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egypt haul

I was hoping to post on Friday or yesterday but I was just so busy that I had no time to take any decent pictures. But I've finally got round to doing a 'haul' of everything I got in Egypt. It includes a lot of make up and a few other bits and pieces that I thought I'd share with you guys.

The first load of items were things I got at duty free. I was treated to a few items by my mum but bought others with my own money. I went with the intention of buying some MAC products and maybe some OPI nail varnishes. I did get my MAC make up but unfortunately couldn't find any OPI colours that I liked. To be honest the selection was pretty poor. Instead I stocked up on some other brilliant stuff!

Number 1 of the numerous perfume purchases I made is the 4th fragrance of the new Ralph Lauren women's 'The Big Pony Collection'. The lady at the stand was really helpful and when I said I wasn't sure which one I wanted to get she showed me the descriptions for each. I then picked my 2 favourites and she let me have whiff of both. This was the winner! I'm going to do a full review when I've worn it a bit more but for now I'll let you know that it smells like bath products and flowers (as you can see, i really am bad at describing scents...).

This was actually bought on the plane but was still duty free. I think that if I'd seen this at the airport I would have bought this instead of a big one but I suppose having my favourite in a big bottle and then all of them in a small version is handy. I can use the mini versions for travelling and to test out each of the different fragrances. Also, if I don't like one of them, I'm sure I can give it to a friend or something as a gift.

The lovely lady who sold me the perfume also threw in this free hat for me. I could pick any colour/number I wanted but stuck to number 4. I'm not entirely sure what to do with it as I can hardly go out in a public wearing it without looking a bit weird. It was a nice gesture though.

Whilst at the desk I was looking at all the items on the counter and this one caught my eye. I've seen them before and always thought they were a good idea but never went about to invest in one. So when I picked one up to have a look at, the woman at the till asked if I wanted one. I um'ed and ah'ed about it and as she showed me all the colours my temptation increased. However, my luck was in and I didn't have to buy one! The lady could see I was unsure so put one in my bag for free! I can't wait to go travelling again so I can use it! Might have to get another though as I can never decided what perfume I want to wear and always have to have different scents for day and night.


Yet another perfume. This one was because I've actually run out of my other Benefit ones (Carmella and Bella - review on its way!) and needed another 'day' perfume. I've been meaning to get another one and actually knew which one I was going to buy but over time I forgot. I tried out all the others in the shop and settled on this one. It's a lot different to the Ralph Lauren one. It's much softer and very very unique. I actually haven't smelt anything like it before. I can't even tell if it's fruity or floral - I don't think it's either to be honest...

My very first Chanel product! Jesus the packaging is looking a little grubby... When I saw the Chanel counter in duty free I thought I might as well go and have a look because if I liked something, it would be the only time I could afford something (having saved up my wages to treat myself...). I wanted something simple and nothing too drastic. I usually hate it when the sales assistants come up to you and 'hassle' you but the one at Chanel proved very helpful! It's not that I've been looking for a new powder or anything (my Benefit one has served very useful in the past and i've re-purchased it many times!) but when I saw this high-end product staring at me, I just knew I had to ask the lady about it. There was another type of powder and from what I remember it was a little creamy so I decided on this as I would be putting it over my liquid foundation. She spoke to me in great detail about it and even helped me pick the best colour match (something i constantly struggle with). It's safe to say that I walked away a happy girl!

Eeek! If you know me well, you'll know that I do not have the money to spend on lovely expensive make up from MAC very often so when I do get some stuff, I get very excited! This lipstick and eyeshadow are from the Heavenly Creatures collection. I've been coveting some of the items for quite a while now and when I went into Selfridge's a few months ago, I tested out nearly everything on my hand (much to the sales assistant's dismay). I wanted to buy a mineralize blush as well but the colour I wanted was, unfortunately, out of stock. However, I settled on these two beauties.

I was quite new to blogging when this blush was released so I didn't really jump on the bandwagon and get it. I did, however, read all the posts on it and the posts about the event that most of the bigger bloggers went to so I knew that it was pretty special. I've always wanted a Benefit blush and always play with my friend's (she has every single one, so jealous! i also intend to increase my collection with all of them...). When I was at the Benefit stand, I initially didn't know which one I wanted to get but this one stood out to me. I'm about to admit something that may alarm people (some may think it's a sin...), I don't own a blusher. Therefore I wanted to choose carefully when picking one. I think this one is great as it's not just one colour but four that can be mixed together. I really can't wait to try it out properly!

