Wednesday, 4 January 2012

when santa paid me a visit...

This post is a little later than I expected but revision has literally become my life recently. My exams will be over in a week and I do hope to get at least 1 more post in before then but blogging should resume as normal after then!

I'd also just like to start by saying that this post is not to show off to everyone everything that I got for Christmas (as i know a lot of people have been getting hate for it) and that is purely because I know I like reading posts like these (and have heard a few other bloggers saying they like them too) so wanted to share with you guys how lucky I was this year. I'd also like it to be 'inspiration' for others when they need to buy people presents. And another thing, if you've done a 'what i got for christmas' type post then please link it below!

A range of giftcards which, to be honest, are one of my favourite types of gifts! I've already spent the Boots one on some foundation that I shall be including in another post. I also got a skirt from my grandma from Marks & Spencer but I unfortunately I didn't really like it so she gave me the receipt and I got a gift receipt in exchange. This was also spent pretty quickly on some underwear and sleepwear and they shall also be in the post with the foundation. 

I'd never actually seen anything like these before and when I opened them I just couldn't get over how cute they were! They were off one of my oldest friends and I really don't want to use them as they're just too sweet!

These gorgeous earrings and bracelet are off some old family friends and I LOVE them! They always get me such gorgeous jewellery from brands I've never heard of and these are no different. They're from two separate stores that are new to me but I definitely want to look into them! I'm wearing the bracelet now as it goes with my other fabric bracelets that I wear everyday. 

This was a present that I'd actually put on my Christmas list so I'm very happy that I got it! I'm a big fan of Dannii Minogue and miss the days when she was on X Factor and when she had her own TV programme on ITV2 so when I saw this book in Tesco, I really had to get it.

Benefit's Bad Gal Waterproof Mascara. This is just the loveliest mascara. It's not my favourite as it makes my eyelashes quite thin but underneath another mascara I have, they are the perfect combination! I got this off two other old friends and it was a lovely little surprise to open on Christmas morning,

I've never seen a bracelet like this before nor owned one like it but when I saw it, I was interested. It's pretty bulky and so I think it would have to be worn on it's own but I think it would be okay like that. I haven't quite worked out what I could wear it with but I'll let you know when I do!

This was another item on my list and I was so so so excited to open it! I first smelt this gorgeous perfume when I found a sample in an old copy of Vogue or Elle or something and instantly fell in love! It's so fresh and grown up (for me anyway) and I've wanted it for a while now. Everytime I've been in Duty Free I've walked past it and thought about buying it but never actually gone ahead and purchased it. But now it's all mine, eee!

I can't remember when I first heard about Yankee Candles but when I did hear about them, I knew I wanted one! I kept going back to their website and thinking about which one I wanted and what size I would get etc. The only problem was, was that nowhere near me stocked them. Optimistically, I put one on my list in the hope that my mum would magically find a secret store. And so she did! (don't all mum's do that though, find the thing that you simply cannot find?) Anwyay, I was so happy with the festive choice of scent and I've lit it almost everyday now. My room just smells devine!

This was something else that I really really really wanted for Christmas but doubted I would get. Some Liz Earle products. Ever since joining the 'blogging world', I have heard nothing but praise for the products and the wonders they do to your skin which made me lust so badly for some of her stuff. Unfortunately, being a teenager, still in Sixth Form, with no job, this stuff was not affordable. I did tell my mum about it though as I thought that maybe she'd understand how much I wanted this stuff and let me tell you, did she answer my prayers or what? I got 3 products (the names of which i cannot remember right now except the Hot Cloth Cleanser but the other two were a tonic and moisturiser if that helps?) and they came with a little instruction leaflet on the order to use them and how to use them. I've only been doing the routine for about a week now so I can't comment fully on the results but they really do seem amazing already! My skin is looking a lot better (i am prone to spots/blemishes etc so this is exciting for me and i haven't worn make up since the start of the year - sounds dramatic huh? - so i don't know the full effects but i'll be sure to inform you) and feels smoother so I'm hoping this may be the miracle cure for me!

Of course I couldn't go a Christmas without some Lush products. I didn't actually ask for these but my mum knows I lust after them so it was very sweet of her to get them for me. The first 2 are masks and Cupcake is my all time favourite. This'll be my third pot so I can comment properly on what it's like. I do have a review coming up on it so look out for that! Catastrophe Cosmetic is one I've seen in the stores but not one I've bought before. I believe it's targeted at teenage skin so I'll be looking forward to trying that out. Then the gift set is the Red Secret Santa (i believe there's another colour too?) with the Snowcake Soap and the Lil' Lush Pud Bath Ballistic. Half of the bath bomb has been used in the bath with some interesting thoughts on it coming up in yet another review I have planned for you guys.

