Tuesday, 17 January 2012

post christmas spending PART 1

For today's post I thought I'd share with you some of the things I bought with my Christmas money. The things in the post were mostly bought with the money I received for Christmas (with one exception which you will understand by the end of the post) and I'm going to do another post on the stuff I bought with some gift vouchers I got once I've spent them (which may take a while because I really can't decide what to spend them on!). 

I've been needing some new underwear for an unbelievably long time so whilst in Marks & Spencers, returning a skirt my grandma got me for Christmas that I, unfortunately, didn't like, I looked in the sale section. I saw these and decided why not spend my gift token (that i got in return for the skirt) on these? Sooo I did! I absolutely adore M&S bras and they're such good quality. The fact that the pants sort of match the bras is completely coincidental. It wasn't done on purpose but it is nice to have relatively matching underwear.
rose bra - £8.00
spotty bra - £7.00
spotty knickers - £5.00 (my receipt actually says i paid 1p for these but i'm sure i didn't...)
rose knickers - £5.00
(all marks & spencer)

I cannot remember the last time I bought a pair of pyjamas which probably tells you how much I needed some new pyjama bottoms. I've wanted some of the 'classic' ones from Jack Wills for a long time but let's be honest, they are ridiculously expensive. I then went on to love a pair from Bedroom Athletics and I did put them on my Christmas list. However, I'm quite glad I didn't get them for Christmas as this pair is just lovely! I haven't worn them yet but they seem very comfortable and I assume that if/when I leave them on my radiator and then wear them to bed, they will keep me so so toasty!
pyjama bottoms - £10.00 (marks & spencer)

How lovely are these? Again, something I needed. I have a pair of fluffy pink bed socks that I have worn quite literally to death and the bottom of them is slowly disintegrating so a new pair was definitely on the cards! There was the choice between these or a bright pink pair but I definitely prefer this colour. I tried them on tonight and I love them! They are very very cosy and I know that I've probably missed most of the cold weather but I shall look forward to wearing them next Christmas!
bed socks - £7.00 (marks & spencer)

Who doesn't love a new purse? Purses and bags are my weakness. My parents always joke that I could open a bag shop, I have that many. But I'm growing a big love for purses. I really like big ones that have lots of compartments so when I saw this one last Wednesday whilst shopping with a friend, I knew it was perfect! It's got a gorgeous design on the front and I love the fact that the coral contrasts with the black. There were many other purses in my local River Island that I could of bought but I restrained myself to just one. This one. I transferred all my cards and change to this new one today and I got such a buzz. It's an unhealthy obsession...
purse - £17.00 (river island)

It was inevitable that I would buy a new bag with my Christmas money. This is the bag that pretty much every blogger has and that is, in fact, where I first saw it. It's a fake Rocco but to be honest, I'm not complaining. A designer bag is something I will probably never have so making do with a fake is fine by me. I absolutely adore the bag and I love wearing it out and about! I'm not going to go into too much detail about it as I want to do a 'What's In My Bag' post soon where I will show the bag in all it's glory!
bag - £30 (an ebay seller. i can't remember which one but there are lots)

Ah, definitely my favourite purchase. I usually get a calendar every Christmas but this one was different. This year I had to buy my own! I ended up leaving it quite late so a lot of the 'good' calendars were gone and I know I'd seen others before Christmas that I probably would have bought but I'm quite glad they weren't there as I found this one. Ever since I was a child, I've been obsessed with Where's Wally?. I have all the books and have completed them all at least once so to have a calendar where each month you have a different picture and different things to find, is exciting! I've already completed the January one as I tried to avoid revision which was not necessarily a good thing as I'm now very excited for February!
calendar - £5.00 (waterstones)

If I follow you and you've ever done a foundation post/review, I will more than likely have commented on it saying how I need a new foundation. BUT NOW I HAVE ONE! Yipeee! I've needed one for god knows how long so I was ecstatic when I finally bought one! The ironic thing is, however, is that I've decided not to wear make up unless I'm doing something important such as a party, a meal, seeing friends etc. So I don't actually need a new foundation. I don't wear it to school or dance or at home (to the misfortune of all those who see me during those times). However, when I do wear it (which has been a total of 2 times this year - how good!), I absolutely adore it! I want to do a proper review on it once I've used it more so look out for that. I'd also just like to point out that I had to go for the lightest shade (02 - Alabaster) which is horrific! I mean I have nothing against pale people, I just can't get over how pale I have gotten. I used to be so tanned and now I'm white and sort of glow. Plus I don't think it helps that I never wear fake tan. Ah well, I shall have to embrace it.
foundation - £15.00 (£10 from my boots gift voucher, £5 from Christmas money)

I also bought some Puravida bracelets with my Christmas money that will be coming in their own post tomorrow which will explain everything about them. And the remainder of my money will be spent on some of the LUSH valentine's goodies. Unfortunately last year I completely missed out on them but I'm hoping to get them nice and early this year to be able to give them a good go!

I'd finally like to say how much I love the new replying system on the comments! I only used the button for the first time today whilst replying to Niina and I loved it! I'm so happy Blogger got it sorted as I really struggled with working out how to reply to people who commented on my posts. And I'd just like to say to whoever has/will commented/comment on posts, thank you! I love reading what people think about what I'm writing and what people think about my blog!

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