Wednesday, 5 September 2012

WISHLIST: fashionology

Wow, I haven't done a wishlist in a long time! I've sort of missed trailing through different websites and saving pictures of everything I could buy if I had endless money (slightly depressing thinking about it...).

Fashionology is one of those websites that sells really unique but totally wearable items and I believe I first looked at the website when I was starting out in the whole blogging world. I'm pretty sure the prices used to be cheaper and there were fewer items (if i remember correctly they actually had items they were known by). I am the proud owner of the silver small earcuff and whilst I don't wear it all that often, when I do I really love it. Unfortunately, because it's such fine metal, it can bend in weird shapes but it's easily fixable! Anyway, here are the things that I love and want at the moment!

silver rainbow aura bangle

rope bangle

thunderbird bangle

silver golden aura bangle

smooth bangle

lower armlet

upper armlet

triangle earrings

silver rainbow aura earrings

silver medium earcuff

silver rainbow druzy ring

silver thunderbird ring

silver rhodonite ring

silver golden druzy ring

silver black obsidian ring

silver lapis lazuli ring

silver opalite ring

silver above knuckle ring (small)

silver small ring

silver ammonite fossil ring

silver rough quartz ring

silver band ring

thunderbird necklace

amazonite casing necklace

lapis casing necklace

silver pyrite casing necklace

triangle necklace

blue sandstone casing necklace

rose quartz necklace

jade casing necklace

black obsidian casing necklace

I mentioned above that the prices have escalated but thinking about it now, I don't actually believe they've gone up that much. And to be honest, they're really reasonable prices for what they are. They seem of great quality (i love my earcuff and know that it will never break) and are absolutely gorgeous pieces. 

My favourites include the stone rings (each of them is really beautiful and i wouldn't mind seeing what they'd all look like put together in different combinations) and all of the thunderbird pieces (the bird emblem is so cute and i really like the blue stone addition).

Here is a quote from the 'ABOUT' page on the website that describes Fashionology and its background much better than I ever could:
"Rachel Duister started FASHIONOLOGY in 2009 while studying art. From when she was young she always had an obsession for art, fashion and jewelry and dreamed of having her own successful business. After always having difficulty finding jewelry that suited her style, the then 24 year old, started designing and crafting her own jewelry, working mainly out of her apartment in Rotterdam. It wasn’t long before her designs caught the attention of stylists and bloggers and eventually her obsession for jewelry expressed itself into starting her own distinctive jewelry line. Starting her jewelry line from scratch Rachel and her team are now working from the Fashionology studio in Rotterdam.

Self-taught, Rachel derives inspiration from nature and different cultures, which results into eclectic, ever-changing handmade jewelry with a bohemian vibe and a dark twist from time to time. She blends precious and semi-precious gemstones, like turquoise, rubies and quartz with organic materials such as wood, rocks and fossils to create her unique pieces. Rachel loves to travel the world in her constant search for new inspiration and new materials to incorporate into her designs. Her personal perfection is reflected in the craftsmanship of each piece. Handcrafted in The Netherlands or in Fashionology's atelier, her jewelry is not only beautiful but also durable and comes with a warranty."   

I don't know what else to say about these stunning pieces of jewellery apart from please go and check the website out! As I write this I have just remembered that with my ear cuff I received a free anklet (one that i still wear today) and it just goes to show how lovely Rachel is. I really think she deserves all the publicity she gets and I only wish to increase the amount of people who check out her stuff.

  1. Glasgow open day was absolutely lovely today! The weather was gorgeous and I've fallen in love with the university. It's definitely going in my top 5 and I only wished that I could have spent more than just one day in Glasgow. The only downside to the day was getting up at 5:30am to get there on time (not that that happened, ended up missing the first talk) but apart from that, the day was really enjoyable.
  2. Whilst planning all my blogposts for the week, I've come up with a possible name for an Instagram/end of the week type post so I think that should be up on my blog on Sunday :)
  3. Hopefully another blogpost coming your way tomorrow! I'm coming straight home after school so granted the lighting is on my side (it should be...) it'll be on my 4th Latest In Beauty box!
Not much else to let you guys know about so after the longest day I've had in a while (actually arrived home at about 7:30pm), I am shattered and cannot wait to climb into bed! Hope everyone else had a lovely day and is having a lovely week (only two more days until the weekend!).

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