Sunday, 23 September 2012

sunday sum up DOUBLE: weeks 2 & 3

silly cat with seeds in his fur/school photo day.../best dinner ever; bacon butties/whole lotta goodness in the form of a chocolate block/finally acceptable to wear my dinosaur onesie again/snuggles with toby/nap time!/first ever taste of cheesecake; raspberry ripple flavour - delicious!/brilliant mug for my friend/feeding the 5,000 with a loaf of bread/pigeons pecking at my feet/me and my duck friends/not a very nice cheesecake; millionaire's shortbread/toby being a baby because he was wet from the rain/birthday letter from my local mp!/the large amount of books i need for my history coursework.../birthday yogs/gorgeous and yummy cupcakes for my birthday/dinosaur birthday banner/birthday fun with pippa in the minibus/dinner at the alchemist/really cool menu/yummy goodness!/this cake is why my friends are better than yours/the most beautiful necklace i have ever received/a justin bieber snapback/cute dinosaur cupcake/look what's back in the shops; snow bites!

You can all blame too much work for no posts this past week. I know it always seems to be the excuse but it is the true answer. Every night last week I stayed in school after school had finished, apart from Friday (more on that later...), which shows how much I had to do. Then when I got home, I'd carry on. So overall, last week was pretty jam packed with homework, coursework, revision and EPQ - not fun at all! I did try to post many times but I'd end up working until 11 at night and by that point I'd just want to be in bed.

However, on Friday, something else happened! My birthday is on Tuesday and I am going to be 18 (!) and unfortunately my mum wasn't letting me have a party so I just gave up trying, with the plan to do nothing for it. Little did I know, my parents and friends had all clubbed together to organise me a surprise birthday party (therefore the reason i couldn't have a party)! After school two of my friends took me out to our local frozen yoghurt shop as a distraction (not that i knew) so my mum and our other friends could 'set up' to surprise me! We walked home and I was incredibly shocked when I walked into my living room. There were cupcakes, a dinosaur banner and lots of photos taken. I was then told that I needed to dress up, including heels, for the next part of my surprise night. A minibus arrived and we drove into Manchester for a gorgeous girly meal at a place called The Alchemist. The food was amazing and I'm already looking forward to going back! After this I thought we were just going to go home, eat cupcakes and wait for everyone to be picked up. But oh no! I got home and my mum told me to go into the living room again (by now i kind of knew something was happening). The lights were off but suddenly a load of our other friends jumped out! It was utterly crazy and I'm still so overwhelmed by everything. The night was wonderful and I really did celebrate my birthday with the best of friends. The party was mainly dinosaur themed (including my present - dinosaur finger puppets) which was thoughtful of my friends as they know I love dinos and the present I got off my friends was bdolutely beautiful.

Yesterday I was uploading birthday photos on Facebook, looking at ones I was tagged in and sorting out what people had left at my house (silly friends). But after that I was doing some history coursework which was thoroughly enjoyable... My parents and I did get a take away, though, from Pizza Hut and ended up with a whole extra pizza as they got the order wrong so that's in the fridge for later on this week (the amount of pizza i have eaten recently is ridiculous...).

Today was spent at work (fun fun fun) on one of the worst shifts yet but I'm now home and much happier. I'm currently watching The Big Fat Quiz Of The 90s which is hilarious but going to bed soon (i'm shattered!).

Unfortunately posts this week are going to be hit and miss again as I've still got a lot of work to do and it's also my birthday so a few shindigs for that to attend. I'm really hoping to do some more posts but I don't want to promise anything as it's all very uncertain right now.

However, I hope you've all had an amazing weekend and that this week is just as lovely (fingers crossed it won't be too tiring or boring) :)

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