Monday, 23 September 2013

"i'm officially a student!": moving to university

Hello! So I've been a little absent this weekend as I have been a bit busy with moving into university...

Saturday was possibly one of the most stressful days of my life trying to get everything done before I left, trying to buy all the last minute things I needed and trying to say goodbye to all the people I would miss. On Saturday night my parents and I also went for our last dinner together before I left and things got a bit emotional.

(Now I want to just give a little piece of advice at this point to people who are about to move to university or who will be moving in the next few years. I was so excited about going to university all summer but it this weekend it really hit me how much I would miss home. It got me to thinking that I really wasn't ready and that university wasn't for me. Obviously this got me very stressed that I had made the complete wrong choice on what to do with the rest of my life. I, therefore ended up getting very emotional many times and just feeling so lost and confused. However, I just had to keep thinking of the positives and how it wasn't like I was never going to see my friends and family again or never go back home in order to calm me down and remind me that what I was doing was the right idea. So I just wanted to let you know that if you do find yourself getting a bit teary as you begin this new journey away from home, it's fine! It's okay to cry! I thought it wasn't at first and that I was one of those people that couldn't handle university but you have to remember that everybody is different and everybody handles these things in different ways! And you are never alone - there are a whole host of people for you to talk to. (attempt at advice now over...))

Anyway, yesterday was the day that I officially moved in to my new flat. It was an early start so I could do some last minute packing before we left and to make sure that I arrived on time (i had a specific time slot for moving in). As a result, I was absolutely shattered and already emotional meaning that the car journey was spent feeling pretty queasy. Once I had arrived, however, my nerves had simmered down quite a bit and once I'd seen my room I was much happier. My room is actually really nice - it's pretty simple but it's also pretty big so once all my stuff was in it's place, it looked really good. However, once it was time for my parents to leave, the tears came once again. I think it was purely because it was this whole new experience in a completely new environment that set me off and the fact I would be on my own. After they'd gone though I went into the kitchen/lounge area and sat with my flatmates and ended up feeling so much better. There are two other girls in my flat and 3 guys and everybody is lovely.

Last night we all had dinner together and then I went to the fresher's 'opening night' at one of the clubs in town which was really good fun. It wasn't too crazy of a night but I still got had a good time! I also managed to meet up with one of my friend's from back home which I was very happy about!

Today has been much more chilled and we've just done a bit of shopping, wandered around the area and had dinner. Some of us are now just sat in the communal area watching a bit of TV and having a chat. We're going to have a quiet night in as most of us have induction events tomorrow and want to be nice and fresh face for those.

Even though it was a rocky and emotional start I'm really enjoying university life already. I got my timetable today and it's absolutely amazing (i have no lectures on a friday, ever and every other monday is free!) so once I get back into a structure I'm sure I'm going to have the best time here!

So that's my little rambly post about moving to university and settling in. Obviously I'm not the most experienced and it is only my second day here but if anybody has any questions then please ask! I'll be happy to have someone else to talk to as well! Advice is also very much welcome!

Now I'm going to go back and join my flatmates before an early night ready for tomorrow...

my lovely lovely room

wristband for the fresher's party

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