Sunday, 9 September 2012

sunday sum up: week 1

finally wearing my rose gold kurt geiger shoes/dinner at tampopo/starters; prawn crackers/main; chicken katsu curry/sweetie/new dvds/desert; yummy cookies/first day of my last year at school/new moleskine diary/american sweets from a friend/drink from my childhood/first dinner back at school/treats from thorntons/film with friends/ridiculous alarm/glasgow open day/lunch at subway/gorgeous view in glasgow/another lovely view from the service station/bottle of milk and a cake/cute picture from instagram/another film with another friend

Sorry for no posts these past two days. On Friday, although I had a double free in the afternoon and came home, I actually had to go back to school to pick up some forms (that could've waited to be picked up tomorrow but stress = me cycling back to school). I then just sat about watching Gossip Girl and reading blog posts. Later in the evening I did go to the cinema with my friend to see Anna Karenina (amazing film by the way! gorgeous dresses and lots of romance. little depressing at the end, though, but still think everyone should go and see it!) but afterwards I couldn't post due to some issues. Yesterday I was working all day but had an earlier shift so would have posted but the issues popped up again. Today was a little less busy. I've been doing homework all day except to go and meet my friend for a chat in Costa then a little trip to a local farm shop with my mum. I've just had the most relaxing bath and now watching X Men: First Class (AMAZING film) whilst writing this post.

Not much else to say so I'll finish here. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the good weather. Until tomorrow (hopefully!) :)

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