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LUSH valentine's day products

So today's post is going to be on the Lush products that I picked up last month for Valentine's Day. I haven't had chance to try all of them out, unfortunately, but I'll let you know what they are, what they smell like and other things like that. I'm aware that Valentine's Day was two days ago but this is the first time I've had chance to properly sit down and make a post. I hope you enjoy though!

I thought I'd just include the bag that I got last year when I bought some Lush goodies from London during the Valentine's Day period. Unfortunately when I went in the shop this time they didn't have the cute bags but I'll keep this one as a 'souvenir'!

a million kisses - £4.95

So, the first product I picked up was the 'A Million Kisses' lip tint. When I went into the shop the guy who had come to help me (now, is it me or are the people in lush extremely friendly? being the socially awkward person i am, it can be kind of intimidating, i'm not going to lie...), told me that all the ladies working in the shop that day were wearing this lip tint and I have to admit, their lips were looking a lovely shade of red. So I popped it in my basket without really trying it and it was only whilst taking these pictures that I really tested it. The results are brilliant! The colour is SO pigmented, it's of a creamy consistency and the smell is to die for! When I wiped it off with a face wipe, it didn't all come off (long wear time, wooo) and the smell stuck with me for ages. I believe it is supposed to smell like roses but I don't particularly like the smell of roses so that was a positive for me and I think other smells are very strong in this. I'm honestly so rubbish at describing smells so I don't know what to say but the first thing that comes to mind when I smell it is cherry (my mum also agreed with me when she smelt it).

leap frog - £2.75

"Drop this verdant frog into a nice warm bath, lower yourself in and relax in the bright green water for a sensual, soothing and surprising bath time!"

I missed out on buying one of these beauties last year so I was very excited to see they had come back again this year! I think it is extremely cute and such a nice twist on Valentine's Day. I really can't wait to use it in a bath and for it to hopefully turn my bath green but then again I don't want to use it! Ahhh, choices choices! It's got a very 'fresh' smell and a very typical soapy scent. Whilst looking on the website I read that it is supposed to release smells of jasmine and I think I can smell it a little bit but it's not very strong. I also read that although you search 'Leap Frog' into the website to get to the link, they are changing the name to 'The Frog Prince' which is why my packet says that.

love potion massage bar - £5.95

"A love perfume scented massage bar to enjoy with your other half. Simply melt the bar between your palms and massage liberally into the skin."

I actually got to try this in the shop and the guy made it look so easy to use. It made my arm so soft and creamy and lasted for a long time after I'd left the shop. Even when I pick it up now it melts slightly and makes my fingers oily. Luckily, I don't really suffer from dry skin but my elbows and knees can get quite dry so I think I'll definitely use most of this bar on those specific places. And on my feet as they do need pampering quite often! This smell is quite fruity (mostly citrus and apple according the website) and reminds me of shea butter which is always pleasant. I really really like this product and I'm really looking forward to using it more. It's also making me want to try out some of the other massage bars available.

magic mushroom - £2.45

"A fairytale mushroom for a magical bath, scented with strawberries and vanilla cream. Crumble under the running bathwater for soft, scented water mountains of fragrance foam."

Again, I think this is another product that has been around before and I was very interested in trying. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be glittery but mine isn't very sparkly. Hopefully when I use it in the bath, there'll be more glitter inside! Again, it's got a fruity smell and the website says the main scents are strawberries and vanilla, making a strawberries and cream combination which is what I think I can smell. 

sweetheart hand and body soap - £5.16 (right, i can't find the price on my receipt and i can't find the link on the website...)

"Soap is sexy! Luxurious jasmine, mandarin and vanilla soap for silky soft skin."

I've never tried soap from Lush (strangely enough - i have bought some, it was the limited edition japan soap that raised money for the the earthquake but i have yet to use it...) and so I'm excited to give it a go! It's a gorgeous colour which, you know, isn't the most important thing but it's a nice addition. Like the label says, the smells are very vanilla-ry and the mandarin is quite strong. I can smell the jasmine slightly but I think the smells will really come out when I use it in my baths (as with all the other products).

On the way out, I also picked up the newest Lush Times. I really like this newspaper as it gives really thorough descriptions of their products and gives everyone an insight into how popular items are made. In this issue, there is also information about the products for Mother's Day and Easter which I am hoping to get my hands on too!

Back on the Valentine's Day theme, quickly, there were other products that I would have like to try but they were quite expensive and items that you would usually buy as gifts but I'll let you know the other products that were available:
  • their new fragrance, 25:43
  • love bug (which was actually a knot-wrap that included one of the products that i'd actually bought, i just really liked the fabric wrap)
  • do knot disturb
  • p.s. i love you
  • lots of love
  • chou chou...i love you (i'm not sure if i'd have actually tried these but if anyone knows what they are like, i'd appreciate your opinion)
So that concludes my Lush Valentine's Day products post. If anybody else got to try anything out, please link below or if you have any opinions, I'd love to hear them! I'll also be doing individual reviews on each of the products in the future so look out for them.

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  1. Great pictures! I picked up a few except the soap. I cant wait for the easter collection!


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