Thursday, 20 June 2013

OPI care to danse?

So this is the second colour I picked up from New York Ballet collection when I was in New York. It's the purple shade from the collection and is one that I actually really love (despite my pre(mis)conceptions that it wouldn't be that good, which were based on the outcomes of the first colour of the collection that i tried - read my thoughts on 'my pointe exactly' here!).

Now after using the first colour and realising that this collection was based far more on sheer pastel colours, I was worried that I wouldn't get along with this polish at all. I will admit that it is sheer (as you can see from the pictures, my white tips still show through) but it actually produces a really nice finish compared to the dull one from the other polish.

The colour in the bottle is milky and this is transferred very well on the nail which makes it much more true to the colour in the bottle than My Pointe Exactly. I feel that it produces a sort of french manicure finish but without the defined white tip. The pictures have about 3/4 coats so that should give you an idea on the sheerness/opacity (whichever floats your boat!). It's super sophisticated and very subtle. I'm not usually supposed to wear nail varnish to work but I forgot to take this off last week and nobody even noticed I was wearing it! I know most people want to wear nail varnish to give an outfit a little extra something but this one is great for those who prefer to wear something more understated. In some lights it is lilac whilst in other lights it can show quite pink which I like.

The application of this polish was a little easier than the other, I felt. It was less watery and so it was better to produce 'thinner' layers thus making it less easy to smudge and more easy to add more layers to increase opacity.

One thing I did find with this polish was that it was quite easy to chip. I don't actually wear a top coat (which i know is bad) so it's my own fault but there was some pretty bad chipping. I only say this as a warning though as I feel that the more layers put on the nails, the easier it is to chip overall because the polish becomes brittle. And I guess this is a flaw of the polish itself as it's so sheer so needs the extra layers to add more colour. But a top coat would definitely help with this issue!

There you go then. My thoughts on my second OPI polish from the New York Ballet collection. Overall I must say that it grew on me during wear and I absolutely love it now. I often catch myself just holding my hands out in front of me and looking at my nails - it really is a sophisticated and mature colour. And it really makes a change from bright colours!

So yes, unlike 'My Pointe Exactly', I definitely recommend 'Care To Danse?'! I still have one last colour so that should be coming soon but I hope you enjoyed this review!

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  1. This is such a lovely colour, I'm really drawn to super pale polishes, and I like to use them after I give my nails a good sort out, as sometimes I like my tips to show through! I might have to give this one a go, thank you! :)


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