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GLOSSYBOX PRODUCT #2 deborah lippmann mini nail varnish in razzle dazzle

The last time I reviewed a product from Glossybox was in August 2011 (!!!) so it's about time that I checked out another item! It's another nail varnish but from a different brand and this time a glitter. Before I got this in my box, I'd never heard of Deborah Lippmann so Glossybox definitely fulfilled their aim by introducing people to brands they may not have heard from! When I saw it in my box I was very happy as it's so gorgeous and the name is so fabulous - 'razzle dazzle'!

Now the pictures show the product itself, what it looks like opaque (with 3 coats) and after 6 days of wear (sunday to friday - so that you can check out the chipping of the product). However, it is all down to personal use as some people won't use their hands as much as others. For example, I use computers quite a lot every day and so typing definitely causes wearing. Also, I didn't use a top coat and I'm sure if I had they would have looked a little better maybe.

Anyway, onto my thoughts on the product! It really is a gorgeous glitter polish and the glitter particles are smaller than any others that I have used before which it makes it a much more subtle polish and therefore easier to wear daily than perhaps other glitter polishes. The overall appearance of the polish would suggest it is purple but when you look closer the glitter is actually pink. I think it looks purple because the liquid part of the polish is purple instead of clear. I think this helps a little when trying to build up some colour as well as it would seem that you wouldn't need as many layers. However, it is a very sheer colour and so you do need quite a few layers to get a nice opaque finish. I found that one coat is sheer and is wearable but it definitely isn't what I prefer. Two coats is a bit better but I put 3 on to be sure that  it produced a nice, 'full' colour and I loved it like that.

But, it isn't all hunky dory unfortunately. Now, this point might just be with me but I found it extremely easy to smudge. It tends to happen with most of my polishes if I'm honest and this might be because I apply them quite thick but I found it took particularly long with this one. I think it might be to do with the fact it was hard to get an even coat when going for an opaque look which meant I had to dab the polish onto parts of my nail which therefore made it thick and gloopy. Also, when it appeared to be dry, it unfortunately continued to smudge. Personally, this is just really annoying and makes me reluctant to try it (and any other glitter polishes from this brand) again. But let's be honest, I probably will go ahead and buy more! ;) However, on top of the drying issue and, again, like all glitter polishes, it was horrific to take off (i am still yet to find a method that makes it a whole lot easier - recommendations welcome!) which will make me avoid it for the time being but, again, with all glitter polishes, I suddenly get an urge to put one on so it's not like I'll never wear it again! And finally, I found that it was quite easy to chip but this was probably bound to happen as I always feel that glitter polishes are more 'brittle' and as a result, chip more easily.

In terms of elaboration on colour, it does produce different shades of pink/purple in different lights due to the glitter particles which is great because it's like 3 polishes in 1 or something like that! I feel that it is a very sleek and 'grown up' colour which is what I'm looking for in polishes now-a-days. I've also noticed that as well as the shades of pink/purple, it can appear black underneath the colour but it's probably just a deep/dark polish. I did also find that as the colour wore down as the days went on, silver glitter particles began to appear which was both bad and good. It was bad in that it wasn't the original colour anymore but it was good as it gave another 'dimension' to the polish.

I must admit, at first, I wasn't overly impressed BUT it really grew on me. Sometimes it looked light, sometimes it looked dark, but overall, it was really gorgeous! I'm personally going to avoid some glitter polishes from Deborah Lippman for a while but I'm really up for trying some other polishes from the brand. And having just popped over to the website, I'm particularly interested in having a look at the 'Romantic Rapture' nail colour collection as it just looks gorgeous! But to be honest, most of the shades look lovely! I'll also be interested in trying out some of the lip colours as well!

But that's all from me! I hope you've enjoyed this review and I'm sorry it's a little later than I said but I've been super busy! Yesterday I was in Sheffield all day and then I had two parties to go to before meeting some friends at a pub. I was also the designated taxi driver last night which meant I had to drop all of my friends off home before I could go home. As a result, I didn't get to be until about half 1/2 o'clock this morning and with a 5 hour shift today, I'm pretty shattered. But that isn't interesting at all so I'll leave you all be! I do hope you've all had a wonderful weekend though and that this week isn't too stressful for people!


  1. Deborah Lippmann polishes are my favourite. I have quite a few of the glitters.

    You need PEEL OFF BASE COAT! It actually changed my life a tiny bit, I love glitters but stopped wearing them because they were such a pain to get off. I found the base coat in a store here in Korea and gave it a shot and it's amazing!! You paint it on first, wait for it to dry then do your manicure on top. Any manicure, glitter or not. Then when you want to take it off you just pull up the edge of the polish and it peels off your nail, so easy!

    I started selling it in my blog shop because it actually is so good I think other people have to try it too!

    It's here:

    I agree DL's polishes are a bit difficult to apply but usually if you go with thin coats and apply two to three then you shouldn't have problems with drying/smudging etc. And, my manis with DL tend to stay on the longest, chip free because glitter is so resilient :)

    Amelia xxx

    PS: Stop by my blog and enter the BEAUTY GOODIE BOX GIVEAWAY to win lots of fun, cute Korean beauty products -! :) xxx

    1. thank you so much for your advice! that base coat sounds perfect for me so i'll definitely be paying a visit to your blog shop so i can get myself some! thanks again :) X

  2. I love Deborah Lippmann polishes! I think the key to getting it not to chip is putting two thick coats, at least that's what I did!

  3. What a gorgeous polish and I love how in depth the review is!

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  4. cute nails! I've heard soaking a cotton pad in remover then wrapping tin foil around the cotton pad and your nail helps

    ordaining serendipity

  5. i really love this glittery purple shade! dark purple is so awesome!! <3
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