Saturday, 25 February 2012

no7 stay perfect nail varnish in pinky pure

So I've let the team down and have been slacking slightly on the blogging front. I haven't managed to do a post for you everyday of my holidays but the past few days have been spent catching up with friends/getting work done/sorting some stuff out with my parents so I haven't really had chance but I do have a quick little post for you now on some nail varnish I actually picked up before Christmas. 

(with flash)
(without flash)
(in the natural light/sun light)
If you go to Boots often, you will know that they often hand out £5 off vouchers for the No7 collection and I had one of these during my Christmas shopping trip to the Trafford Centre. So I popped along to see what I could get and the lady actually recommended some nail varnish because in the end it would only cost me £2 - bargain! I always love getting new nail varnish but I sometimes end up picking colours that I've already got so I went for one that I knew I didn't have. It was this gorgeous pale pink. I think I first started coveting a pale pink after I saw Zoe wearing one in her videos (i think hers was from topshop though) and thought it looked really gorgeous and girly. So Pinky Pure it was! I tend to contrast my nail varnish with my outfits so I thought tonight would be the perfect time to test the colour out as what I'm going to wear contains is all navy/black/grey so this will really stand out. I first noticed how good the brush was. It's pretty large so nearly covers the whole nail in one swipe and the handle (is that even what it's called? i'm talking about the bit above the brush that you hold to paint your nail...) is quite long/large so it's easy to manoeuvre. I'd say the colour is quite pigmented but you need a good few coats to get a nice opaque colour. Overall though I was really happy with the colour and I think it'll look brilliant in Summer with a tan or in Spring as it is a pastel colour. Obviously I don't know about chipping as I've just put it on but I will put a little 'addition' to the bottom of the post tomorrow to let you know how it got on. I also really recommend No7 nail varnishes. I first tried them out when a friend of mine bought me a set of 4 for either my birthday or Christmas (i can't quite remember) and I really loved them but then I never thought about buying another colour full size so I'm glad I have done now!

ADDITION! There was no chipping at the end of the night which was great and only minor signs of wearing on the tips of the nail on Sunday but only on my right hand as that is the hand I use the most. Chipping has started today but to be honest, I think it's pretty good going considering what I put my hands through in a typical day.

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