Wednesday, 18 January 2012

puravida bracelets

I first heard about these bracelets when Lauren Conrad tweeted about them and of course, I wanted to have a look because I adore her fashion sense. The page she linked people too was the charity page of the website which made me think that Puravida bracelets were purely based on raising money for different charities. However, they are not exactly that but if you read on, you'll find out what exactly they do! I also mentioned these in my post yesterday and said I would be doing a separate post on them, so here you go!

i really loved the stamps on the envelope my bracelets came in and being the clumsy and reckless person i am, i unfortunately ripped one!

So I can't seem to get onto the Puravida website which is really annoying but the link is in one of the above pictures so I'm sure you guys will be able to search for it yourselves.

'Every bracelet purchased helps provide full time jobs for local artisans in costa rica'. Now who doesn't like contributing to charity whilst buying some gorgeous bracelets? As I said before, Lauren Conrad's link took me to the charity bracelet page and unfortunately, most of the bracelets raised money for American charities and whilst that's amazing for them, it would be pretty pointless for me to buy bracelets for charities I don't really have any connection too. However, I kept scrolling down and found the Breast Cancer one (the pink one) and the orange one which raises money for an animal charity (i can't remember exactly which one but it's an American one and i just had to get it because i am completely against animal cruelty and it means a lot to me). These two were $5 dollars each which was completely reasonable to me. But as I was trying to 'checkout', the website told me that the minimum amount I had to spend was $20. Very cheeky if you ask me. Anyway, I was a bit disappointed as I didn't want any other charity bracelets and I didn't realise there were any other types. But after a bit of random clicking and fumbling about, I came across their other bracelets and decided on this blue one. These ones were a bit more expensive ($13) but I really wanted the charity ones so was willing to pay the extra and they come in lots of different colours too. They finally arrived after about a week and for some reason they were kind of 'sticky' when I got them out of the packaging. I think it's just because of the material they are made of and luckily, the sticky-ness has gone now but I was slightly confused by that.

Overall I do recommend checking out the website as the bracelets are really lovely and are for a great cause. I do think it's a bit cheeky/naughty to have a minimum amount of money you can spend though (even if it is a selling technique).

Sorry if this is a short and quick post but I am extremely shattered and can barely keep my eyes open right now. I wasn't going to do a post but I really wanted to get this one done tonight and share with you my finds. I hope you enjoy nonetheless!


  1. I'm surprised they have a minimum spend, that'd put me off (no matter how cute the product). x hivennn

  2. I like the last blue one, but yeah the minimum spend thing is a bit rubbish.



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