Tuesday, 3 September 2013

march 2013 glossybox

I haven't done a Glossybox post in a while so I thought I'd place one here, in the midst of some reviews and lifestyle posts to add a little variety to my recent sharings. This box was the one from March and it wasn't a themed one but still had some really lovely products aimed towards a certain idea. The items in this particular box were all about 'city chic' and not just the type of chic you find in British cities but cities all over the world. Which leads me onto possibly the favourite part of the box, a little 'travelling' book. This was an added extra but I'm such a huge fan of travelling that I loved it. I've included some photos later on in the post so I'll talk a little more about it at that point!

Now this is the adorable little travel book that was included in the box. As a very keen explorer of the world, I love reading and learning about all the different countries and citites and towns and villages that I could possibly see in my lifetime. This booklet contains so many details and tips about the biggest cities across the world and I can't wait to just sit down and read through all of the information and dream about jetting off and visiting them. I'm going to treat it as a little list/aim of where to head to next and tick off as I go! 

Now onto the actual products! This is a cream that I have heard very much about and all of which is good. When I first about it, however, I took it to be more aimed toward an older lady as I always took Elizabeth Arden to be a brand that produced products for women like my mum or grandma. But, I have been shown differently and I now understand that this is a cream for all ages and is to be used for all different skin needs. I personally have blemish prone skin which can be both oily and dry and sometimes just needs a good looking after. This is where I assume this cream will provide some care for my worn out skin. I can't wait to see the results after using it and to share my thoughts with you! 

I've never really been drawn towards Juicy Couture as a brand and I don't think I've ever really looked into their offerings in the beauty or clothing department. However, as I've become more interested in blogging, I realise that I need to put away any mis-preconceptions and thoughts about Juicy Couture before I've actually given them a chance. I think their perfumes are what I've most heard about and I'm actually very excited to try this out. Upon my first and initial smell, I do actually like it very much. At first it's very strong and from what I can tell (i am useless at describing scents) it is neither predominantly floral or predominantly fruity but a mixture. It's also feminine but not too young or girly. 

Lip crayons have been very very big this year with offerings from Clinique, Bourjois and many other brands. I really like the concept of them because they're a cross between a lipstick and a lipstain providing both pigmentation and hydration to the lips. Now I know the pigmentation isn't the best in all cases but from the reviews I've read, I do know that they provide at least some colour to the lips which is a nice alternative for a day look. This colour isn't one I would naturally gravitate towards but I'm glad it's the colour I got because it'll be a nice change to the usual colours of lipsticks I pick up. From the test I've done on the back of my hand, the finish seems to be very glossy so I can't wait to see what it's like on my lips!

Nails Inc are one of my favourite nail polish brands but they aren't one I tend to buy from. I think it's because they aren't easy to come by as they don't have a stand in Boots so I am super happy to have a little miniature bottle in my box! The colour is absolutely gorgeous and I don't know how well you can see in the pictures but it has a nice gold shimmer running through the pink. I know pink is seen as more of a summer colour but I think this one could still be worn in autumn/winter as it's still relatively dark and not at all glaringly bright. I certainly can't wait to wear it in the coming months!

Hairspray isn't something that I tend to use that often because most days I leave my hair as it is and even if I do put it into a style, it's not one that needs something to 'hold' it in place. However, I am one who is up for more experimentation and am always looking at new ways to style my hair. Plus I am looking into getting myself a set of styling tools (yes, i am a girl who doesn't own a pair of straighteners or curlers) and the use of those does require a little extra help to keep the style. Therefore I am sure that this hairspray will come into use at some point - if not for my hair, we all know hairspray is great for spraying on the face to keep make up in place!

So there are my thoughts on the glossybox from March. As usual my apologies for it being so late but I will one day be back on track! I hope you don't mind me writing these posts though as I find them really easy to write and I like looking into the products I've been sent in detail.

I apologise for no post yesterday but I was pretty much run off my feet with 3 different appointments and by the end of the day I was shattered! Today has been a little less hectic, I just went stationary shopping with my friend for some stuff for university. I'm still not ready yet and it's not fully kicked in but it's all slowly becoming more real!

I'm now just catching up on Series Three of Downton Abbey because I unfortunately missed it all when it was on the TV and I need to get ready for when the new series airs! I don't think I'll be watching much more though as a headache is slowly creeping up on me...

I hope everyone's had a good start to the week and for all those starting a new term at school, good luck and have fun! I shall be back tomorrow with another review hopefully!

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