I think this is one of the best gifts I got this year (safe to say as i've not taken it off since) as it was a complete and utter surprise. A few years ago, the Thomas Sabo 'craze' went around my school with a lot of people getting a bracelet. I admired from afar and as much as I did want one, I wasn't going to ask my parents for one as it wasn't a necessity. However, last year for my mum's birthday, I bought her a bracelet (not this particular one) and every time we went to the stall to look at the charm's for her, I pointed out which one I would get if I could. I wouldn't call it hinting but I think my mum caught on and she bought me this one and this charm. I know Becky got one too and I really love her Snowflake charm. I also have a Pandora bracelet so I can't wait to build up my charm collections for both!

This was a really interesting product that I got. It's off my cousin (who's much older than me) and it's called The Sparkler. It's from The Body Shop and according to my cousin, she'd been wanting to get it for me for a while but it kept selling out. It's a powdery substance in a bottle and when you press the pump at the top of the bottle, a gorgeous coating of glitter falls on where you spray it. It's for all of the body and I did in fact try it out on my arm the other day. I kind of forgot about it so I can't say how long it lasted or anything but it's a really sweet idea. Unfortunately, I kept pressing the pump when the stopper thing was still on so pressure built up and when I opened it one day, it went everywhere (and i mean everywhere!) and so a lot of it's gone but I'm sure I'll still get some uses out of it! The second picture's supposed to show you the effects but you can't really see unfortunately.

This cute little bangle was off my grandma and it's very sweet. It's silver with red rhinestone type jewels around it. I haven't got a clue where she got it from but I know I'll get plenty of uses out of it as it's so simple and could probably be worn with anything.

Aha, this is a jokey present off my mum. My family and I love the 'compare the market/meerkat' adverts and so this was a nice little private joke for us to share. I think now, though, I have the perfect excuse to get the others and build up a meerkat family!

I've needed a new camera for a long time now as my old one was literally dying so this wasn't really a surprise for me but I enjoyed opening it nonetheless. I'm still getting to grips with it but it's such a lovely camera. It even has the computer programme paint on it and I had a lot of fun 'drawing' on a picture of my cat so I know I'm going to like it!

Some great boxsets which are another of my favourite Christmas presents! There's Monk - Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. I first saw Monk years ago on holiday in Greece and then last year in Crete I became addicted again so my dad was a real sweetie to buy me this. Downton Abbey - Season 1. I saw an episode of the second season a while back and knew I had to get it to see it's greatness from the start. I've already watched it and I've already planned on ordering Season 2, I enjoyed it that much! Sex & The City - Season 1. A classic. How could I not ask for it? An Idiot Abroad 2. I fell in love with Karl after my friend Lottie (who has the exact same sense of humour as me) recommended it to me and after watching the first season over and over again, Season 2 was a must for me.

This was something I was interested to try out. I haven't been on my Wii in a very long time so I thought if I got a new game for Christmas, it would re-spark my love. And oh my, this game has done just that. On Christmas morning, there I was, dancing to hits like 'Mamma Mia', 'Voulez-Vous' and ' Money, Money, Money'. It's so fun and I have yet to become a pro but honestly, it's worth getting if you're a fan of Abba songs and like having a good time. It's a great workout too!

Phewph. That was a long post. I also got some money, LOTS of chocolate and a nail varnish kit (that i was going to include in this post but the pictures weren't working so i'm going to do a whole other post for that) which I love just as much. Please remember this wasn't a post to show off what I got, it was simply to share with you. And if you have any posts like these, please link me to them below!

Lastly, I thought I'd include a picture of my lil' kitty, Toby. He popped up to say hey when I was taking these pictures so thought I'd all share a picture of him with you.

I am now going to finally go to bed as I am exhausted from a lot of homework and revision. My exams are in a week and I really doubt I'm prepared for them but I hope all my notes will be done by then. I also have a lot of homework that is not nearly all done. Hopefully my teachers will be sympathetic with me for the fact I have been revising all holiday! Anyway, I'm back at school tomorrow so I should really be in bed!


  1. Aah, you got so many lovely things! Don't worry about the haters, most of us love seeing posts like this. And good luck in your exams! x

  2. Amazing gifts! Very lucky girl x

  3. that bracelet with the "B" on it is adorable! beautiful gifts :D


  4. I love ABBA, and that game is awesome, lucky girl!
    Morgan x

  5. Nice gifts, you're so lucky to get so many lovely things.

    Just found your blog now, following you now, I hope you'll stop by my blog sometime to say hey and follow me back if you like it :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x



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