Wednesday, 1 February 2012

something quick and not interesting...

Hey everyone! Oh gosh, 10 days. It's been 10 days since I last posted and all I can say is that it's due to the same old excuses. School work has been getting on top of me and I've had a lot of end of unit tests, recently, in almost all of my subjects. I've also had to do a first draft of some coursework and other homework. I've also got a tap exam in March and I currently know none of the dances in my grade so I've had to up my classes to 4 a week and of course, I have other things to do like seeing my friends, Brownie meetings, family stuff etc etc etc... I had planned to post on Monday and I would have done if my phone hadn't practically broken. In the morning, my phone (i have a blackberry *cough* shitberry *cough*) offered to update everything (all my apps, software, etc) in a bundle so I clicked okay but it all went downhill from there. I ended up being on the phone for at least 3 hours on Monday night and unfortunately I lost all my contacts and my memos (which did include all the blog posts i wanted to do so i've had to try and remember all the things i wanted to post about). As well as my life outside the blogging world, my 'blogging' life is pretty hectic. I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on so I'm hoping to get them read and done soon-ish. I want to say that I'll post tomorrow (my next post is going to be on two pairs of boots that i got a few weekends back) but I actually have a book club after school and probably won't get home until late and I also have homework for Friday (wahhh) so I shall try very very very hard to do a proper post soon but I don't want to promise anything.

To keep you entertained until my next post, here is a picture of me in my dinosaur onesie:

Enjoy! And I hope everyone is alright :)


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