Monday, 6 February 2012

these boots are made for walking...

So this is the first proper post I've done in a while and I want to apologise for the very 'cliché' title but i couldn't think of anything else. Today's post is about two new pairs of boots that I was treated to; one pair was to replace the pair of Russell & Bromley Chelsea boots that I wore to school as they were killing my feet and the second pair is some Dr Martens that I have been wanting for a long time (i used to have a pair as a baby so it's so nice to have some now i'm a teenager!).

These are my new GORGEOUS Topshop boots. I've been wanting a pair of boots from Topshop for so so so long but every pair I've wanted have either been too expensive and/or have had too high a heel for my school uniform regulations which has sucked big time. But either way, I went into Topshop to have a look anyway and spotted these beauties. I think the wooden heel is such a nice twist on the classic Chelsea boot. They are very very comfortable and I do have pretty wide feet so it's nice to have shoes that don't *squeeze* them in. They are pretty expensive but when I bought them there was 20% student discount so it was nice to take advantage of that. This is the only link I could find and it's for a brown version of them but I really like the brown version too! I may have to get them too to take with me when I go on my school trip to South Africa (which i am EXTREMELY excited about - i've already started thinking about what clothes i want to get/wear/take with me!).

And now for the bad boyz! I think this is the link for the pair I have although there are two links for the exact same pair on the Office website with only 1p difference so I wasn't sure but I basically have the classic matte black pair. I LOVE these shoes to bits but I understand that they are not to everyone's taste nor do they suit everybody. When I tried them on in the shop, I couldn't get over the bounce and how 'springy' I felt in them. Then the first time I wore them out they continued to be really comfy but the second time I wore them, the worst thing happened, I got blisters! My friend who has them said that she got them too and she just had to bear it and wear them in so I think I'm just going to do that. Again, they are a pretty expensive pair of boots but I managed to get some student discount on these too.

I've finally managed to do a proper post! I've been wanting to do one for so long to get myself back in the blogging mood! I hope this post encourages you to spoil yourselves on a new pair of boots as no girl can have enough pair of shoes!

I hope you don't mind that this was quite a short post and full of pictures but I'm going to go and finish watching Playing It Straight (if you don't watch it, you really should, it's so good!) and then watch Skins (as everyone has been saying, it's not as good as generations 1 + 2 but worth a watch). I'm also going to go and read the blogposts that I have to catch up on so if I follow you and I start commenting on really old posts, it's because I haven't read any posts in a LONG time!


  1. Ooh, loving the Topshop beauties you've got there!
    I've heard that Doc Martens can be quite uncomfortable to wear for a while, good luck breaking them in, though! xx

    1. love the topshop ones! are they comfy?xo

    2. yes! very very comfy! and i can really comment with confidence because i wear these boots to school and when i'm there i have to walk around 3 different sites but luckily my feet do not suffer in any way!

  2. I love both of these boots! They're gorgeous! I actually need new boots myself! Have a nice week and a lovely Valentine's Day Beth! :D


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