Monday, 3 June 2013

SELFRIDGES THE BEAUTY BOX: summer beauty box

Now I'm pretty sure everyone in the blogging world knows of the popularity of beauty boxes and one of the best things about them is the surprise you get upon opening them. You don't know what you're going to get and it's all just a bit exciting! However, sometimes, the stuff inside can be a bit of a let down and you wonder whether this box was worth spending money on. That's why I was drawn to this box. It had a wonderful range of products from high end brands and I knew exactly what I was getting myself into! At £25 it wasn't exactly cheap but was a far better deal than what it all would have cost at retail price (£70!). So it's safe to say I was a very happy bunny when placing this purchase...

So these are the wonderful items I received. The box includes an Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer; Models Own Neon Nail Varnish in Bubblegum; Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray; Molton Brown Blissful Templetree Shower Gel; Caudalie Beauty Elixir; St Tropez Instant Glow Face Lotion; Jane Tran Hair Clips; Erborian BB Cream and Lancaster After Sun. There's also a St Tropex in store offer card but that's not really one of the products. Honestly, I was so excited to get this and I was actually pleasantly surprised with how quickly it did arrive. The link for this is here but unfortunately it seems to be sold out online. It may come back in stock but even if it does, you can get these products on their own and so I'll still be doing an individual review of each!

Back before I decided to cut all my hair off (eeek!) my hair was a struggle. I would only brush it after I'd washed it and it was always, without fail, knotty. Sometimes it was just unbearable and I definitely think was down to the fact it was dry and quite dead at the ends. However, now it's much healthier, it's not too bad and I've not actually felt any knots when brushing my hair. Therefore this may seem like a pretty pointless product but I'm definitely glad I have it! I've always wanted a Tangle Teezer and it seems like such a good idea for something to take to the beach/pool with you! My usual brush just wouldn't seem practical to carry around with me and I do find that my hair could do with a brush after being in chlorine/sea salt so this is great! I also love the colour as it's so bright and summery! Another thing is that this particular one is water focused and so the best one to put in a summer beauty box! I'm not sure what the function of the hole through the middle is, though, but I have to say it's overall shape is easy to hold and grip! Another, final positive, is that I can take this in the shower with ease - personally I like to brush through my hair with my fingers after putting in conditioner just to make it feel smooth but this would make life so much easier!

Now even though I'm a lover of Models Own nail varnishes, I don't actually own that many... I do have 3 glitter polishes that I love and the wonderful Beth's Blue (i just had to) but I rarely ever use them. Therefore this was one of the products that I was most excited about. I hope my pictures do it justice on how bright it is! It's from their Ice Neon collection and it's just made me want the rest of the colours! I think they're great for the summer weather - who doesn't love a bright nail varnish to get you in the mood for sun?! I don't actually own a polish this colour so it is a very welcome addition to my collection! Definitely can't wait to show you some pictures of what it's like on!

I've heard all about Bumble and Bumble as a brand and all their products sound really appealing to me. This was actually the first thing I'd heard by them and then their BB hair (un)dressing creme (which i also have my eyes on purchasing). In my younger teenage years I always wanted to create that flawless beach waves look. When I went on holiday and went in the sea, my hair automatically created the 'beachy, windswept' look without any effort or products. But since dying my hair it didn't do this and I need something to give it that 'oomph'. And, again, whilst my hair is significantly shorter and so wouldn't create the ideal long waves but I feel this spray would certainly give some texture! So I shall definitely be taking this, along with my Tangle Teezer, to create some effortless looking hair styles by the poolside!

I, honestly, have enough Molton Brown products to last me a lifetime yet I still don't use them... I don't know what it is but I think it's to do with the fact that their scents don't really appeal to me. They seem too 'fancy' and elegant for a simple gal like me to use! I prefer plain old fruity scents that I know will make me smelling lovely after I've used them However, this one has the most wonderful colour and I can't get over how much it looks like the sea, thus making me super duper excited for my holidays this summer! Plus I like that it has the word 'blissful' in its name and I'll be certain to used this when I need to relax after a stressful day! I also think this will give me a push towards using my Molton Brown products and really testing the brand out!

