Thursday, 5 September 2013

LUSH mask of magnaminty

Lush masks are possibly my favourite ever and I think I have good proof to say this after the amount of them that I have used and tried. When I go into a Lush store I usually gravitate towards the Fresh Face Masks and have tried a whole range of them (i can do a whole other post on the ones i've tried if anybody would be interested?). However, after reading an old review on Zoe's blog, I decided that when I next had a look around Lush, I'd treat myself to this mask which is bigger in size and not only for the face but for the back too.

Now I know these masks aren't to everyone's tastes but I personally love thick creamy masks that you just slather onto your face and these ones are especially nice due to the fact they are jam packed with natural ingredients. This particular mask is super fresh and as soon as you open the tub you are hit with a wonderful smell of mint. However, mint haters, do not worry, it isn't actually too strong and this is coming from a person who goes for spearmint chewing gum! As the name would suggest though, the main ingredient and thus scent, is mint but there are some other ingredients in their that add to the overall fragrance of the mask.

I understand that it doesn't look that appealing and so those that are concerned with appearances might not want to layer this onto your face. However, I personally am not too fussed by how it looks and for those that aren't too sure should look past what it looks like and really focus on how well it works. Before using this I always clean my face first, even if I haven't been wearing make up, just so that the mask can really get deep into my pores. Upon application you can feel it slightly tingling on the skin which is a good thing for me as it means it's actually doing something instead of just sitting there. As you wait to wash it off (the advisory time is 5 to 10 minutes but i keep it on until i've finished shaving and washing etc), the mask hardens a little and starts to feel a little tight on the skin (which is just a warning as i know it's not the nicest feeling and one that some people tend to avoid when looking for face masks). Another little thing that might deter people is that when you wash it off it does leave little bits in the bath (all natural stuff that was included in the mask!) and can stain the flannel. But (and this is a big but), I think these things can all be accepted when you realise just how clean and fresh your face feels once the mask has been removed. My face feels so good and just so cleansed and unclogged. My pores, which are one of my biggest issues, look smaller and blackheads much less noticeable. In terms of removing spots, this obviously isn't an immediate result, but I do notice my skin to be a lot less blemished for days after use.

The mask is really easy to use as well, it goes on nice and smoothly and you can apply as thick or as thin as you like. I personally haven't used it on my back as the skin on my back isn't too bad but if it works this well on my face, I'm sure it work wonders on your back as well!

So, overall, I think this was a very positive post and I hope it comes across that way as I really do love this mask. Masks are my favourite skincare products to shop for and so when I find a really good one, I just have to rave about it!

I hope this post has urged some of you guys to go and have a look at some of the masks in Lush! There are all different types with all different ingredients for all different types of skin issues so it's definitely worth going to check out and talk to the staff about!

Sorry for no post yesterday but I was at work all day then made an unexpected trip out last night to a pub and then a bar with some old school friends from primary school. I wasn't actually planning on going but they phoned me up and convinced me and I'm really glad I went as it was such a nice night!

I'm off out again tonight, as well, for 3 of my friends' belated birthday celebrations. They're having a joint thing with a whole load of our friends so I'm hoping it'll be another good night! However, I am very wary of the fact that I have a flight tomorrow morning for a wedding in Seville (more news and posts about it to come after the weekend!) at 7:45am so will have to be at the airport at around 5:00am... I think it's going to be a long night but it should all be enjoyable!

So as I am away for the weekend there won't be any posts but there should be plenty of lifestyle-y ones coming when I get home! Hope you all have a good weekend! 

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