Friday, 20 September 2013

aqua splash tangle teezer

Before I started blogging/reading blogs, I had never heard of the brand Tangle Teezer before and had never thought about owning a specialist brush that would remove my tangles and knots with ease. Back when I used to have ridiculously long and dry hair, an item like this would be an absolute godsend as my hair would knot so easily. However, know I have removed all my dead ends and have much shorter, healthier hair, it doesn't tangle nearly as easily. But I got this with the Selfridge's Summer Beauty Box and was super excited to try it out. Unfortunately though, I have ended up rather disappointed.

Something that I do love about it is the colour. It's so bright and pretty and it's something that I'd definitely be happy whipping out as it's so much nice than just your average hairbrush. It's shape is also something I really like. It's unique and great for the bath and shower as it's lightweight and not too 'clunky'. The shape is completely different shape to the original tangle teezers but just as nice I think. One thing that the Aqua Splash has in common with the other tangle teezers available is the different length of 'bristles' with both short and long to try and reach all layers of your hair.

Now as it is aimed for use in the water, I thought it'd be perfect for use in the shower after I've put conditioner in, to help run the conditioner through the lengths of my hair whilst detangling at the same time. However this isn't actually what happened when I gave it a go. As the 'bristles' are so flexible, when I tried to brush through my hair they just bent and so wouldn't actually catch any of my hair, just sort of run over the top. When I did actually get more of a hang of it, it only really worked well on the ends of my hair and only really brushed the top layer of my hair. In order to get it to work on the full length and all layers of your hair, you have to really grip the roots in order for the rest to detangle. Sometimes you almost have to place your hair onto the brush in order for it to detangle which really is disappointing.

One time it really worked well was on towel-dried hair so it could be a substitute for your average brush. But as it is aimed for water use, I would have thought it'd work well on both dry and wet hair. However, the next time I used it in the shower it really tore at my hair and it was really hard to detangle my hair. My hair isn't even that knotty most of the time so I can't understand why it was so particularly difficult with this tangle teezer. However, after the initial difficulty, it did make my hair really soft afterwards but I think this was purely because it got my conditioner all through my hair which could quite easily be done with a cheaper, normal brush.

So there we go - my very disappointed review of a product I was super excited about. But even though this review isn't the most positive, I will keep trying to use it to see if it'll grow on me but I do also want to try out one of the original tangle teezers because there are so many positive reviews out there of them. I also don't want this review to put anybody off checking out the tangle teezer products as I know for a fact that most people absolutely love them and they will obviously work differently for different people!

Finally a post that isn't published late at night! I've finally got my act together today and got round to writing this review at a decent time. I'm going out this afternoon to the gym and then to the hairdresser's which I'm so excited about. I absolutely love getting my hair done so I can't wait for it to be washed and cut and nicely styled (small minds!).

I also have to start packing properly tonight for my move to university this weekend. I don't actually get that stressed or worried about it until I think about how much I have to get done and how much of a change it's going to be which is when I start getting all anxious (arghhh). But I know I'm going to enjoy myself once I have everything sorted and once I've settled in. Then I'll be happy (I hope!).


  1. I recently got the Macadamia Natural Oil detangler and it's without a doubt the best thing for me hair ever, it just glides through with minimum effort and so much less breakage! Xx

  2. I used this detangler and agree that it doesn't do much! But I now have just the normal bright orange one and it makes my hair soooo soft! I recommend it!

    Great post:)


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