that I wouldn't like it because it looked like a product for my mum or grandma. I think this was because it had the mature name of 'Somerset Meadow' and was from the brand Crabtree & Evelyn. Now this was wrong and I very much take it back because I actually really like this product. It seems very luxurious, smells lovely and is perfect for the upcoming colder months when your hands can become dry and chapped. The scent of this is very floral, as the name would suggest ('meadow'), which I don't usually like but it's not too strong and there's a mixture of other fragrances in there as well. I really like this and I can't wait to start using it properly!

I'm going to say instantly that this product is probably not one that I will be keeping, purely for it's 'flavour' scent. It's super fresh and is actually very nice, but not one I particularly want to slather all over my body. However, this is actually my mum's favourite flavour of ice cream and so I'm sure she would absolutely love this. Now the actual product seems lovely - super creamy and not too thick (unlike the body shop's offerings which take an absolute age to sink in!). It's a shame I probably won't be keeping it because it seems like a really wonderful cream to moisturise your dry skin with (in winter the skin on my legs becomes so dry and cracked so this would be a great fix for that!). However, I'm definitely going to go and check out some of the other scents as there's a mango one and a coconut one!

Illamasqua is a brand that I really like but of which don't actually own many products. They always come out with the most amazing collections featuring incredible colours and ideas. They really never fail to amaze me but whether I would be able to pull off any of the products, is another question... Therefore, I'm really happy to have received this pencil which can be used on the lips, eyes and brows (questionable because even if you have ginger/red hair, this orange is a little too bright...), as it's not something I would have picked out but means I can give something pretty daring a go. A quick swatch on the back of my hand shows that it's super pigmented and I can't wait to see what it looks like both on the eyes and on the lips.

Since being signed up with Glossybox, I have received an absolute abundance of perfume samples and so I'm getting a little tired of them now. However, I do love a good perfume and so having a sample to test before buying the full bottle is always handy. Plus, they're great to carry around in your handbag. This particular sample is from Yves Rocher who are a brand I actually 'met' through Glossybox. In a previous box I received a lipstick from this brand and whilst I am still yet to properly try it, it does look lovely. 'So Elixir' is a very strong, floral and feminine fragrance. It's definitely a perfume you'd wear on a date or a night out to create a seductive feel. It's also a really long lasting scent as even after I've put the lid back on the bottle, I can still smell it!

Essie is such a popular nail varnish brand that it baffles me I still haven't tried any of its offerings. I constantly hear positive reviews and I have passed the stand in Boots a number of times, picking up various colours but always putting them back down. I really don't know why though because they are amazing! I've only painted one nail with this colour and I'm already in love! The consistency is wonderful and the brush is the perfect length and width! I'm really happy with the colour I received as well. It's a gorgeous baby pink with holographic shimmer running through it which can be seen on further inspection. It really is a fab nail varnish and I can't wait to write a full review on it!

So that's it for this glossybox! I think there was some great products in here with 3 that I can't wait to try out some more and 2 that I'm unsure about. However, it must be remembered that that is what you sign up for when joining Glossybox - not every box will be full of products that you absolutely love.

Now I want to apologise for my absence recently. I feel like I haven't really given any updates since I returned home from Seville. Last week was spent working and sorting a lot of stuff out at home. I also went out 4 nights in a row making me super tired during the day and ultra busy which meant I barely had any time to blog.

Yesterday I actually started my shopping for university. I did the obligatory Ikea shop and things really started to become real. It hadn't properly kicked in yet that next week I will be moving away to another city, to a new and unfamiliar environment, living in my own flat with people I barely know. It's going to be a very scary but exciting experience. I'm looking forward to moving in and settling in but it's a bit stressful at the moment. I still have quite a lot to get so my obsession with lists will be coming in very handy! Last night I went to a friend's party too for a really chilled and enjoyable night.

Today I had what I think was my last shift at work which was a little sad but again, hasn't really kicked in yet. I'm still going to visit when I come home to visit my parents and at Christmas but I'll miss everyone I work with! Tonight two of my friend's took me out for dinner as one of them missed my ultra early birthday celebrations on Friday. It was super sweet of them and yet another enjoyable night!

I am now very tired and looking forward to my wonderful lie in tomorrow! Ta ta for now!

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  1. So many lovely things in this box! Great post! Love your blog by the way, new follower here:)
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