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october (2012!) glossybox

Hello everyone! Today's post is a very very very (multiplied by about 100) delayed post and is actually on a glossybox from last year. I know that most people won't care but I really do like informing all of you about the products that I get in all of the boxes as I do want to review everything I get. I do also have a backlog of another 4 boxes but y'know, I'll get through them one day! Anyway, here's October's glossybox from last year...


i thought this was a nice touch as October is breast cancer month (every year) so it was nice of Glossybox to take this into account

Now I'm sure I've seen products from this brand before but never actually seen a review on any and I've never been tempted to go out of my way to buy something. But I am glad I got this in my box as they've always interested me. I particularly like the quote on this packaging as it's just great really. And so true. Obviously, every time you wash, you should scrub, not just 'glaze' a scrub over your skin. I just opened the bottle and had a quick whiff and oh my, it's lovely! It's so fruity and fresh and I can't wait to give it a go! I think it would be more suited to use in the shower but I might give it a proper test in the bath as well. Thinking about it as I type though, it may be the perfect thing to take with me when I have showers at the gym. It's nice and compact and seems really great!

If you don't know about Olay products then you must have been living under a bit of a rock as they are so well known for skin care. Personally I see them as a brand for the 'older lady' as all the Olay adverts I see these days are for 'anti-ageing' creams and the like but I'm willing to try anything if I'm honest. I'm not sure on the full details on this product but the information card says it's a moisturiser and I have no idea why but I get the feeling I'd be more likely to use it over night to let it sink in. The fact it's got the word 'REGENERIST' on the packaging instantly makes me think of regeneration and the regenerating of new skin so that's encouraging as everybody would love their skin to look 'new' and 'fresh'!

Whilst this looked like the most boring/'worst' product in the box, it's turned out to be the most exciting for me! Firstly, on the back, it says it can be used to remove any make-up or moisturisers etc which is always great as I'm always looking for new products to use to take my make up off at the end of the day instead of being lazy and just using a make up wipe (however useful and quick they are!). But on top of this it says it's an 'anti-blemish' product and "clears acne, spots, pimples and blemishes" and  this is exactly what I need! I have very blemish prone skin and I regularly have spots which obviously isn't ideal. Therefore I'm always up for trying products that claim to be able to get rid of blemishes/spots etc so I cannot wait to give this a go!

Now what girl doesn't like a new lipstick? Not many I don't believe. And this is a colour is one I don't think I have which is great! It's called 'mauve' (very aptly) and it's like a mixture of purple and red (how useless am i at describing colours?). Unfortunately the pictures don't show the colour too brilliant due to the lighting - the picture with the truest colour representation is the swatch on my hand. I personally see it as an 'old lady' colour but I believe it's also very wearable on an everyday basis but we'll see. Yves Rocher is also a brand I'm sure I've heard of somewhere but can't remember where/why. But it's nice to be formally introduced to one of their products through a glossybox! I'm looking forward to giving this a proper test out on my lips to see how the colour pays off on me.

This was the final product of the box and is yet another brand I'm pretty sure I know but have no idea how or where from (my memory is proving so useful in this post...). But the brand is the least important thing when it comes to this product. It's a BB cream and I have been craving to try one of these out for ages! I've heard so may reviews about them from so many bloggers and they've always  interested to me. Personally I prefer full and pretty heavy coverage but BB creams are supposed to be lighter with lower coverage which I think may be perfect for the days when I'm at school and don't want to wear a full face of make up. It has a whole bunch of benefits as well so it'll be interesting to see if it does actually do something good to my skin.

There we go then. Just a little post on a very old glossybox that you will all probably have heard about before but I really do enjoy giving my two cents on things that other bloggers write about as it just gives a different perspective.Obviously there will be separate reviews (ONE DAY!) on all the different products to give more detail and whether they are actually good but for now I hope you've enjoyed a little introduction to them today!


  1. I'm really sorry I haven't had chance to post since Tuesday. Yesterday I had a test to revise for which is why I didn't really have time on Wednesday and then yesterday after school I went for my first proper session at my new gym. I had my induction on Wednesday and I'm loving it so far! I actually joined a Ladyzone gym and it's basically a 30 minute circuit workout involving many different activities (including cardio, weights, stretching etc). You can obviously go round more than once (for example, yesterday i went round 3 times - boy it was hard!) but it's meant to stop you from getting bored from just doing one thing for like an hour. There aren't places all over the country but if you have the chance I really do recommend it! But I'm here tonight!
  2. I definitely know I won't be able to post tomorrow as I'm going to a university applicant day which is very exciting but I am sorry to not give you guys a post then. I should be back on Sunday though!
That's it for now folks, see you soon! :)

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