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models own products from clothes show live

Hello everyone! I am back in the blogging world after my momentary break. I had my last A level module (until Summer, urgh) on Wednesday morning and I am now free from revision! Ahhh, it feels good! So, my first post (as i have so many to do) is a quick post/small review on the products I managed to pick up when I was at Clothes Show Live last year. If you're interested in what I got up during the day, then you may like to look at this post and I also have a post, here, on all the goodies I got.

I have been wanting this colour for so long. I heard about it years ago, way before Models Own was really well known. Obviously the name completely captured me, 'Beth's Blue' and then seeing the colour, I was satisfied. I never managed to get my hands on a bottle, however, as I didn't visit the website often and obviously, no drug stores stock it. So when I got the chance to buy it at Clothes Show, I jumped at the chance! This was one of the products I was allowed to pick and I'm very happy with it. It's just the most gorgeous pastel blue and in some lights it looks slightly lilac-y.

This is the second nail product I picked. When the 'smash-up' nail polish craze came about I was a bit late on the bandwagon and never got round to purchasing a bottle to try it out. So, this was another great chance for me to try something I'd always wanted to try out! I didn't want to go for the typical black so I thought gold was lovely. I have yet to perfect it but I really do love it and I think it will be nice to use for just an accent nail.

The third product I got to pick was yet another nail one! And of course it was yet another one I've wanted to try out for a while. I've always admired blogger's who create such gorgeous art on their nails and unfortunately, I have a very unsteady hand so I'm hoping that this pen will be perfect for me and maybe one day I can have a go at doing leopard print nails!

So this is the first 'free' product I got in my goodie bag (all of the 'free' ones weren't chosen by me, they were random ones - some i really love and others i'm a bit unsure about). I never used to take care of my nails, I would just take off my old nail varnish and go straight ahead with putting new stuff on and as a result, my nails suffered big time. They were brittle, thin and chipped all the time. But after some tender love and care, they are slowly recovering so this lovely tool will hopefully get my nails back on the road to recovery. I've already been using it quite a bit and have seen a lot of improvement in my nails so I really do think everyone should get something like this!

5. Lipgloss in Red Hot
Now this lipgloss resembles the one I got with the Diet Coke offer (for more information, look at this post) and I will admit that the colours are very similar but when comparing, I found that this one was in fact more sparkly and lighter. The consistency is quite thick and I have a feeling it'll  be very sticky but it's just so red that I don't mind and I can't wait to be able to wear it out!

This is one of the product's I was a little unsure about when I first saw it in my bag. It's a very daring colour and not a lot of my make up goes with it. I'm also not sure I'd be brave enough to wear it. I still don't know when I'd wear it but I'll keep it just in case I need it for things like dance shows or halloween costumes. I didn't find the eyeliner very creamy compared to all the other pencils I have either so I think I'll have to 'wear it in' a little but hopefully I'll get some use out of it.

i don't know why it's gone this way, it's just blogger turning the picture round which is annoying.

I feel the same way about this colour as I do about the orange one. It's not something I'll be wearing very often but I can guarantee something will crop up where I need a neon green eyeliner.

This eyeliner was not something I would pick, personally, but thinking about it now, I could definitely get some use out of it. More use than the neon eye liners anyway. I do actually have 3 glitter liquid eyeliners from Barry M and I love them so having a purple one (i don't have one in this colour) in a pencil form is lovely. I really don't like the consistency, however, as it's quite scratchy (which is probably due to the glitter) and doesn't go on very easily. When I was doing a swatch on my hand it sort of crumbled slightly and came out in bits on my hand. I'm sure that's probably because that was the first time I've used it so it will hopefully get better with use.

Who doesn't need more mascaras? I do actually have a lot of waterproof mascaras but none of them do what this one does. This mascara lengthens and separates all my eyelashes like no other. I've never used a brush like this before. It's very sturdy and the bristles are made of a strong plastic but I really really love it. I used it last night when I went to the cinema and then put another mascara over the top of it and they just looked great together. I couldn't recommend this mascara more and I have a strong feeling, it will soon become one of my favourites.

Oh I do love an eyeshadow. I tend to neglect buying eyeshadows when I'm near make up counters and focus on lipsticks and nail varnishes so getting 4 (yes, four!) eyeshadow products in my goodie bag was a god send! I absolutely love the colour blue but I find it hard to use blue make up easily. I have this blue cream eyeshadow thing (sorry, it's really hard to explain) that I used to use all the time when I was younger but I kind of stopped using it after a while. However, I think this eyeshadow plus the old one would look amazing together!

Another lovely eyeshadow in a really nice, practical colour that I can't wait to use in a smoky eye! The only slight issue is the fact that, like the glitter eyeliner above, it was slightly scratchy and there were a few clumps but I quickly got rid of them by rubbing them gently under my fingers.

I'm not entirely sure how these two colours go together as when I tried to mix them on my fingers they formed a sort of grungy green/grey colour but I'm sure if I have a proper play with it, I'll form something nice. The colours are a khaki green and black and they're matte. They're not very pigmented, as you can see, but they're very soft.

This is definitely one of my favourite products from the goodie bag! It is the most gorgeous eyeshadow duo with two lovely colours - a darker sort of khaki green with gold sparkles and a bronze with silver-y sparkles. I've not tried them together yet but I am so looking forward to the next time I go out so I can try it out. They are also very pigmented which is always a bonus. 

Now this lip balm will go perfectly with the lip gloss I got. I think over the top would be better and I'd definitely use it on its own too. I wouldn't necessarily call it a lip balm but it would definitely constitute for a lip gloss. When on my lips I don't think it's very pigmented but I really do love it.

The final gorgeous item I got was a pink lip balm that actually comes out clear on my skin/lips. It is very sparkly though and not very sticky which I love! I think this would look lovely over the top of a matte lipstick if I didn't want a matte look that time. Oh I just can't wait to use it as it's such a cute colour!

So, 15 products for £10? I definitely think that was a bargain! I also love that I got a range of different types products (i.e. not all eye products or all nail products). I can't wait to get properly using everything and I'm very happy with everything I got. Also, whilst getting links for the post, I have found so many other products that I really want to get so I definitely think everyone should go and check out the Models Own website!

And before I end the post, I wanted to show two more pictures of my lovely little kitty, Toby. He really likes coming and sitting me whilst I take pictures for my posts and I thought you'd like to see my little companion.

A last little thing - I've done a bit of tweaking to my blog layout and now my pictures are much larger so I hope you can see things more clearly now!

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