Monday, 27 February 2012

max factor lipstick in ruby tuesday

Hey everyone! Today's post is on some free lipstick I got with Special K. I don't know if you know but the brand often have offers on their products where there is a code on the inside of the boxes and all you have to do is enter it into their website in the hope of being a 'winner'. For example, in their cereal boxes there are codes to win a Nails Inc nail varnish in red of course. I got this lipstick, however, with their 'Red Berry' bars. I don't know how many boxes I went through but I finally won after a while and I was ecstatic! Who doesn't like winning? 

why do you do this to me blogger?! i'm sorry guys, it went this way of its own accord.

I just wanted to point out before I start the review that if you notice any redness/rawness around the corners of my lips on the pictures it's because I think I've had an allergic reaction to something. Unfortunately I think it's the lip tint from Lush but I'll have to wait and see. The colour is Ruby Tuesday and it is absolutely gorgeous. I've been wanting a purely red lipstick for so long but haven't found one anywhere that has been the right shade of red so I was really happy when I won this one. It's very soft and moisturising on the lips with a matte finish so obviously it's good to wear some Vaseline underneath as it does fall into the creases of your lips (which is noticeable on my lips, woops!). It's very pigmented too and you get full cover even on one swipe across the lip which is brilliant! I wouldn't say it has very good staying power and when I have worn it out it hasn't lasted the night at all. However I do tend to lick my lips a lot so that might be why. Anyway, I really do think the colour is amazing and makes your teeth look so much whiter which is always a positive! I don't really have much else to say apart from that I do recommend it for the colour and the texture because it's really lovely but there are probably other lipsticks out there that have better staying power. I also want to recommend having a go at all competitions you come across because you never know if or what you might win! I know I'm going to have a go at winning a Limited Edition Nails Inc nail varnish with Special K! 

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