Monday, 3 September 2012

may 2012 glossybox

Another late glossybox post but I only have 3 more after this! I really want to get through them in time for the September glossybox arriving (i got the payment confirmation e-mail today) so please bare with me!

The May glossybox was an anniversary one as it had been a year since their first box was released which is pretty exciting. I hopped on the glossybox bandwagon a little late and my first box arrived in July. After that my subscription was cancelled until November when it started again and I've received a box every month ever since.

Whilst the colour of the box was the same, the packaging inside was themed and it was very cute! However, less descriptions and more pictures!

How cute are these?! Glossybox included a nice little compact mirror (it actually feels of really good quality as well. unlike the usual flimsy freebies you get) and a birthday balloon! 

I've never heard of this brand before but it really stood out to me when I opened my box for some reason. A bath and shower gel is always useful but the name 'Summer Rising' is the thing that caught my eye. Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end for me so I'm a bit late to use it in the right season but nevermind! The scent is very 'perfum-y' and quite unlike the normal bath/shower product smell but I like it. A slight problem is that it is a very very strong smell but I think used in water, it will die down a bit (hopefully!). I'm quite interested in looking at more products from Noble Isle so I'll let you know how the search goes.

Whilst catching up on reading the blogs I follow, I came across a post on Kate's blog about the Lolita Lempicka 'L'Eau en Blanc Eau de Parfum' (link!) and instantly fell in love! I don't know if it was the pictures on Kate's blog, the way she described it or the shape of the bottle that attracted me the most but I knew I definitely wanted to try it out. Therefore when I reopened this box I was excited to see these two samples in there. Not only was there the 'L'Eau en Blanc' but also the normal (i assume it's the normal/original - the inside of the sample says 'Le premier parfum de Lolita Lempicka') 'Eau de Parfum' too. I wanted to try and spritz some in order to give you guys a sense of the scent but I just attempted to get some of the 'L'Eau en Blanc' sample out and nothing even came out. The sample isn't even full either (barely half way!). However I can smell it a bit and it is a nice smell. Not my favourite but tolerable. I think it's quite floral but also very soft. Had some difficulty with the other sample too but when I finally got some out, I much preferred that one! It's a completely different scent and much stronger. I think if I were to buy a full size, it would be of the purple one.

Whilst I would never pick this product out for myself (don't even know what it was to be honest, it's all in other languages), I thought it was really nice as in my first box I got a Weleda product (no one probably cares except me...). Looking at the box and some of the German (5 years learning the language may finally come in useful!), I think it's a night cream or something. I can't say I'm excited about trying it out but I'm sure a full review will come up in the future...

Eyeliner is one make up product that I have a lot of but never use. I think it may be to do with the fact I don't know how to apply it properly or in a way that makes my eyes look good. Usually it turns out wrong and makes my eyes look smaller. However, I feel like I should experiment more so this product may be the perfect opportunity to do that. I don't own a brown eyeliner so this could be my golden product - something that suits my eyes! I also like that it's Collection 2000, a brand that I've used before and I'm happy with. 

Now I'm a little sceptical about this product. Whilst I was excited to see another HD brows item in my box (i missed out on the eyebrow palette), this is probably not for me... There is a slight problem with the fact that I don't really have eyebrows. They are thin, light and barely need attention. Therefore a 'brow beater' is not something I really need and when I had a little go today, it did absolutely nothing... Ah well, I'll probably still do a review before passing it on to someone else.

Ahhh, finished. Sometimes I find glossybox posts hard to write as I don't always know what to say about all of the products but I think this one went well. As with all the samples I get in my sample boxes (glossybox and latest in beauty), I intend to do full reviews which I quite look forward to doing as using the products in more depth should be interesting.

  1. Today was my last day of summer before back to school tomorrow (slightly excited, slightly not). I spent most of it just relaxing around the house and doing random stuff which was okay. I was going to go on a bike ride to my local Staples shop but my mum offered to drive me this evening so I missed out on a McDonald's too (ah well). However, I still went on a bike ride but it did not go well. I wanted to cycle to a certain point but about 3/4 of the way there I suddenly felt sick/faint and my mum said I might be having a panic attack (lolz, so totally over the top...) so had to stop at the side of the road which was slightly embarrassing. Anyway, managed to cycle home and picked up an ice cream on the way and when I got home I comforted myself with Modern Family episodes. I guess it just goes to show that I need to do more exercise which I suppose is a good thing. When my mum got home I finally went stationary shopping and stocked up for tomorrow (new stationary always makes me feel good :)). Then had an emergency staff meeting - not really emergency, I just didn't realise I had one so had to rush there. But I am now sat watching more Modern Family (actually the last episode of season 1; past two days well spent). 
  2. My Moleskine diary was delivered this morning but unfortunately I missed it so it's being redelivered tomorrow morning - I can't wait for it to arrive! Fingers crossed it's here before I go to school! Also hoping my Cambridge satchel comes tomorrow as well. I was assuming it would be here in time but it might not be. Ah well!
  3. As well as taking the photo's for today's post, I also took them for tomorrow's! Look who's being organised! I think it's a really good idea to do this - taking all the pictures for the coming week's posts on the Sunday. It'll mean I won't have an excuse not to post and will save me a lot of time on week days. I would have taken more today but I ran out of time.
  4. As I'm finishing writing this post, I've also finished season 1 of Modern Family. It's absolutely hilarious and I recommend to all, seriously!
For all those at work/school today, I hope it wasn't too bad and for all those going back tomorrow, like me, I wish you luck! For now though, good night! :)

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