Tuesday, 25 June 2013

kate moss for rimmel london | lipstick #01

I already have 3 lipsticks from Kate Moss' collection with Rimmel London (numbers 03, 08 and 12 - you can see my review of them here!) and a few weeks ago whilst I was in Boots and looking to buy some lipsticks after a rubbish day of exams, I bought a new one to add to my collection. I already knew how much I loved the formula and reckoned I'd pick out a classic red. It really is a lipstick I love and have been wearing a lot recently to test it out a lot so I hope my review encourages you to check out some of the Rimmel London lipsticks!

The first thing that I obviously noticed with this lipstick was that the colour was absolutely gorgeous. In the case it looks slightly darker than the normal red but when applied to the lip it produces a bright and classic cherry red! I feel that it's quite 'vampy' when necessary. The more layers you apply, the darker the red becomes and you can produce a much deeper red than seen in the photos. But, you can also wear just one layer for a simple red lip and that's another thing I like about this lipstick - it's versatile, you can create many different looks by just increasing or decreasing the amount of layers of lipstick you swipe on your lips. 

Like the other 3 lipsticks I've tried, the scent of this one is really nice. I know it's not an issue for some people but I know that others find the smell a huge factor. I can't quite put my finger on the scent but it's sort of fruity. The pigmentation for all of the lipsticks is brilliant as well, especially with this one. One swipe and your whole lip will be covered in a light red colour that looks like a lip tint has been applied to the lip (which makes it attractive for those that only want a light lip colour).

Application of the lipstick is very easy I find but it's also easy to smudge as it's just so creamy. I struggle anyway with dark lipsticks and usually find them smudged around my lips before I've even left the house. So this was tricky for me and a lip pencil would probably help but it's definitely not something that will put me off using it - I just love it! Another small issue I've found is that it can be slightly tight on the lips after application but a quick rub together of the lips will sort it out easily! It also clings to dry/rough patches on the lip but doesn't highlight them, if that makes sense? And a quick scrub/prep of the lips before use could sort this out. 

Now, the flaw of this product is the staying power... The first time I wore it, it had gone (completely) after 2 hours. Now I will admit that I had gone out for dinner so had been eating, drinking and chatting so it's understandable but it was a little disappointing. I also think that the creaminess of the product contributes to the lack of staying power. I suppose all it means is that it needs a regular top up. And this is what I did find when I recently wore it on a night out. I found myself constantly topping it up. Now I wasn't using a mirror so I may not have needed to top up but I just did it for my own peace of mind I guess. And it didn't really do any harm because when I got home I found that the colour on my lips was ultra dark and almost a plum colour which showed that if you regularly top up, it can produce a really lovely colour. 

The second time I wore it I also noticed how drying the lipstick is. I was in the cinema and during the film I could just feel my lips become drier and drier. I don't know whether it was the conditions in the cinema (e.g. the air conditioning), the fact I wasn't licking my lips as often because I didn't want to wear down the lipstick or just the lipstick itself? Therefore, I would recommend keeping a lipsalve to hand to apply under and over the lipstick to make your lips feel more moisturised. Also, after the cinema, there wasn't much lipstick left on my lips, just a sort of outline around my lips which again highlights how the staying power isn't the best. It is a little disappointing but I'm definitely going to continue to use it and recommend others to try out the lipsticks!

I really would say that this isn't like a lipstick that I've ever had before because all my other reds are much lighter and I like how this one produces a darker look over all. One little thing I've found with this lipstick is that this one isn't really one you can wear during the day. I, personally, find it too dark and it's much better for night time wear. However, it's certainly not completely off limits for day time use, I'm just not brave enough! 

So there we go, a very thorough review of my current favourite lipstick! Despite its few flaws, I do really love it and I definitely think I'm going to go and check out some more colours! I do have 2 more lipsticks that I'm going to be testing out and reviewing so keep your eye out for them!

I'm now off to get ready to head out and be pampered within an inch of my life! I actually have my Year 13 Prom this evening so this afternoon I shall be having my nails, hair and make up done. I'm super excited and can't wait to dress up! I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend (sorry for lack of posts, i was super busy and ended up sleeping for the majority of sunday...) and that this week doesn't drag too much!


  1. Such a beautiful red! Also, this is kind of odd, but I'm so jealous of your ability to take pictures of your lips. I'm horrendous at it.


  2. Red lipstick is my absolute favourite

  3. Wow, amazing shade.

    Lovely Greetz from germany.


  4. great shade!! :) I followed you. can you follow me too ?? :)


  5. Really lovely shade and it looks great on you!!

    Christina xx


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