Thursday, 6 September 2012


I haven't done a Latest In Beauty post in a very long time but I have had a box to post about - I've just never got round to doing it as other posts have taken priority. However, here is the fourth one of these very simple samples boxes that I receive! Two of the products I am really excited about trying as they are ones that I need (praying that they work...) and the other is something I've never used before but liked the sound of it.

My first sample in this box was the Super+ By Dr Nicholas Perricone Bright Eyed Flawless Eye Cream. Eye cream is a product that I've constantly seen adverts for but never thought I'd need. I still don't think I need it that much but occasionally my eyes can become really puffy and look quite tired. Therefore, why not try out this eye cream to try and brighten them a little bit? Bigger and brighter eyes are something I wish I had and I know I'll never have them permanently but why not try and give the illusion that my eyes are what I want them to be? I'm actually pretty excited to try them now that I'm writing about them and the little description on the back of the packets is really cute; I'll be sure to include it in my full review!

The second sample I chose was the Ginvera Blackhead Remover (at least i think that's it's name...). I'm not entirely sure what it is as it's been so long since I ordered it that I've forgotten it's proper name! The front of the packet claims that it 'removes blackheads in 1 step' and personally, I think this is an over ambitious aim. Having suffered from spots and blackheads most of my teenage life, I've tried many many products over the years and none of them (i really do mean none of them) have gotten rid of blackheads in one step. This means that I'm very sceptical about whether this is really going to live up to what it says it'll do but I've got my fingers crossed as I'm still looking for that dream product that does get rid of spots in 1 step (i highly doubt we'll ever have one but here's hoping!).

Final product(s) are from the brand Elemental Herbology. I received 3 items - the Cool & Clear Facial Cleanser, the Facial Glow Radiance Peel and the Soothing Oil Free Facial Hydrator SPF 12. All of them sound amazing and I honestly, genuinely cannot wait to try them out. These have got to be the only samples from a sample box (glossybox included) that I have actually looked forward to trying. I'm not sure what order I'm supposed to use them in but I reckon it's the cleanser, then the peel and then the hydrator (which i assume is like a moisturiser). I can't wait to review them and if things go well I'll hopefully be buying the full sizes.

Finally, I thought I'd include some pictures of my kitty, Toby. Whilst I was taking pictures he decided to come and join me so I couldn't pass up on the opportunity (silly thing never sits still) to get some cute photos!

  1. First full day back at school today and boy was it tiring... Luckily had two frees but it was still hard work! I do believe, though, that it was a very productive day, overall, which makes me feel very good. I just hope everyone else had a lovely, productive day (they really are the best aren't they?).
  2. My hayfever has made a very unwelcome visit to my body today. It suddenly started at lunch and whilst walking to my fourth lesson my eyes were streaming and my friend couldn't stop laughing at me. My nose has been running all afternoon/evening but I'm just hoping it ends soon! The most annoying thing is, is that I didn't have any hayfever all summer (only a few hours cold now and then) and now it's just come when I start school, urgh!
  3. Had a lovely walk home in the sun this afternoon and pretty much as soon as I got in I went and took the photo's for today's post. After that I had a catch up of Lily's posts before doing some homework (fun fun fun!). I was going to go for a walk (or maybe a cycle...) to pick up some frozen yoghurt from my local shop but it got too dark so I watched some Gossip Girl instead.
Now watching Celebrity Juice before off to sleep. If I'd have finished this post earlier I would have gone to bed to do some reading (haven't read a book in so long that it upsets me) but that would be in an ideal life...

Again, I really hope everyone's had a lovely day and it's Friday tomorrow! Anyone doing anything interesting for the start of the weekend? :)

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