I remember when this product was released and was doing its rounds on the blogging world but I can't really remember whether it received positive or negative feedback or whether it actually works. I know it's supposed to work towards an improved complexion and generally improving the look of your skin so it seems lovely but I'm doubtful as to whether it will work. I like things I can slather on my face and really rub into my pores whether this is just a simple spritz and spray over my face. However, I am very willing to give this the benefit of the doubt! I do particularly like that you can use it over make up in order to create a gorgeous 'dewy' look. I'll definitely be giving this a go under my make up and over the top to see the different effects!

Fake tan isn't really my thing. I don't particularly like the look most of the time and I'm petrified it will turn out wrong (streaky, orange, too dark?!). However it does intrigue me and there is a part of me that would really love to just take the plunge and give it a go. I have in fact booked myself in for a spray tan for my prom later this month and I'm a little nervous about it but excited at the same time. But this Instant Glow Face Lotion included in my box means I can have a little experimenting on a smaller scale. I'm currently on study leave so I don't technically leave the house which seems the perfect chance for me to give it a go - if it doesn't go right, i won't have to see anyone! It's also wash off which is brilliant! On the other hand, when I opened this to see the colour, it sort of exploded a bit everywhere and the colour is very very dark! As always though, I'll definitely be giving it a go!
Little addition: I did in fact just squirt a bit onto the back of my hand and there doesn't seem to be a change in skin tone at all really. It does look smoother though and a bit more glowy which is a positive! I've also noticed that it has slightly stained my fingertips so definitely need to wash your hands straight away after using it!

I thought this was a cute little addition and would be great, again, for on holiday when you want to pin your hair back off your face. I like the colours as well and think they are very summer orientated. I haven't shown this in the picture but they're more of a 'grip style' clip rather than a 'clippy style' clip if that makes any sense at all which is nice.

I personally have never heard of this brand before. I believe it's an Asian brand and considering that is where the BB Cream hype originally began, I do have some high hopes for it). But, one issue I do have is that it claims to be 'total sheer' and this isn't the type of coverage I usually go for. I prefer heavier coverage as I don't have the clearest skin but on holiday, I definitely don't want heavy make up because I feel like it melts off my face in the heat. Therefore, I'm keen to give this a go on holiday to wear in the sun - the fact it contains SPF 25 is another brill reason to use it on holiday! I'm also interested to see whether it has any skincare benefits along with creating a 'baby skin' effect. I'll definitely be letting you guys know my views on it as it's my first BB Cream and so would love to add my own thoughts on the BB Cream hype!

Finally, this is a necessity for this summer rather than something I particularly wanted. Since I can remember my family have used either Garnier or Ambre Solaire after sun and it's done what I've needed it to so I've never really felt the need to look elsewhere for after sun skincare. However, this one looks exciting because it promises 'tan prolonging' as well as acting as a 'tan maximizer'. Personally I tan very easily but this tan also goes away pretty quickly which is very annoying because who doesn't love showing off their hard earned tans?! I think this was probably another of the most exciting products out of them all as I really want to see whether it does what it says which really would be wonderful!

So there's my little run through and overview of what is in the Selfridges Summer Beauty Box. I definitely think it's worth getting if you can get your hands on one or if one particular product takes your fancy - go for it! I can't wait to properly give each of these products a go either in summer or when I'm on holiday!

Sorry this post is a little later than expected but my weekend turned out a bit busier than little. I had a ridiculous amount of revision and then I was working yesterday but I'm back now! I had my first two exams today including my worst one so I'm feeling a bit more relaxed now. Unfortunately they didn't go as well as I'd hoped but I've just got to forget about them now and work towards my others! Well done to all those that have got through the revision period and good luck to all those, like me, who are still struggling through the revision. My way of getting through it is knowing that in 2 weeks I'll be free for summer! I also went on a little Boots splurge after my exams today so I'll be sharing my goodies with you soon! 


  1. oooh it looks like you got some great stuff! i can't live without my tangle teezer - such a life svaer!! :)

  2. This looks like a really amazing box! Love the models own polish

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  3. Ah I wish we had this in the states! I wouldn't be able to resist buying it! Let me know how you get on with the St. Tropez self tanner. I also have it in the same size and also posses the fear of using it.


  4. This is a really great post! Really want to try the pink models own nail polish and I want to buy a tangle teaser! Followed you via gfc xx

  5. wow, you got a lot of stuff! :) I really love the nail color- wish we had that brand here in the states.


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