Thursday, 12 September 2013

SEVILLE; day three

Sunday was our last full day in Seville and possibly the best because it was the big day! We woke up a little earlier than Saturday because we wanted to at least explore the city for the last time before we'd have to get ready for the wedding. As we knew we probably wouldn't have time to wait to get into an attraction, my dad suggested that we walk down to the river, along it and then back up to the hotel through the back streets. Up for anything, my mum and I agreed. So we headed off and away from the old city that we'd come to know and into the more modern parts of Seville...

After a wonderful walk, we decided that we should head back to the room to start to get ready for the wedding and also pack as the celebrations would be heading late into the night and we wouldn't have time when we got back and before we headed home.

Now I'm not going to post loads of pictures here of the wedding or write loads about it because it was a really special day/night with a wonderful group of people that I think should be kept just between us. I just don't feel right either as it's not my wedding to publicise (sorry if this is annoying for anyone as i know it was the main point of this trip but i think my reasons are acceptable).  I will show you, however, some pictures I snapped on my iPhone from around the venue as it was simply gorgeous!

I also thought I could show you some pictures to do with the food we had at the wedding which was absolutely delicious! We were first presented with a selection of 60 different appetisers ranging from small bowls of guacamole to a tin of octopus (i passed on this one but my dad said it was lovely) to pick and choose at whilst having drinks and welcoming the newly weds! Once we'd moved to the main dining area we were presented with a fantastic menu of 3 courses. You could either pick the meat option or the vegetarian option and because I hadn't specified in time, I got a mixture (the vegetarian starter and meat main). Unfortunately the starter wasn't to my liking but the main was lovely! I'd never had steak before and whilst I probably wouldn't pick it again, it was a great first time! Now the pudding, was on a whole other level. I had the chocolate option from the menu and it was incredible. The hot chocolate sauce caused the round chocolate sphere melt slowly as you mixed it with the chocolate base - as I said, a whole other level of chocolatey-ness.

one of the appetisers - a mini burger with sesame seeds and all!

the gorgeous wedding cake which was red velvet!
So that's it for the Seville posts. After the wedding we just went back to the hotel before having to get up early and make the long journey home. I hope you've enjoyed reading these posts as I've really enjoyed writing them for you and sharing my trip with you. I really did have an amazing time there and I can't wait to return!

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