And finally some new mascara! I have 3 of the Maybelline ones and a Model's Own one (which i love so much) and they have lasted me for so long but the Maybelline ones seem to be running out. I plan on restocking them when I have some spare money but for now I wanted to try two new ones. I had a play with the orange one in South Africa as my friend had it and I really liked it. There was also a deal on in Boots (2 for £10) so I couldn't pass down the opportunity to get the purple one as well.

This picture is of all the sponges that the Chanel sales lady gave me. My mum was talking to her about the best way to wash the sponge, that came with my powder, and she said there was no point washing it. Instead she said throw it away and get a new one. And voila! Here are 6 new spare ones ready for use when my first one gets grubby! It just goes to show that if you just talk to the sales assistants, they can be really nice and friendly.

These next items were things I bought in Egypt itself. No beauty products I'm afraid, just souvenirs!

apologies for having to tilt your head...
I found this gorgeous little jewellery box in the gift store at the hotel we were staying in. There was a bigger version but I thought this smaller one was cuter. At first I didn't know what to use it for but have decided to put my earrings in there. They used to be on a big pin board but it was just so much effort getting them off it that I never used to bother with earrings. Therefore this box has proved very handy and whilst I have to search a bit to find matching pairs, I think it looks really nice on top of my drawers. Also, how lovely is the design?!

And finally, some stuff from Hard Rock Cafe (one of my favourite restaurants in the world!). Ever since I can remember, my dad has always brought me home a badge from each Hard Rock Cafe restaurant he has visited so I couldn't pass up the chance to get my very own from the Sharm El Sheikh restaurant. Over the years, I have also adopted many of my dad's Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts and thought, instead of constantly stealing his, I may as well just buy one of my own (i'm even wearing it now!). Last is the free (technically paid for with drink) glass I got. With some drinks (e.g. cocktails, smoothies) you get a free glass and I got the hurricane one with mine! I don't think I'll use it again as it's too pretty so it'll just stand in my room.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got whilst on holiday and hopefully another post coming your way tomorrow. I think it'll have to be on another glossybox, probably May's, as I want to get through them before my September one comes!

  1. If you read my last post you'll know that I got my hair 'did' on Friday. I had a deep conditioning and a cut. Honestly, my hair has never felt softer. The treatment I had was actually called 'botox for your hair' and simply involved two shampoo washes with a special conditioner left to soak into your hair for a period of time. Then the conditioner is washed off and you can blow dry as normal. Obviously I had mine cut first but when I'd finished I couldn't stop touching my hair. It was lovely after having to deal with dry and disgusting hair for so long!
  2. Also in my last post I mentioned that I was going to a 60's themed birthday BBQ. My costume was very full on but everyone who was there seemed to love it which was great! Here's a photo for you guys to enjoy:
  1. (sorry, it didn't continue on from the numbering above the picture) Today I went to the Trafford Centre with my parents to do some sixth form shopping as most of the clothes from last year are really worn out/have holes in them. My dad treated me to some really nice stuff that I'll be sure to share on here. I'll probably take the pictures tomorrow and post on Tuesday. 
  2. Also whilst we were there I managed to spend £60 in HMV on DVDs. I got the first series of The Midnight Beast's show, the first season of Modern Family (i saw an episode on the plane back from South Africa and found it hilarious), the third season of Gossip Girl (i watched the first two seasons this summer and have been waiting to watch the next episodes for a long time!), X-Men First Class and 21 Jump Street (i couldn't turn down the chance). My dad also treated me and my mum to dinner at Tampopo which was lovely (recommend the restaurant to everyone).
  3. Going to buy stationary tomorrow (wooo, one of my favourite types of shopping!) on my bike which should be a little adventure and may try and sneak a McDonald's in. Also going to attempt some school work but apart from that I'm going to do another post (as mentioned above).
  4. Back to school on Tuesday so tomorrow is my last full lie in and last free day for a long time. And on Wednesday I'm going up to Scotland to Glasgow for the university open day which should be interesting.
But enough of my life for now! I really hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend before the new week starts. Also hope your week is enjoyable :) Until my next post!

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