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This is the second part of my Liz Earle Advent Calendar posts and I know I said I was going to post it on Monday, but I've been too busy relaxing and enjoying my freedom to sit down and whip up a post! I hope you don't mind! I am here now though and am going to tell you about all the amazing things (and trust me there's a lot - 24 to be precise! ;)) I received in the calendar. I'm not going to do them in the order I opened them in because I've completely forgotten, but instead I'll go through the order they are in in on the back of the box. I haven't actually used all of these products but when, and as, I do I'll give you my full thoughts. For now, these are just my initial thoughts.

Just a pre warning, this is going to be a preeeeety long post... I hope you get to the end!

Now I don't want to talk too much about these three products as I got another set of miniatures with my extra goodies (which you can read about here) and so I've already told you what I think about them. One thing I was quite happy with though was that this moisturiser was 'normal/combination' which is what I actually use so that was great. And I did mention in my previous post that I wasn't sure whether I would get along with the moisturiser for 'dry/sensitive' skin and I did try it this morning, and I don't think I'll be using it again. I already find the 'normal/combination' one quite heavy but the 'dry/sensitive' one made my face seem so oily and greasy which wasn't good at all. So I'll probably just give this to a friend or my mum.

Now the normal moisturisers are 'skin repair' moisturisers whereas this is a 'superskin moisturiser' which makes it sound so much more inferior to the former. Upon first glance I thought it looked really special both because of the name and the packaging (which is plain white unlike most of the other products from Liz Earle). However, upon reading the description on the back, I've come to realise that it is more aimed towards very dry and mature skin so probably isn't the best product for me. My mum, however, may benefit from this more. Now she doesn't exactly have what I would consider significant signs of aging on her skin but  hers is mature skin so I may give this to her to give a go! 

Now I've never used any oils or concentrates on my face as I don't want my face to look any more shiny than it is naturally! But reading the details for this it does say it is a night-time product and so I am intrigued to see what effects this could have. It claims to "visably plump, smooth and rebalance the look and feel of your skin" which sounds lovely as my skin does have its blemishes and is rather 'dull' so I'm excited to give this a go!

I don't actually use an eye cream and I'm sure my eyes hate me for it. Sometimes my eyes do feel very dry though and that they could just do with a boost. I also notice on some days that I have some dark circles under my eyes although they aren't actually that bad. So perhaps on those days where my eyes are look particularly dull I could use this. It also has SPF10 in it so I could definitely take it on holiday for those periods when I want to tan my face without sunglasses on. 

Again, I don't consider to have mature skin but I do have a few lines on my forehead that I am conscious of. They appear to look like wrinkles and I think it's because when I was younger I used to frown a lot (i think my eyes are really sensitive to the sun/light so even when it wasn't that sunny, i'd be frowning) and so they've formed some permanent lines on my forehead. Therefore, I'm intrigued to see what this will do to try and combat those pesky lines!

I think this is supposed to be used in conjunction with the the eye cream above (Daily Eye Repair) to help generally improve the appearance of tired eyes. It says that it will "soothe and refresh tired, puffy eyes" so on those mornings where my eyes are looking especially tired I can use this. And I will admit that my eyes can become very puffy sometimes and I tend to use hold a cold wet flannel to them but I'm sure this will work much better at soothing them!

Exfoliators are my favourite skin care products as I just love being able to feel them work, removing dead skin cells, lifting dirt and generally just refreshing my skin so I'm super excited to give this a go! I prefer to use exfoliators in the morning and then before I use a mask so I'll let you know how they go either way.

Masks are another of my skin care favourites. I could just buy so many different types but I think they can get a bit much for your skin. I have actually used the 'Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask' before (below) and I really enjoyed using it so I'm excited to give this one a go! I also like that it's a brightening one as my skin isn't anything special and I would say it was dull so I really hope this adds a bit of 'something' to my skin after using it! 

I have used a full size tube of this mask and I really liked it. I actually prefer the thick and creamy face masks that you have to slather on but I did enjoy this. Unfortunately you only really have enough for a thin layer so you wonder whether you've used enough but the smallest amount goes a long way! I use a small layer all over my face when I have a bath and then wash it off with a muslin cloth. I really like being able to feel and see a noticeable difference after using a mask and I definitely could with this. My skin felt smoother and looked nourished (which is what you'd hope when it's in the title!). I definitely recommend those that often have difficulties with their skin to give this a go!

Now, without sounding like I don't wash (i do!), I don't use a body wash. I know I should but I never feel like I need it and half the time I can't be bothered because I prefer to be in and out of the shower as quick as possible. But on the rare occasion that I do like to pamper myself I like something luxurious and because I will always think of Liz Earle as a luxury brand, I am looking forward to using this. It smells really fresh as well so could be good to use in the morning when you need a little waking up. 

