Monday, 22 July 2013

a groupon offer and a much needed update...

A while back, I was reading through my Groupon e-mails and came across an offer for a 120 colour palette for only £5.99. Let me tell you, when I came across this, I very quickly clicked on the 'View it!' button, I just couldn't pass down the offer. I think it could quite possibly have been the definition of 'bargain'. Unfortunately, the offer of just one palette had sold out by the time it came round to actually purchasing the palette but there was a chance for me to buy two for only £11 (still a bargain!) so I thought I'd get one for me and my mum.

Now just look at all those colours! Look at how gorgeous and wonderful they are! There is such a range of shades that I can't wait to start playing with them all and figuring out what looks I can discover! There's also a range of 'finishes' - glitter, matte, shimmer - which increases further, the amount of looks that you can create!

I would say the pigmentation is pretty average. Some are far more opaque than others and produce a gorgeous colour with just one swipe whereas others are sheerer and only provide a wash of colour. But I think that only adds to its range of use - for both day time (more subtle) looks and night time (more drastic) looks. 

And speaking of looks, I've just thought of an idea for some posts I may put up on the blog involving this palette... I'm off to Morocco at the end of the month and instead of taking a whole load of eyeshadows, I may just take this palette with me and see what looks I can make with this huge range of colours and then document them on the blog to show you how I get along and as inspiration, perhaps, for you guys? Just an idea and I'd love to know whether you guys would be interested!

Now I know you can get these type of palettes on Ebay but considering I was signed up to Groupon, it was only right to make use of its offer. And this is another thing I wanted to include in this post. Obviously, my main aim was to show you this palette and how much I recommend you popping onto Ebay to pick yourself up one but I also wanted to tell you to get yourself signed up to Groupon! At first I couldn't be bothered with it - the e-mails annoyed me and I didn't want to spend my time searching through pages and pages of offers to find one I actually liked. However when I actually began to read through the e-mails I started to find the rare offer I was genuinely interested in. Now Groupon isn't for everyone but for those of us who want to save a little here and there, I think it's worth it. It is annoying when you don't find any offers you want, but trust me, one will come along that you just have to snap up! And they don't just do products, they do tickets for days out, appliances for the home, electronic gadgets, even holidays! Another offer I purchased earlier this year was a 2-person ticket to an old historic hall near where I live which proved to be a great day out for my parents and myself!

I'm not being sponsored to say this, I'm just genuinely eager to get people signed up and to give it a go! You might actually find something you like!

Now for the second part to my post... The dreaded 'where have I been' part... Now there aren't really any excuses but there are reasons why I haven't posted. And here they are:
  1. Lack of motivation. I just haven't had the urge to sit down and write a post and there's no point me banging one out when it's half hearted and definitely not my best piece of writing. I have since had a good think about my blog and caught up on the bloggers that inspire me and now have a new 'mojo' (i hope...).
  2. I've been catching up on blogs. I really don't like posting a blog post when I haven't read all of the posts from the blogs I follow. I don't know why, but it's just my routine and what I like to do. So it's taken me a while to get through them but I'm finally back on track!
  3. Getting back into a routine. Since summer has gone on, I've slowly found myself doing absolutely nothing with my days and by the time my parents come home, I realise I've wasted an entire day. I notice that a lot of bloggers have 'to do lists' and 'routines' and I thought it was about time I started doing that myself. I figured it would get my butt into gear and actually make me productive. Today is the first day of my new 'organised' system and it seems to be working...
  4. I have also been busy with 'life' and have been spending time with my friends quite a lot. I've been to Wales on a big group trip and also to Turkey on a girl's holiday. It's been really nice to get out of England and just have a change of scenery I guess. I also had my 'senior' prom (basically the prom at the end of year 13) which was lovely but also strange to think that I may never see some of my 'peers' again... (sorry for the slightly 'morbid' thought - it's just part of growing up i guess!). I've also been working quite a bit as well, clocking up some extra days to get me through the summer.

So that's that, I don't think there are any more reasons as to my lack of posts apart from the fact life has been getting the better of me. I think I'm finally getting back into blogging so I hope you stick around with me! :)

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  1. Loved this post! Those colours are all amazing ahhh! Please check out our blog and leave a comment saying how you liked/disliked it! Would be amazing if you did.

    Rona and Laura x


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