Monday, 16 September 2013

LUSH mr bumble

Lush are a brand that I was introduced to when I was younger when a family friend bought me one of those HUGE boxes of products. Unfortunately, at that age, I wasn't interested in luxurious bath products and things that would help me relax in the bath so I ended up leaving the box, unopened, in my wardrobe where the things inside slowly became out of date. As I grew older, I started to hear much more about Lush and I grew much more interested in cosmetics, which meant I started to become much more intrigued by Lush's offerings. As a result I have slowly become a Lush obsessive. I absolutely adore their products and regularly go in to lust over their wonderfully scented items. Now I usually go in to Lush with a purpose and a list of things I want to buy. However, the last time I went in, I went with my mum and had no real agenda of what I wanted. Therefore I thought I'd just nosy and not really get anything. But, you can't really do that in Lush because there are so many amazing things that you are just pulled in by. And Mr Bumble was one of them...

First off, we have to address how adorable the packaging is... What I really love about Lush is that not only do they care about the actual products their selling, but the packaging and the names too. They really know how to sell a product - with the products both having the main ingredient of honey, it was super clever of Lush to wrap them up in a bumblebee handkerchief (i've actually always wanted a Lush handkerchief as they can be reused for so many different things) and call the duo 'Mr Bumble'. I know it's not the most important thing when reviewing a product, but I really love the extra effort they go into.

But anyway, onto the more important stuff! Included in the little handkerchief is the 'Honey Bee Bath Ballistic' and 'Honey I Washed The Kids Soap' which means you get two different types of bath products to try out. As soon as I picked this up in store, I loved the overall scent. It's very sweet as honey is obviously the main part of the scent but there are other sweet smelling ingredients included in there too.

The Honey Bee Bath Ballistic is a huge (pretty sure it's bigger than the normal size...) yellow and grey bath ballistic that I was super excited to try. Bath ballistic's used to be my favourite thing from Lush because they just add something extra to your bath. However, it was only once I started blogging, and when I started to really analyse products, that I realised bath ballistic's don't actually have any major benefits apart from making your bath water look nice. But I do still love them for when I want to relax which is why I decided to test this one out after a hard day at work. Now I would usually split a bath ballistic of this size in half (or quarters if you're that keen) to make them last longer. But it turns out that this one was near impossible to cut in half - I couldn't even do it with a knife! As a result I had to put the whole thing in a once but it did mean it fizzed and whirled around my bath a lot more faster/vigorously than if I'd put a smaller piece in which was quite fun to watch (oh the child within me...). It turns the bath water a warm yellow shade, unlike the a pastel/pale yellow like it is out of the water, which I guess isn't the nicest colour for a bath... You can still smell it in the bath but it's definitely not as strong as out which I'm quite glad about because the more I smelt it, the less I started to like it as it's slightly musky and as it's so sweet, slightly sickly too.

Now I ended up liking the Honey I Washed The Kids Soap much more than the Honey Bee Bath Ballistic which surprised me. I mostly use bars of soap in the bath to make myself feel really clean and luxurious and this one did just that. It's so smooth to touch and it slightly melts in the heat of your hands which is so nice. It's individual scent is much lighter and personally much nicer to me than the scent of the bath ballistic. It lathers absolutely amazingly - I use exfoliating gloves as they really help with making your skin softer and so it probably lathers better with them but it still produces bubbles much more easily than other soaps I've used. The shape is great as well as the curved side fits easily into your palm which I really liked. The scent doesn't really transfer onto your skin which is both good and bad. It's good because it means you can use other scented products and they won't be toned down by the fragrance of the soap but bad because it is a nice smell. Now the one really disappointing thing about this soap is that after two washes, it's already gone which is pretty gutting but I'll definitely buy it again in the future!

After using these two products and writing this product, I think that this set would be a great present for a male friend (such as a boyfriend or brother or dad) to pamper themselves with as they're slightly more masculine products and the fragrances slightly musky (especially the bath ballistic). Obviously girl's can use them too but they're not the most feminine of scents.

So these are my thoughts on two bath items from Lush that can be brought both individually or in this cute little set! I really did like testing them out but I have to say that if you were to buy one, definitely get the soap over the bath ballistic. But I would check them out in store too as you may just get drawn in like I did!

Today has been nice and relaxing which makes a change from the past week which was pretty busy. I've actually not done that much apart from sort out stuff for university. I move on Sunday (!!!) which is so exciting but nerve wracking at the same time. I think I just need to move in and settle in now and I'll be less apprehensive. Lists have also become my new best friend... I also went to the gym for the first time in a while so it was a tough one but still enjoyable. I'm going out quite a bit tomorrow so I'm hoping to post in between being out and about so keep a look out for that!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that Monday wasn't too hard on you all! 

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