This is the counter part body cream to the wash (above) and the fact it's 'nourishing' intrigues me. Like not using a body wash, I rarely use a body cream which I'm sure isn't too great for my skin. The only real moisture it gets is when I rub some Johnson's Baby Lotion on my legs after shaving (definitely recommend - it's cheap and works!). So I think using this will be a real treat for the dry parts of my skin (as i assume that's what the 'nourishing' side is targeted towards).

This was another item I got in with my extra goodies so you can check out my thoughts over on that post! But I did in fact just give this a go on my lips and it was exciting! At first I thought it was just a normal, smooth lip balm, but as you swirl your hand over the product, it melts under the heat from your finger and in it is small 'gritty' particles that will exfoliate your lips. However, unlike LUSH lip scrubs, you don't have to lick the sugar off your lips along with all the dead skin particles, instead the little bits seem to just melt away as you rub them over your lips! Very very cool indeed!

I thought I'd write about these two items together as I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be used together. Now I've mentioned before that my hands don't get that dry and so hand products for me aren't that useful. But there's nothing wrong with a little pampering I say! The hand wash seems very luxurious and when I took the little foil off the end a little bubble spurted out and even if it it's not very mature, it did make me giggle. The hand repair I'm not sure I'll get that much use out of but I reckon that like once a week I can slather this all over my hands before bed and let it work it's magic over night so I can wake up with super soft hands!

My feet, on the other hand, are super dry. Especially the heels and the balls of my feet and considering my job requires me to stand on my feet for hours on end, they can become very rough by the end of the week. Therefore, I am very excited to have some products that can treat my sore little tootsies! I particularly like this pair of products requires a good buffing and exfoliating of the feet to get rid of any dead skin and to make the feet a bit smoother and then to further soften my rough feet, there's a moisturiser! I can't wait to give these a try at the weekend after my shift at work!

I reckon this scrub is to be used with the two products below and I think they'd five a really revitalising and fresh experience! I think using a scrub would mean that you were getting an exfoliation, then the wash would mean you have a really good clean and the lotion would result in a soothing once you'd finished! I definitely think I'll be using these three together when I next have a shower to see how well they work!

The body wash and cream I've already written about were from the Orange Flower range whereas these offer a more 'energising' experience. I really think these are perfect for when you're feeling down and need a good 'pick me up' - for example, I'd use these if I was particularly tired in the morning or felt quite groggy (like when you feel grungy, if you get what i mean, and are really in the mood for a good scrub in the shower!). This even smells fresher than the 'Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash' which can only be a good thing! I'm sure the lotion will be just as wonderful too (although i now feel spoiled for choice on body lotions and creams!).

Now when I think of a skin care company, I don't automatically think, 'oh yeah, maybe they do shampoo and conditioner too!' so I was really intrigued to see what these two items would promise. I personally would hope that they would give my hair a really good deep clean. If all the other products can clean my face, hands, feet and body wonderfully, then why not my hair? Since cutting my hair, I haven't felt that it was particularly dirty, but the current dry shampoo I am using is leaving this powdery residue type thing all over my scalp which makes it feel like I have a ridiculous amount of product in it, even though I haven't actually used any? So I shall be interesting to see if this shampoo and conditioner can make my hair feel super clean again!

Fruity scents are my favourite. So I'm not entirely sure if I'll like these two offerings from Liz Earle. Also, the fact they're called 'Botanical Essence's' makes me just think of floral smells and so I'm not entirely sure I'm interested in them. But I'll definitely give them a whiff: No1 I actually like! Despite my preconceptions! It's a slight twist on the typical Liz Earle scent but is slightly spicy (i'm useless at describing scents!). I can't put my finger on the scent exactly but it's something I've smelt before! It reminds me of a sweet for some reason? It's ultra sophisticated so I'm definitely going to be wearing this in the future! So this just goes to prove that you should never judge a book buy it's cover (or description...). No15, actually contains 15 products which is very interesting. I won't share them all with you (i'll save that for a full review!) but it definitely means there is a lot for the nose to have a whiff at! This is much fresher than No1 and reminds me of a perfume my mum has... When you first spritz it, it's a little much but after just letting it to settle, I'm enjoying the scent! It smells a little like cleaning products at times but I do still like it! 

Well done for getting this far! If I could, I'd give you all a medal! Trust me, I'd quite like one because this was a tough post to write! I felt like I was just repeating myself the whole way through! But I really hope this post and my last one has introduced you to some Liz Earle products that you may never have heard of/thought of before!

I'm hopefully going to be trying out most of the products in the near future as a lot of them excite me and then I can give some more detailed thoughts on each of them!

For now though, that's all I have to offer. I do have another post coming up on my new feature for the blog which I hope you enjoy reading so keep your eye out for that!

Thank you for bearing with me whilst I've been finishing my exams and well done to all of us that have finished! Here's to a long and enjoyable summer! :)

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