Sunday, 19 February 2012

january 2012 glossybox

Wow, I haven't done a Glossybox post since last July. I have had a few more boxes in between that time but I just haven't got round to posting about them. I wasn't actually going to post about this one as I got it a while ago, anyone else who has received the box has already blogged about it and the February boxes have already been sent out so there should be another Glossybox post in the near future. But ah well, I thought I'd share my two cents with you anyway! Just a quick note, the weather today is GORGEOUS where I live and I took the pictures in my usual spot on the windowsill so the light is pretty bright in the pictures. I hope you enjoy though!

My first product this month was an Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner in the colour Powder Pink. I've never thought about buying beauty items from Eyeko but I know it's a highly praised company so it's great to receive a full sized product from them in my box! I love the colour as well as it's not one I would usually go for. I've had a try of it and it's very soft and brightens my eyes up greatly! I'm looking forward to doing a full review for you and maybe get another colour.
The point of Glossybox is to introduce you to beauty brands that you are less likely to have heard of so it is nice that they do live up to their aim and I did receive 3 products from 2 different brands that I'd never heard of this month. The first one was this Moisturizing Balm from Davines. It's a 3 in 1 product as it can be used on the face, hair or body. I'm very interested in seeing the effect it has on my hair as over the years, my hair has become very dry and the amount of split ends I have has steadily increased, unfortunately.
Another product from Davines. This is the Authentic Cleansing Nectar. I believe that this is a hair and body oil shampoo (that's what it says on the back of the bottle) but I think I'm more likely going to use it as a sort of soap in the bath. I may give it a go as a shampoo though as it seems the right consistency. Ill let you know how it goes though! (you can see the whole range there)
My fourth product is the FAB Gentle Body Wash and is another brand I've never heard of before but I am interested to try. I'm always on the lookout for a new cleanser or a product that will help my skin as I really do have bad skin so this was nice to get in my box. However, I've already read a post about the January Glossybox where the person who wrote the post got this product and they didn't speak very highly about it. But I'll definitely give it a go - I just hope it doesn't cause havoc on my skin.
Now, I have heard of this brand before, just never ever thought about buying something from them. But I definitely think that the Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer (Dewy Finish) is a great starting product. I've never used a primer on my face before as I've never thought I've needed it but I really do want to give it a go. However, I don't actually wear make up much anymore, only on special occasions as I want to try and sort out my skin but when I do next wear foundation, I'll give this a try. One thing I'm unsure about is the fact it's a dewy finish. I already have quite oily skin so I don't know if this will just make me look more shiny. Hopefully not!

So I know this post is really late but I hope you liked my opinions anyway! I'll definitely do individual reviews on each product and a post on the next Glossybox. Also, I hope you can see that I'm managing to do a post everyday so far and I'm really hoping it will continue!

Today was just a typical Sunday in my household. Nice and relaxing. This morning I made some Easter cupcakes (picture here, from my Twitter) and then this afternoon my parents and I went for a walk to this big park near us called Dunham Massey. It's a really beautiful place to go for a walk. Afterwards we popped to a little farm shop and I got some giant belgian milk chocolate buttons and let me tell you, they are divine! I've had my dinner (not a sunday roast, however, instead some sweet and sour chicken, NOM) and so now I'm just watching Fantastic Mr Fox! The first time I've seen it and I really really like it so far! Anyway, here's to a good week!

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  1. Looks like you got some great stuff! I've used some of davines hair products and I really liked them. But it's a pretty expensive brand (at least over here).

    Have a nice week!


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