Thursday, 13 September 2012

batiste dry shampoo - fruity & cheeky cherry

When I started my blog I never thought I'd be writing a post on dry shampoo but whilst recently reading a review on Lily's blog about the Batiste Brit (she's also posted about the xxl volume dry one), I thought that it would be okay for me to do the same.

I'm not a big dry shampoo user, I've only ever used it at festivals (this particular one i'm blogging about today is the one i got for v festival and leeds festival this year) but yesterday I used it for its proper reason, to get rid of greasy hair. On Tuesday night I didn't have time to properly wash my hair but it didn't actually look that greasy so I wasn't that bothered. However, waking up on Wednesday morning, my hair wasn't particularly lovely. I was going to leave it but then I remembered I had some dry shampoo so why not use that? And I don't know why I don't use it more often...

This product is amazing. Obviously there is the problem with it being white/grey so it shows up very clearly if you don't rub it in properly but that's honestly the only flaw that I can think of right now. I tend to put my hair into sections where I lift parts of my hair up and spray it into the roots (if that makes sense...). I then rub it all in by lacing my fingers in my hair and fully rubbing my hair. It messes it up a little but than can be easily sorted. As soon as I rubbed it in yesterday I could see a difference. All shiny parts of my hair were matte and there was no signs of greasiness at all. My hair also had a lot more volume too it. Usually the top of my hair is flatter than the bottom, which is wavy (sometimes frizzy, grrr) and thick. So this added a nice texture to the top and I think made my hair look really good. I can't recall my previous uses of dry shampoo so don't really remember what they smelt like, but I doubt it was as good as this one. It really is fruity as the bottle suggests and at first I wasn't sure what exactly the smell was but, surprise surprise (please notice my sarcasm), it was cherries! The scent of cherries isn't really something I smell that often which is why I couldn't recognise it at first but after a while it finally came to me. The smell lasted all day which was great. Any time I touched my hair and brought my fingers to my nose, the scent was still strong and lovely. I really can't recommend this enough. I don't know why I haven't thought about dry shampoo before and have a feeling I'll be using it a lot more often. Any time my hair needs a bit of a boost or some 'sorting out', I'll  be grabbing this. I'm definitely interested in trying the other types as well so keep a look out for any other reviews in the future!


  1. Too much work and too little time meant no post yesterday so apologies for that. I did want to post about this but by the time I'd finished my homework, it was too late and I was too tired.
  2. Not much has happened these past two days that is of any significance and I doubt you guys really want me to go into the details of my school lessons...
  3. My parents went to a local restaurant last night that's owned by Simon Rimmer and he was actually there so they went along to meet him. They said he was lovely and they had a nice chat. My dad also met the England goalkeeper and got his autograph which he was very chuffed about! It kind of felt like my parents were having more of a social life than me and they got in very late last night so this morning I had a stern word with them ;)
  4. Luckily no work in for tomorrow so having a bit of a break (although i do feel a little guilty about it) but this weekend's going to be pretty jam packed with homework. I am, however, very much looking forward to posting everyday so fingers crossed I can make that happen!
This is the first post in a while that I haven't needed to say 'goodnight' at the end of. Finally an early-ish post! I'm currently watching the 2nd series of An Idiot Abroad and I hope everyone else is having a relaxing evening. Tomorrow is Friday so if you're feeling a bit gloomy, think about that! :)

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